Warehouse Positions That Cause Back Pain – 3 Tips That Will Save Your Job

Warehouse positions that cause back pain can be tough if you aren’t prepared for each day. In a warehouse you have to keep your body ready for all the moving you will have to do. The good thing about it is you have the ability to stay in shape and maybe slim up.

There are many warehouse positions but only a few of them require more physical labor than others. These positions usually pay well but can have you sore after work days.

3 Warehouse Positions That Cause Back Pain

For me doing order picking was a challenge considering my issues with sacroiliitis. I started out not wanting any warehouse positions that cause back pain. I wanted to work in the office of the warehouse but I had to take what I could get at the time.

What I found out is when you stay healthy while you work it makes it easier. You can stay healthy by eating healthy choice foods.

You don’t have to train heavily outside of work if you have a position that demands your athletic abilities. Use your job as a workout to strengthen your muscles and get great cardio.

I’ll show you how to get the most from your warehouse job and stay healthy with these 3 steps:

How To Stay Healthy In A Warehouse

Stay Moving

At my warehouse we always stretched before starting our workday. We stretched as a group so it was kind of a mandatory thing. If your warehouse doesn’t do this every day then you should take it upon yourself to stretch your body before you start work, in the middle of shifts, and after you finish your shift.

You can also walk a lot. If you work in a huge warehouse like I did when starting out then you should get some good warm-up walking in before you start and after work. Walking can warm up your body and help you stay mobile.

Other than walking you can do some quick exercises such as; wall squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, or repetitive arm rising. These quick workouts will help you get ready for a day or night of constant movement. Trust me it makes a difference to work while your body is stretched and warmed up.

You want to avoid starting work on full stomach because it will make you sluggish. Also, you should avoid drinking too much coffee or energy drinks but I’ll get into that in a minute.

Keep Safety On Your Mind

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Many warehouses have strict safety rules. I have never worked a warehouse that didn’t enforce safety on their workers. In the case of your warehouse not enforcing safety so much then you should keep safety on your mind. You will benefit so much by watching out for all of the dangers that are around in the workplace.

Sometimes while trying to get work done you move real fast. Most warehouses have quotas that you have to make while picking, receiving, or shipping. I had to pick a certain amount of orders in a certain amount of time. Usually if you can’t perform at the required level they will not keep you at the job. This has people running around frantically trying to keep their job.

Things can get chaotic if each individual isn’t paying close attention to every move that they make. It starts with you paying attention to where you walk, making sure your work equipment is working well, using your horns while traveling, and not goofing around. I have seen injuries in the warehouse that weren’t pleasant; it’s very serious to think about your safety at all times.

One thing that I disliked is the rule of no headphones. Working while listening to music is good for passing time, but it can be bad for safety. It sounds good to listen to your favorite music while you work but the thing is you won’t be able to hear. If you can’t hear then you are at risk of injury at any given moment.

A few tips to work smart and avoid accidents are:

Get your rest at breaks – This will allow you to be at your best when you are in the work field. Being tired can lead to one not being alert, not paying attention, and not being productive.

Wear proper safety gear – The most important safety gear that you are going to have to wear is steel toe boots. They can be uncomfortable to work in so steel toe sneakers are a good option for fast paced work.

Practice proper lifting – Never lift using your back because you can injure yourself. I have been injured due to constant lifting and had to wear a back brace and it really helped. You should lift with your legs and always squat as you are about to lift.

Pace yourself – It can get hectic trying to get things done so you may move at a faster pace than normal. This can be good for timing but it can also burn you out too early if you have a long shift ahead of you. It’s smart to pace your speed at a pace you can keep going.

Eat The Right Foods And Snacks

Eating healthy is very important when it comes to surviving a warehouse. A lot of people start out drinking lots of coffee or slamming down energy drinks. This can be good for getting you going but not so good for keeping you going. After a while your body will start to crash especially if you’ve consumed lots of sugar. While in this crashing state you will feel tired and unproductive.

Instead of lots of coffee and energy drinks focus on drinking lots of water. It may not sound like water will get you going the way you want but trust me it will. Before work I used to drink a good amount of water that will wake me up. You don’t want to work on a dry stomach and throat so drink just enough.

The food you eat is just as important. Before you work you should eat lightly and not so heavy. Foods that are heavy can slow you down and have you feeling unproductive. I used to literally want to go home after eating a big meal. I had to learn how to balance my eating habits. Foods like fast-food, heavy meat, thick pasta, and others can be the reason you are sluggish at work, especially after lunch.

A few good foods to eat while working or before work are:

  • Salad
  • Fruit
  • Sandwiches
  • Soup
  • Light meat

Even when you eat unhealthy while off work it can affect your work shift. The key is to eat food that is easily digestible. This way you can work it off and it won’t stay in your stomach. You don’t want to eat things that will have you running to the restroom either.

Whether you are in the office in the warehouse or on the floor moving around a lot eating healthy and practicing good safety precautions will help you last longer in the warehouse environment. I’ve seen people come and go because of not using these tips. Keep these tips in mind on your journey to successfully complete your work day at the warehouse.

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