#1 Pillow For Tailbone Pain – You Will Love It

Don’t sit around and feel pain anymore, get you a pillow for tailbone pain. It will really help you sit at ease and make your day go better while you are at work or at home.

If you are like me and sit at the computer for hours and hours, sometimes the cushion on the chair is not enough to cater to your tailbone.

The pain only happens when I sit for long periods of time. It affects my work because I end up getting off the computer and finishing up my work at a later time.

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Did you know that the real name for a tailbone is coccyx? I know, sounds weird huh? I said the same thing. They come up with weird names for our body parts I don’t know why. Being that the name is coccyx, the pain you are feeling right now in your tailbone is known as coccydynia, just thought you should know.

What To Consider When Buying A Pillow For Tailbone Pain

If you never have had to buy a pillow for this type of problem than you may not know what some key factors are when purchasing one, this is why I did the work for you.

These 4 things are important when you are looking to get a coccyx seat cushion. I made sure that the one that I chose met all these requirements to satisfy and not disappoint. Here they are:


There are different styles of cushions that may suite different people. Some need their cushion for different environments like driving, sitting at a desk, on a couch, on an airplane, wherever. This cushion that I recommend is great for all the above.


This is very important as you don’t want to get a cushion that lacks thickness. The thickness is what we are searching for. You may need one that is just right and not too thick as it may make you too tall if you are driving for example. I’ve found one that is the right thickness for a wide range of people.


The shape isn’t as important but it can be if you need to adjust yourself at moments. Some people would suggest to sit on a donut shaped cushion, I have owned on myself but I personally like the U shaped cushions because they mimic the shape of our thighs and bottom.


It is smart to invest into a cushion that is very comfortable. With that said some cushions are made of soft cotton and some are made of memory foam. You can guess which one is the most comfortable, right, the memory foam.

If I were you I wouldn’t waste time and money getting a cotton cushion I would go with the memory foam, again, this is only my recommendation. From experience, the cotton will lose its cushy feel after a while and the memory foam will not.

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Benefits of Having A Coccyx Seat Cushion

There are many reasons why you may need a tailbone pillow and I’m sure you know your reason. You may be in need of feeling more comfortable or you may be trying to avoid feeling pain all together. Pain in the tailbone is one thing that can cause you to constantly move around and have the need to get up. Here are some benefits of having one:

Healing: using this type of pillow can allow you to heal your pain. This is important for those who work jobs that require long hours of sitting. You can get the relief you need by sitting on this cushion. You will feel more at ease and not in constant pain.

Posture Improvement: If you have to sit in the same position for a long time, it’s obvious that you are going to start slouching at some point – and you won’t even notice that you are doing it. A tailbone pillow, however, will keep your pelvis slightly elevated so that your spine remains upright – and therefore, you don’t slouch.

Better posture: when some people sit for long amounts of time they tend to hunch over or slouch. This can cause bad posture over time. I am one of the people who have bad posture. I constantly feel pain in my neck area from leaning my head forward too much while sitting at the computer. This coccyx seat can help you keep your posture correct while sitting for long periods.

Helps with form: sometimes when my tailbone is in pain while I am sitting I would lean forward to take the pressure of my tailbone. This would work for a second then it would start to hurt as well. A tailbone pillow can keep you in the comfort form that gives your tailbone relief and support.

Type of structure: the shape in each coccyx pillow is not the same. Some are made as a donut shape and some are made as a U shape and so on. You may find out that you need a donut or U shape, the way to know I guess is to determine where you will be using the cushion. In my opinion the U shaped cushion would be a better fit if in public.

Make and build: the way your cushion is build is important. The manufacturers know this and that is why they are built like they are. You may find that the style and shape it is built in does wonders to give your body the support it needs. The weight, the size, the width, all plays a part in giving you the relief that you are looking for.

Highly Portable: The best thing about tailbone cushions is also that they are portable. No matter if you are using it at home or you need to take it to your car or at work, such a pillow might be a portable lifesaver.

Travel-ready: it makes sense to have a tailbone cushion that you can travel with a not just use at home. If you need it on the go it should be handy enough to be right at your side, or should I say at your bottom.

How Do You Sit On Your Tailbone Pillow?

First off, always sit on a surface that is sturdy and will not shift or move. If you are sitting on a chair then make sure that is has a back to support your body. This will help you to avoid pain from straining to hold yourself up and balance.

Depending on the type of pillow that you purchase, you just simply sit down on the areas of the pillow that shape your bottom. This works well with a U shaped pillow, these types of pillows generally cater to the shape of your thighs and bottom so it’s easy to fit. If you are using a donut shaped pillow then you sit directly in the center of the donut. Make sure that your tailbone is cushioned and not sinking in too much.

Sitting with good posture is important so you don’t put too much pressure on your spine and pelvic area. This will cause weight to shift to your tailbone and would not feel as good if it is in pain.

What Is The Best Donut Pillow?

If you prefer a donut pillow over a U shaped pillow then here is the best sellers donut shaped pillow on Amazon.

A donut shaped pillow is good for tailbone pain as well as other issues such as constipation or hemorrhoids. A study showed that constipation could actually lead up to having tailbone pain. Having hemorrhoids is not fun either; it can be helped with using a donut shaped pillow to keep from sitting on your rectum. Just like having tailbone pain, when having hemorrhoids you want to keep pressure of your bottom.

