The Best Orthopedic Back Brace (Buyer’s Guide) 2020

You’re here to find the right orthopedic back brace for your condition, right? There are many of them to choose from depending on the issue you are having.

An orthopedic type of brace is usually proscribed by a doctor but they can be pricey. Thank goodness there are some online that work just as well or even better.

This article is to get you familiar with the top pick orthopedic braces for your back, and what you can expect out of them.

Having back pain is no fun at all but there are solutions to the problem. An orthopedic back brace may be needed for a certain pain you may be experiencing. There are many back braces for different types of pain.

It’s no fun going through back pain but you can get through it with your chin up if you practice self-care. The local store down the street may not carry the right brace that you need as they only stock general type braces.

Here is a list of the top pick orthopedic braces for your back. Keep reading below to learn more and read short reviews of each one.

In A Hurry?- Here Are The Top 5 Picks

Best for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction: Vriksasana Posture Sacroiliac SI Hip Belt
“Can help with hip joint pain.”

Best for Herniated Discs: Sparthos Back Brace
“Made for chronic back pain conditions”

Best for Scoliosis: Neo-G Dorsolumbar Support Brace
“Will help you align your spine.”

Best for Sciatica: King of Kings Lower Back Brace
“Gives you lower back support alongside of the spine”

Best for Posture: Truweo Posture Corrector
“Can help you fix your posture and stop upper back pain”

How Do Back Braces Help With Back Pain?

There are a few main things that a back brace will do for your back pain. There is a science to the creation of a back brace. Different braces cater to different parts of your back. All of them have certain similarities when it comes to pain relief.

Release Muscle Tension

One thing that a back brace does is release muscle tension. When you are experiencing back problems it can cause your muscles to tighten up. This is from all of the straining and flexing from trying to keep the painful area in your back under control.

A back brace will give you the relief of not having to strain your muscles as much. This will allow the problematic area of your back to heal or become less painful for the moment depending on your back issue.

Improve Posture

A back brace can also be used to improve posture from certain types of spine issues. Some deformities of the spine can make a person hunch over or lean to the side. This is usually due to the spine being out of place of crooked.

Scoliosis is a main problem with posture when it comes to having a spine issue. A back brace can correct posture overtime by consistently holding the spine in a desired position.

These types of braces usually cover your entire back and front. It is designed to keep you from making movements that would be detrimental to your posture.

Help With Healing

Another thing a back brace can do is help heal correctly. If someone has just gotten out of surgery from a back problem or injury regarding the spine then the doctor may proscribe a back brace that will help to heal.

After surgery the back area that the surgery was performed on will need some protection from things that can cause for pain as it is vulnerable. It needs time to heal and may be very sore. Even movements such as twisting or bending may not be a good thing so the brace that is needed for that situation may be hard and keep you stiff so you can heal.

Help Stay Active

You may need a back brace to perform your daily activities. Something simple as getting out of bed can be a struggle sometimes with certain back pain issues. A back brace can help you move around without grunting and anticipating pain with certain movements.

The back brace will wrap around your torso and give your spine pressure that will act as support to your back. This will take some of the strain and painful movements away from your spine and allow you to move around more freely avoiding pain.

Best Orthopedic Back Brace For Your Condition

Vriksasana Posture Sacroiliac SI Hip Belt

Best for Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

This is a hip belt that is designed to go around your hip area. It fits a hip circumference size of 32-45 inches. It is designed to fit both men and women. It alleviates joint pain and lowers SI joint inflammation. Read full review here.

This belt is made to stabilize the sacroiliac joint that has issues dealing with inflammation or immobile functions. It also lowers pelvic, lower back/leg nerve pain that is associated with sciatica, normally caused by SI joint dysfunction.

The Vriksasana SI joint belt provides maxim comfort and dual adjustment. The way this belt is created you can wear it for long periods of time. Wearing a back brace or belt for an extended amount of time is what will give you the right type of healing. The secondary straps allow for a custom fit to give you the right compression needed.

This SI belt will stay in place without slipping from the anti-slip silicone strips on the inner side of the belt. As you move around the belt will not go up and down so you can stay comfortable and not have to constantly adjust. It also is light weight and durable meaning that you will have this belt for a long time, also you will not have to carry much extra weight.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 1,040
Rating Score: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Sparthos Back Brace

Best for Herniated Discs

This is a pain reliever back brace that will give you relief from different severe back conditions. You will be able to walk, twist, and stretch your body while wearing this brace.

It will keep your spine and other areas of your back protected while you do your activities. The pressure on your spine will help with getting rid of the pain associated with back problems such as herniated disc, sciatica, and others. Read full review here.

