Relieve Sciatica Lower Back And Hip Pain – Best 11 Piriformis Stretches!

When you are going through sciatica pain it isn’t a nice feeling. It can stem from a few reasons; injury to body, spine problems, spinal disc issues, and more.

When you feel sciatic nerve pain and it hasn’t went away your doctor may check your lower back and hips to try and see where the pain is stemming from. Stretching can help relieve sciatica lower back and hip pain as your ligaments or muscles may be putting pressure on a certain area.

If you are experiencing or have experienced sciatica pain then you may know that the pain can spread to different areas of the body. It can start at a lower limb and spread toward the bottom of your feet. One fact is the sciatic nerve connects two main body parts together; the spine and the femur. The femur is a bone that we use to move our hips and lower body parts like the legs and feet.

When you seek medical attention for this pain your doctor may proscribe you pain killers to try and alleviate the pain you may be going through. The types of pain pills will be up to your doctor and what you are able to take. Some normal pain pills that are usually proscribed are muscles relaxers, antidepressants, and others.

In this article I want to show you a few exercises that you can do to use as an alternative to pain pills or simultaneously. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of taking pain pills to get quick relieve due to work, driving, or other things that may require your full attention. Sometimes we need other alternatives as pain pills can make you drowsy and have other side effects.

Stretches That Relieve Sciatica Lower Back And Hip Pain

Make sure that you warm your body up before doing these exercises. You can do that by doing a few quick routines such as; jogging in place, jumping up and down, anything that can get your body going.

  1. Supine Piriformis Stretch

For this exercise you should lie down and bend your knees. Use the leg that doesn’t hurt to go towards your chest. The leg that hurts should be crossed while you hold your ankle with some force using one of your hands. The other hand should be holding your knee to give you that stretch.

When you feel the stretch pretty good then align your shoulder with your ankle and try and stay put for 30 seconds. This will make you feel it in your glutes and your bottom.

2. Standing Piriformis Stretch

While standing up, put your leg that you feel pain in above the knee of your other leg. Then you want to start slowly lowering your hip so that you come to an angle of 45 degrees. Make sure your top half is bent upfront while your arms are outward and aligned with the floor.

You want to keep your spine straight and stay in the same position for about half a minute to a minute. After you’re done do the same thing with the other side.

3. Outer Hip Piriformis Stretch

While lying down, make sure the leg that is in pain is bent. Make sure your foot is right by the knee of the opposite leg. You want to get your knee to touch the floor by maneuvering your hurt leg towards the opposite side.

While you are maneuvering your leg you should have your right hand touching your knee. You want to have your other hand in the air. The goal is to lower your arm to the other side and touch the ground with your shoulder.

Try and keep this same position for around 20 seconds then do the same thing to the other side.

4. Long Abductor Stretch

Sit on the ground with your legs spread far apart. Make sure your top half of your body is upright and try to keep posture. Put your palms on the ground in front of you and try to put your elbows on the floor. Hold this positon for at least 20 seconds.

5. Short Adductor Stretch

While sitting down you want to form a cross meaning with both feet ahead of you touch your right ankle with your left hand and touch your left ankle with your right hand.

Your knees should be laying on the ground and not upward. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and use your legs to wave rapidly for 30 seconds.

6. Side-Lying Clam

Lay your body down on your side that hurts. Make your legs go in an L shape behind you. Stack your feet on top of each other vertically. Both your legs should be at the exact same positon.

Raise your hip that hurts slightly without bending your spine and your body. Make sure your feet is close while you use the knee that is on top to raise a little. Keep that position for a few seconds and repeat 15 times.

7. Hip Extension

Get on all fours and align your hands with your shoulders. Now raise your leg that is in pain and keep your knee bent a little. Then lower your leg slowly and repeat 15 times. You should feel a stretch in your hip section.

8. Supine Piriformis Side Stretch

Lay on your back straight without bending and keep your legs flat on the ground. Tilt the leg that hurts upward.

Your foot position on the leg that hurts should be placed over your other leg and sit by your knee.

Pull your knee of the leg that hurts upward across your body. Do not move your shoulders and move your hip areas. Keep them put and laying down and stay like that for 30 seconds. Do the same with the opposite side. Do 3 reps all together.

9. Bottom Stretch for the Piriformis Muscle

While your hands and feet are on the floor put the hurt leg under your body. Make sure to curl it inward so that it is facing the opposite side. Keep it close to your hip at the same time. Your knee should be facing your shoulder.

Try and put your forehead on the floor. Go as far as you can but keep your pelvis straight and your opposite leg straight. Try and motion your hips toward the floor. Keep this stretch for 30 seconds. Do this exercise 3 times.

10. Seated Stretch

Sit in a chair and cross your leg that is in pain over the opposite one. Keep your chest upright and in good posture and keep your back straight.

Take 2 breaths the bend your body slowly. Stay that way for 30 seconds then breath 2 times again and bend slowly. Stay that way for 30 seconds. Do the same thing with the other leg.

11. McKenzie Press Up

Lay your body down facing the floor. Rest your head on the side which is most comfortable for 2-3 minutes.

With your elbows on the ground, try to put your weight on them.

Take a few deep breaths and put your weight on them. Keep this positon for 2-3 minutes. This video will show you what to do next.

There is 2 more videos that will help you get a good stretch while in the lying position. You can get rid of pain by stretching your hurt areas. One video will show you a one minute exercise and the other will show you stretches.

Make sure you talk with your doctor to see if these exercises are good for you!

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