Using a donut shaped tailbone pillow may not be as ergonomically catered to your body as the U shape but it does have its benefits and caters to a wider range of shaped people. If you are considering getting one then keep in mind about that.

Being honest and transparent with you, I still suggest the U shaped tailbone pillow because of the great experience that I have been having using one. I have used a donut shaped one also but to be fair it wasn’t a very good one, it was a cheap one I got from the local store down the street from my house.

More Good Features Of A Quality Coccyx Seat Cushion

Other than the qualities mentioned above here are some other features about the #1 tailbone pillow.

Non-slip rubbery bottom

Again, the cushion that I am suggesting to you has lots of good features and one of them is the non-slip rubbery bottom. This allows the cushion to stay in place while you adjust yourself to comfortability. This is important and may not seem like a big deal but it is when you are in pain.

Machine washable cover

You can actually take the cover off the cushion and wash it in the laundry. This is very helpful as opposed to the cushion not having a cover over it. Sitting on a cushion for long periods of time can result in it needing a little wash up after so many sessions.

Heat response technology

This means that the cushion will respond to your body heat when you sit on it. It will absorb your body heat so that it can match your body heat. This is great technology and very creative of the manufacturers.

Information About Tailbone Pain

It’s a pain in the butt to experience tailbone pain (Pun). Tailbone pain can start from a lot of reasons such as; sitting too long, having a bone issue, an accident that left you in pain, and many other things.

Don’t take it lightly if you are feeling pain in your tailbone, it can be serious or it can be minor. The area of your tailbone is what connects your bottom half so it is fairly important.

Other than going to see a doctor you can remedy a painful situation by yourself. If you feel sore when you sit then you may be sitting on a surface that is too hard. You may have to rearrange the way you sit to try and feel more comfortable. This can happen at a park, on the bus, in your car, at work, or wherever you may be.

I go through this often and it’s why I searched online for a way to help myself relieve this pain. I came across different pillows that help relieve tailbone pain when sitting when doing a search on Amazon. I wanted to get one for myself so I did some research to see which one was the best one to purchase.

After going through different pillow’s reviews and doing Google searches to see what other people said I came to a conclusion that this pillow is the best one to get, in my opinion and from my research.

It is good to protect any part of your body that feels pain because pain that you don’t show attention to will eventually get worse. I neglected my pain for a long time and had to pay for it by going through lots of painful moments.

How Long Will It Take For My Tailbone To Heal?

It can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks for your tailbone to heal depending on the situation. If you are going through minor soreness then you should be ok in that amount of time. If you have a more serious problem you should contact your doctor.

How do I know if it is more serious?

  • If the pain doesn’t go away after a couple months
  • If you can’t walk without feeling pain
  • If the pain is very high

Only you know how you feel so you shouldn’t take pain that hurts a little too much lightly. It’s not too serious to have a sore tailbone that feels sore when you sit for a long period of time but it very painful tailbone is a sign that you may need medical attention.

What is a more serious cause of tailbone pain?

A more serious cause of tailbone pain can be dislocation. This is known as a dislocated coccyx in medical terms. The doctor would have to do some checks to see if it is dislocated and if it is the procedures are a bit uncomfortable (for males at least). They will put a finger in the rectum and feel the tailbone to see if it is dislocated; if it is dislocated they can get it back in place that way also.

This can discourage some from going to get a check up on the tailbone but it can be the reason you may not get better also. Having a dislocated tailbone isn’t something that I would see as a normal thing though, you would know something serious were wrong if that were the case. If you feel that you have this problem go see your doctor and ask for options of getting better.

What Helps Tailbone Pain While Sleeping?

It helps to use a soft pillow made to relieve tailbone pain. This will give your tailbone the comfort that it needs and will keep it from feeling sore. Feeling pain in your tailbone can keep you up at night and make it hard to sleep.

The more you cushion your tailbone that better chances you have of it healing faster than normal. The more hard pressure you put on your tailbone it will stay in pain longer. Take good care of the painful area because it is what you rely on when sitting, especially if your job requires you to sit for long periods of time.

Keeping your tailbone comfortable while sleeping can give you lots of comfort time while working at a computer or driving. Always take your special pillow with you too work if you plan on sitting for a while. If you are traveling do the same, take your cushion with you.

Another way to help tailbone pain when sleeping is to ice the area before bed. You can get special ice packs that are made to stay cold for a while and are comfortable and not hard. You definitely don’t want a hard ice pack because that would cause more soreness.

Place the ice pack under your body while you lie on the bed. Make sure that it is touching the area where your tailbone is located. You may feel extreme coldness if you don’t have an ice pack that is padded enough, if that’s the case then put a thin towel between your body and the ice pack.

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Is Coccydynia Permanent?

From the study online about this question, I can see that it is hard to tell. You would have to individually go see your doctor to determine that answer. Usually coccydynia is not permanent and can heal if treated properly and with care.

The thing about it is it can be a chronic problem that comes and goes. This can be due to issues such as arthritis or other related bone problems. I have sacroiliitis in the hips and it affects my tailbone area as well. I go through long periods of feeling no pain and I go through painful times as well, it depends on certain factors.

My Thoughts – Pillow For Tailbone Pain

This is something that is so simple yet people don’t actually take advantage of the comfort you will get when you purchase it. A pillow that will cushion your tailbone can do a lot of good to your bottom.

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