What Type Of Back Brace Is For Sacroiliac Pain?

Let’s take a look at what type of back brace is for sacroiliac pain. The type of back brace you’ll need should be specifically aimed toward the sacral area of your body.

This area is the lower back but specifically the area that connects your pelvis, hips, and lumbar area of your spine.

A sacral back brace, commonly known as SI hip belt, caters to your hips, lower back, tailbone, and pelvis. It is a great choice if you are going through issues with SI joint pain from inflammation, sacroiliitis, sciatica, lower back pain, or other issues concerning the sacral area.

Best Back Brace For Sacroiliac Pain

The Vriksasana Posture Sacroiliac SI Hip Belt is a great belt that helps you to overcome pain and get things done. I use this belt a lot for my sacroiliitis condition.

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Here is some quick information about the it:

Where can it be used?

  • The gym
  • At work
  • At home
  • While doing house routines
  • While exercising
  • And more

How Does It Work?

  • Puts pressure on spine and joints
  • Pressure can ease pain
  • Protects your sensitive to touch areas
  • Relieves stress on joints
  • Allow you to make more movements

Read the full review of this belt here.

Click here to take a look at the Vriksasana Posture Sacroiliac SI Hip Belt on Amazon it really is a life saver for me and I’m sure it can be for you.

What Causes Sacroiliac Pain?

To go further into some information about sacroiliac pain let’s look at what causes this type of pain.

Other names for this type of pain is SI joint dysfunction or SI joint pain, so if I refer to sacroiliac pain as one of these just know that it’s the same thing.

SI joint pain can be caused by a fall, accident, injury, pregnancy, surgery, work related incident, or more. This is something that can come with age wear and tear as well.

In my case, I don’t know what the cause of my SI joint dysfunction came from; I was in my early 20’s when I first started to feel it. It’s been with me for a long time off and on.

SI joint pain can come from something as simple as moving the wrong way. You ligaments cause pain when they are too tight or too loose. This can make the hip react in a way that is not normal for your body.

The movement on one side of the hip can be different from the movement on the other side of the hip, this can cause one side to strain more and cause of that it can start to feel soreness.

This can be a domino affect because once you start putting all of your weight on the side that doesn’t hurt; you can start to feel pain from that side next. This is something that I go through often and it really is frustrating.

Hip joint inflammation can cause pain also by the fluid in your hip joint building up and causing swelling. This is something that is related to arthritis of the hips and in my case sacroiliitis.

How Can I Improve Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

For me there is no way to actually cure my SI joint pain because after I start to feel better it always comes back in a matter of time. It can come back in a month, two months, three months or weeks; it depends on the movements and activity that I am doing.

If I am smooth coasting and not being so active it can also come just by sitting for too long or not stretching.

Here are some remedies that I use to help relieve or make the pain go away:

  • Use ice and heat – this will help to stop any swelling and to sooth the area.
  • Stretch – doing the proper stretches can really help.
  • Wear a sacral brace – this can give you instant relief and help you stay mobile.
  • Take ibuprofen – this helps when the pain in intense, it lowers inflammation.
  • Take a warm shower – this helps to sooth the joints and muscles and gives a water pressure massage.
  • Exercise bike – use a back supported exercise bike; it helps to loosen your ligaments when tight.
  • Workout – do workouts that strengthen the hip and lower back muscles.
  • Take vitamin D – this type of vitamin is good for bones and joint pain.

Can SI Joint Dysfunction Cause Tailbone Pain?

Yes, the tailbone is part of the sacral area of your body. SI joint pain can cause effects on your buttocks area as well as your tailbone.

The pain can trade off positions. It can start in one place and end up in another. This can be from sitting too much, putting too much pressure on one area to avoid pain, walking too much, or whatever your body gives off painful reactions to.

Your tailbone can feel pain from being sore. When you have issues in the sacral area of your body it can be more than one issue that causes pain. You can feel arthritis like pains in this area causing you to stiffen up. This is something that I go through every now and then, especially when I wake up in the morning.

When I sit for too long I can start to feel pain in my tailbone, it really gets annoying and I have to get up and stretch or even take a short walk. You can avoid this by always sitting on cushioned surfaces. This will give your bones more relief and not cause them to feel so much hard resistance.

