Vriksasana Posture Sacroiliac SI Hip Belt Review – Fixes These Problems…

I see that you are searching for a back brace that will help you relieve pain in your lower back. This is a common issue amongst people in general. On the other hand, sometimes the pain can stem from injuries or medical issues. Searching for the right back brace or belt can be overwhelming and confusing. You have to know how to match your back issue with the right type of back brace that is for you.

Some back braces can be the right type but lack in quality. Some others can have all the quality you need but are way too expensive. I understand that quality on a budget is what most people want so I am giving an honest review about the Vriksasana Posture Sacroiliac SI Hip Belt.

What Are The Benefits Of Vriksasana Posture Sacroiliac SI Hip Belt?

The vriksasana posture si belt is a quality back brace that caters to your lower back. It is mainly focused on relieving pain in your sacral area. This brace was created by Vriksasana Posture, a company that is based in Los Angeles, CA in the US.

This company focuses on pain relieve for a variety of different type of people. The name of the company is named after the yoga Vriksasana “Tree” pose. They offer a variety of orthopedic products like sacroiliac joint belts and night splints that really helps people with their problems.

They use high quality materials and designs that fit for comfort and relief. They pride their selves on having durable products that last. Vriksasana Posture works closely with their lab partners to make sure that satisfaction is brought as well as healing to their customers.

I like that this company is independent and they focus on customer satisfaction. Their products have lots of positive reviews which are an indication that what they promise is delivered. The price for this SI belt is fair considering the quality. There are more expensive SI belts out there that deliver the same quality as this one so if you are a budgeting type of person then this is your pick.

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What Can The Vriksasana Posture Si Belt Be Used For?

This belt can be used for your everyday needs of pain relief. I’m recommending this belt especially for sacroiliac joint dysfunction, but it can be used for lots of other issues. There are lots of different reasons why one would need to relive pain. Wearing this SI belt will put pressure on your spine as well as your bones and joints. It acts as a protector of unwanted painful movements from bending, walking, running, twisting, lifting, stretching, and more.

One way to use this belt is in the gym. This belt especially caters to those who like to do Yoga, being that the brand name of the company was taken from a yoga pose. This doesn’t mean that this belt is limited to helping only yoga exercisers but it is a great help to all mild exercises in the gym.

It is great for office work. Sitting at a desk all day can create stiffness and pain when you get up. This belt will help to keep pressure on your lower back area and pelvis to keep you from saying “Ouch!” under your breath as you get up to do your daily activities. It has a thin shape that allows you to wear it under your clothes if wanted; it also has a skin color option for more discreetness.

The company recommends that you wear this belt for 2 weeks straight when you start. This means that you can wear the belt during the day but at night as well. It is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable so you will not be irritated by wearing it for long amounts of time.

Pregnancy and postpartum is another thing that this belt can be used for. While a woman is pregnant or even after a pregnancy, ligaments and pelvic joints naturally shift and stretch. This can cause pains in the hip, lower back, sciatic pain, and more. This belt provides support and pressure to the pelvic area to relief pain and help get through the day much easier.

Another thing this belt helps with is mobility. If you are not as active as you once were due to having lower back pain, pelvic pain and discomfort, and/or joint problems then this belt is what would help you to get back active. Pain can slow you down and keep you unmotivated so this belt is great for helping with that.

If you do any type of labor work and your lower back, pelvis area, or joints is affected by this then wearing this belt for extended amounts of time is a good way to keep you going to finish the job consistently.

How Do I Use The Vriksasana Posture SI Belt?

To use this belt you will have to stretch it out then wrap it around your hip area. Don’t put it on the waist area where lumbar back braces go, but a little bit lower to cover your tail bone. This will help your sacral area.

Fasten the belt to your custom fit for pressure, not too loose, not too tight. Then fasten the outer layer the same way. This belt is designed to provide support to the sacral area of your lower back, your pelvic area, as well as the joints in your hips.

If you have further questions about if this belt is for you then contact your doctor. Your doctor will provide you with the information you need that is personally for you. Let your doctor know about this belt and ask if it is the right one to use. Other than that, if by reading this article you know that this belt is what you need then you’re ok.

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What Are The Features Of The Vriksasana Posture Si Belt?

  • Fits hip circumference size of 32 – 45 Inches
  • The belt length is 44 inches and the Belt width is 4 inch.
  • This belt fits both men and women so it is a unisex belt
  • Helps to stabilize the sacroiliac joint (or “SI joint”) that is hyper mobile or inflamed, and reduces pelvic, lower back and/or leg nerve pain (symptom of sciatica) caused by SI joint dysfunction.
  • Can be worn for long periods of time, this helps to recover and gives pain relief.
  • Double layer belt provides extra compression and the outer straps allow you to customize the amount of additional pressure
  • The inner belt is lightweight, breathable and tear resistant. The ribbon fish fabric used in the outer straps is breathable, elastic and tear resistant.
  • The anti-slip silicone strips on the first layer belt keeps the belt from moving up and down. It is good to wear for daily activities but not for more intense activities.

What Will This Si Belt Do For Me?

This belt will alleviate pain in the sacral area of your lower back. The pressure on your spine, pelvis, and hips helps the pain area ease up.

Putting pressures on your painful areas especially your lower spine and pelvic is a relief. While I am in pain sometimes my daughter would hug me tight around my affected area and the pressure from her hug would give me relief. It didn’t make sense to me at first until I studied the science of back braces and belts. This is exactly what they do but in a more effective way.

Is This SI Belt For Me?

If the things I mentioned in this article relate to you then yes, this belt is for you. If you have an issue that makes you not sure if this belt is for you then contacts your doctor.

My Thoughts

I am more understanding of why some of us need to wear back braces and belts. We have bodies that are not perfect and aging can be tough sometimes so it’s good to have a helper that keeps you active and not in pain. Also injuries aren’t excluded from anyone so this belt can help with that. This belt is good for medical needs as well.

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