Sparthos medical brace is made for chronic back pain conditions so it provides a lumber pad for extra compression for your lower back. It will give you ultimate support and stabilize your back. Its quality materials will also prevent rolling. You will be able to stay active with this back brace.

It has breathable fabrics that were used in the creation of the Sparthos back brace. This will allow more air in the tight spaces so that you don’t end up soaked with sweat from the moisture.

It is adjustable so that you can customize the fit to your body shape. It is easy to wear and has a comfortable fit that you can wear on top or under your clothes; it is not a bulky back brace.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 2,856
Rating Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Neo-G Dorsolumbar Support Brace

Best for Scoliosis

If you have an active lifestyle but need back support then this is a good back brace to use. It is made with good quality and has adjustable straps that give you a nice fit. It is comfortable and easy to put on and take off making it a good thing for your daily activities. Read full review here.

The Neo G Support Brace is medically made to help you relieve pain that deals with issues such as muscle aches and spasms, helps with rounded and/or slumped shoulders, and is made to help with posture correction.

It helps with other back related issues as well that are severe and prevents worse situations from happening. This back brace will help you align the dorsal and lumbar spine.

This is a Class 1 Medical Device and is registered internationally. A few of the places are MHRA of United Kingdom, FDA of the United States, and Health Canada. This brace was made to give the best quality and live up to the standards.

Neo G is officially partnered with The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. It is lightweight and breathable meaning it will not suffocate the targeted area that is covered by the brace. It will give you moisture control and is designed for comfort. Its stays are firm and flexible and give you good back support.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 540
Rating Score: 3.4 out of 5 stars

King of Kings Lower Back Brace

Best for Sciatica

This gives you lumbar support alongside of the spine. It focuses on protecting the two lowest vertebrae in the lumbar area of your spine which is the L4 and L5 section. It also focuses on the S1 section which is located in the sacral area at the bottom of your spine. Read full review here.

The lumbar and sacral area is both considered the lower back but they are in different sections. The lumbar section is in the inward curve of your lower back spine area. The sacral section is around your tailbone and your pelvic area. This brace will give you relief in both of these sections.

The King of Kings Lower Back Brace will give you relief from muscle strain and give you the support you need to do daily activities. It provides support in the lumbar muscle with two nylon bars that help your waist relieve strain and soreness.

It also has a Pulley System that will help you get the right pressure that is needed for pain relief, it is adjustable and easy to get to while in pain.

This back brace was designed to keep you comfortable while you are active and at the same time allow mobility so that you aren’t stiff. It is detachable and washable so that you can keep it nice and clean. It also has breathable fabric that will help you not feel so much moisture while you wear it.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Rating: 374
Rating Score: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Truweo Posture Corrector


Best for Posture

This upper back brace will give support in the back and shoulders; it is made for posture correction. If you sit in front of a computer a lot or have awkwardness or discomfort in your back and shoulders then this back brace can give you the stability your body needs. It can help to improve your spine’s health in general and give your posture a change for the better. Read full review here.

It is very adjustable and will not keep you from making movements that you would normally make. It will allow you to do your daily activities comfortably while still doing its job by keeping your spine aligned.

It also won’t dig into your skin as you wear it, it will lie on your body comfortably. It is fully adjustable for a good fit to your body. You will not have to keep adjusting it throughout the day once you do it once.

The Truweo Posture Corrector will correct slouching as well as unwanted posture. It will help you get out of the habit of hunching over by keeping your spine in a good position. It provides a slight resistance to the bad posture movements that in time will help you to normally have good posture. It is made for men and women, as well as teens.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Rating: 6,019
Rating Score: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do back braces hurt?

If you buy a quality back brace then it shouldn’t hurt when you wear it. If you are in severe pain you may feel pain while wearing it, it all depends on the condition that you are in. If your body in sensitive to pressure then you may feel pain and you shouldn’t wear a back brace.

How tight should a back brace be?

It should be tight enough to apply pressure. If you can’t breathe normally after

putting on your back brace then it may be too tight. If you feel any pain from your muscles being too sore then it is too tight. If you don’t feel any pressure around your torso then it is too loose.

Does a back brace help arthritis?

Yes, back braces help with arthritis by applying pressure to the targeted area. It keeps the area that is in pain stabilized. It also compresses the spine and controls unwanted movements.

Do back braces weaken muscles?

If you wear your back brace for long periods everyday it can start to weaken your muscles. Your muscles will start to rely on the support a back brace provides.

Do you wear a back brace under your clothes?

Usually a back brace is worn over clothing to protect from any skin harm or discomfort. Some back braces such as sacral belts, posture correctors, and lumber belts can be worn under clothing.

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