You can read more about this in an article I wrote, check it out here.

Is Walking Good For Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

I would have to say yes and no. the reason is because I do walk sometimes and it can really help me to loosen up. The only thing is if I walk for too long I will feel it the next day.

If I walk around the block where I live at, which is equivalent to a lap around a football field, I won’t feel too much pain after that. On the other hand if I walk double that length or triple, I will probably feel some stiffness or soreness the next day.

I may get away with walking two laps without feeling pain the next day but anything past that and I’m sure to regret it in the morning. This might not be the case for everybody with SI joint pain but for me it is.

A way to avoid this is to walk with a sacral hip belt on. This will help you to ease the resistance of your body pressing against the ground as you walk.

When you walk, your foot pushes the ground to gain traction; this force goes up to your hip area. After so much force being sent to your hip joints it can become sore or even can come out of place.

There are exercises that can help get it back in place which I talked about in another article, to read it click here. I do them when I am in need, I learned them from searching online and finding good exercises to relieve the pain, they seem to help.

Does Stretching Help SI Joint Pain?

Stretching does help with SI joint pain but as long as you do the right stretches. Sometimes when I do a normal stretch of the body when just waking up it aggravates my joints.

The proper stretches will help your joints as well as the muscles around them to feel better. It really can change your day and make you feel alive.

I know this from experience as there are days when I felt like I would never make it to work but after some exercises and stretches I was ready to go.

You can refer to the article I wrote about exercises and stretches for SI joint pain here. Or you can go to this article where they explain different types of stretches for your joints.

Stretching is important as it helps you to stay flexible. The more flexible you are the more mobile you are going to be. This is something that people who go through SI joint pain need to pay close attention to.

Going through SI joint pain can make you not want to be active at all. It can make you sit for long periods of time trying to find the right position that isn’t so painful. If you get up and do stretches for this type of issue you will be doing yourself a favor, if the pain is too much then maybe you need to try doing stretches on your bed.

How Do You Stretch Your SI Joint?

This is a quick rundown of how I stretch my SI joints. There are different methods but I’ll share with you a few of my ways:

  • Lie on your side that is not in pain and move your hip that is in pain to front of you.
  • Lie on your back and pull the back of your knee toward your chest slowly.
  • Stand up straight and bend down far as you can with your arms hanging towards your feet.

These are not as detailed and catered toward the SI joint like the exercises in the links above but they help me when I am looking for a quick stretch.

What Exercises Are Bad For SI Joint?

Crunches or situps

This bad because you are putting too much strain on your spine and joint sensitivity. This can cause sharp pain in your hip joints and cause soreness in your tailbone.

When I try and do crunches or situps I always here a popping sound coming from my tailbone area. It doesn’t feel good so I try and move easily but it doesn’t help.

I avoid it all together and use gym equipment to get the same result.

Activities that involve twisting or turning of the hips

Playing games like golf or tennis can cause you pain if you are having SI joint pains. This is because these sports require you to twist your body which causes you to move your hips in awkward positions.

This type of movement can cause sharp pains that can become constant for a while until you remedy it. I would stay away from these types of sports at least until you can lower your pain and sensitivity level.

If you are feeling fine at the moment just know that a wrong twist or turn can make the pain come so be careful how you move.

Heavy weight lifting

Lifting heavy weights can be very hard on your SI joint pain condition. This is something that I went through when I was doing receiving at my job. I would have to unload the trucks and that required me to constantly lift heavy boxes.

After a day of lifting heavy boxes I would feel slightly sore, that is if I was careful all day not to cause any sharp pain. It was the next day that really tore me up. I would wake up in pain and go through it the whole day. The methods I gave above helped but sometimes the pain was there to stay for a while.

Always lift with a lumbar back brace or a sacral back brace on when doing heavy lifting. It will help protect your lower back and sacral area such as hips, pelvis, and tailbone.

Contact sports

Contact sports can be dangerous for your SI joint pain. If you are hit the wrong way you can really become injured by force.

There are times where even the thought of playing a sport like football or basketball would bring me pain. My hip joints would be too tender and loose. This would make me not play those types of sports at all.

Even if you wear a brace to protect yourself you can still become injured easily by trauma to the area if you were to be hit by another player.

If you are feeling fine and want to play these types of sports just remember to always protect yourself the best way you can and avoid any direct hits to your sacral area.

Long bike rides

This can cause pain in your sacral area by extra pressure being put on to the area. This is why I say if you want to use the exercise bike at the gym then use the one with the back support.

If you are riding for long periods of time on a bike or exercise bike, the seat can start to really affect your pain. This is because all of your weight is on that seat; the part of your body that is touching the seat is your lower buttocks near your hip joints.

The lower buttocks are part of the connection with your hips and your pelvis. This is where pain can come when dealing with SI joint pain. Usually a bike seat is not very cushioned so the hard resistance can affect this area.

Will Losing Weight Help SI Joint Pain?

Yes, losing weight can help with SI joint pain. Statistics show that a lot of people are overweight as they get older, not all, but a lot. If you are experiencing SI joint pain and you are overweight, then consider losing some weight.

Losing weight will ease up some of the pressure on your joints. The less weight your joints have to hold up the better.

Try a healthy diet and stick with it. If it only helps ease up the pain a little bit then at least you are on a healthy streak and this can be something that also helps your body overall.

Here are some free dieting tips that I found on this website, click here to read the article.

How Long Does it Take For Sacroiliac Joint to Heal?

This depends on the individual. For me, sometimes it can take a day, a week, or in some cases two weeks. This depends on the methods you chose to remedy the situation and how severe your situation is.

This type of condition is usually a chronic condition that comes and goes. Learning as much as you can to remedy the situation will help you heal faster when it is needed.

For me, my doctor would only proscribe me pain pills which helped but I needed more natural relieve. I didn’t like the idea of taking pills every time I was in pain, plus when I did, I would build up a high tolerance for them and they wouldn’t be as affective.

Natural remedies are a good way to relieve SI joint pain.

Does SI Joint Pain Get Worse At Night?

The night can be a bad time for SI joint pain depending on your sleeping situations. If you have a comfortable bed that is soft then you may not experience as much discomfort as a person who has an uncomfortable bed that is hard.

You may toss and turn looking for the right position, when you find it try and stay in that position. Everybody is different so the way you sleep may affect you in a positive way or negative way, but it SI joint pain doesn’t have to get worse at night if you have the right sleeping situations.

Here are some ways you can avoid pain at night:

  • Use a pillow in between your legs
  • Don’t sleep on your side
  • Lay on your back with your legs bent upward
  • Use a heating pad
  • Use an ice pack

Can Sacroiliitis Be Cured?

I am not a doctor so I can’t tell you if your symptoms can be cured. I know my sacroiliac joint pain has been a chronic condition, meaning it comes and goes but doesn’t go away permanently.

Talk to your doctor about your situation and get a professional answer about if your condition can be cured.

Not everybody is the same, some may be able to overcome their SI joint pain because it was caused a certain way.

Others may not be able to overcome in permanently because of medical reasons of the body.

My Thoughts – What Type Of Back Brace Is For Sacroiliac Pain?

I have been dealing with SI joint pain for a very long time and it has affected my personal life in many ways. The first good thing besides going to the doctor that I did was search online for ways I can remedy the situation myself.

This led me to find a back brace or belt that help to relieve pain while doing daily activities. This back brace is an SI hip belt and I purchased it on Amazon. It was a smart purchase for me as I am able to work with it and ease pain while being active.

I never thought of getting an SI hip belt for years. It was years before I even considered the thought that there was such a thing. I just went on with the pain going in and out of painful moments that I could have avoided if I only did some research.

One thing that can keep someone from doing the proper research is not knowing what the pain is and where it’s coming from. I didn’t know what my pain was for years, even my doctor didn’t know. SI joint pain can be hard to diagnose. The pain can come from your hips, your lower buttocks, your lower spine, and your sides.

Once I found out that I was dealing with sacroiliitis, I started doing research and found that there were hip belts that I can where that can help me be more mobile. Ever since then I have been using the “si hip belt” to aid me in my everyday duties and activities while I am in pain.

Some people can feel embarrassed to wear a hip brace but the reality is that you may need it and another person looking at it may not know how painful your situation is, but you do.

Always remedy your situation and don’t just sit there and do nothing about it, you still can live your life while having SI joint pain.

Please share this article with anyone who you may think may need it.

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