Old Bones Therapy Back Brace Review – Unique Qualities You Should Know

With so many back brace brands to choose from it can be a challenge picking the right one for your back pain. This is why it is good to do research and find the one that is the right fit for you.

Everyone has their personal preferences and not everyone has the same back pain. A lot of people think that one back brace can work for all types of painful conditions. This can be true to a certain extent. Some back pains are far more severe and require medical attention as other back pains even though they are very painful, can heal on its own.

The Old Bones Therapy Back Brace is designed to help with painful back pain that can heal on its own. If not treated with care, a mild back pain can become more severe.

This is where the Old Bones Therapy Back Brace will do its job and keep you safe. In this review we will take a look at the features and qualities of this back brace. I’ll try to answer some of the most asked questions that people ask.

This back brace is very useful to relieve pain in your lower back. It is made by Old Bones Therapy, an independent company in the US.

The company creates products that help heal your body from soreness, pain, aches, and discomfort. Its founder is Brandon Fields, a skateboarder who has had his fair share of back problems.

Brandon came up with a way to relieve his back pain while icing it or heating it at the same time. This was his motive with creating this back brace. He used to ice his back or heat his back and the pack kept slipping or falling off the targeted area. He thought to his self like what if I had an ice/heat pack inside of my back brace so he created one.

This is one of the reasons I chose this back brace to be in the top 5 best back braces because it’s the only brace I’ve seen that has the qualities of other top back braces, but has something they don’t have also.

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What Are The Benefits Of Old Bones Therapy?

This back brace has lots of good features and extra perks. It caters to your bones and/or spine in a way that will heal your pain. Some companies create for the purpose of marketing and profit while this company creates out of pure help from experiencing the same pain you may be going through.

Not to say that they aren’t trying to profit from their business but you can tell that this brace is made with good intentions to actually help you and it is very thoughtful. The science behind back support and pain relief is definitely displayed in this back brace as it is designed to keep you safe.

You can do your daily assignments and duties wearing this back brace that you may have had a hard time doing before without wearing it. I can relate to needing back support as I have spine issues myself. I also work in a warehouse where I am doing constant heavy lifting in a fast paced environment. This back brace can be a great help if you are in a similar situation.

It helps with support to the lumbar area of your spine. This is the in-word curve in your lower back. This brace will dedicate itself to keeping your spine from feeling pain by applying pressure to your torso.

It also has a pocket for an ice or heating pack; although it is sold separately it can definitely have a good effect on your bones and muscles if you decide to use either one. Applying ice to sore or painful areas can numb the sore tissues in your muscles. Heat can do therapy to your painful area and act as a massage. This sends signals of relieve to your brain and becomes good therapy for your pain.

Posture is another thing that the Old Bones Therapy Back Brace can help with. When it is put on it will keep your spine from slouching over. Sometimes when a person has certain back issues it can force them to stand or sit in uncomfortable positions. This will affect the posture of that person so a back brace will help them to regain their posture and their form by supporting the spine and helping to carrying the weight of their body.

It also has dual elastic stretch bands for extra support. This will help to get the right feel to your needs. After you fasten the first layer of straps you can fasten the second layer to have a more snug fit to your shape. This will strengthen the support to your lower back.

This back brace is made from quality material that will give you a long lasting experience of relieve. You will not need to get any other brace unless it’s for another area of the body.

What Can The Old Bones Therapy Back Brace Be Used For?

This back brace is used for pain relief or to prevent pain. If you are having lower back pain then this bra e is what will help you not feel pain in that area. It does this by applying pressure to your spine to help it from making painful movements. It also helps to support the body weight that your spine has to endure.

A few types of pain that this back brace helps with is lower back spasms, muscle fatigue, arthritis, sciatica, scoliosis, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, and more. The gel pack pocket is used to increase pain relief.

When you are in pain and your lower back hurts with almost every movement this is stemming from your spine. There can be pain in the lumbar area or the sacral area. The lower back has different sections that can give off pain in different areas. The lumbar section is what this bra e focuses on. The sacral area has its own braces to protect or relieve. Sometimes one brace can relieve pain in both areas depending on the severity.

Talk to your doctor if you are not sure about the pain you may be feeling so you can get a more personal understanding of what brace is for you. In most cases if you are experiencing lower back pain from work or other activities that you do on a daily then a back brace is probably what you need.

When we are doing constant activities that put strain on our backs then sometimes our back can have a painful reaction to that. Just like any other part of your body the back has the ability to heal but sometimes it needs help as the spine is the center of all movements your body makes.

How Do I Use The Old Bones Therapy Back Brace?

Once you have the brace open and ready, all you do is wrap it around your waist and fasten it tight with the Velcro grips. Once you have it fastened you will see that there are another set of Straps on the outside of the back brace. This other set of straps is used to provide more pressure to your torso which gives your lower back more support. Fasten the outer set of straps to your personal comfort.

If you have a gel pack to put inside of the pocket you would do so before you put the brace on. The gel packs are sold separately from the brace.

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If you don’t feel pressure from the back brace once it is on then you may have it too loose. You want it to fit tight on you so it can protect your spinal cord. The pressure of the back brace squeezing your torso is what helps your spine not feel pain. Be careful not to make it too tight for breathing reasons. If you feel discomfort then you may have it too tight and may need to loosen just a little.

What Are The Features Of The Old Bones Therapy Back Brace?

  • It is FDA Certified
  • Chiropractor Approved back brace
  • It is Non Toxic and also non latex
  • Comfortable with your body & Made to last
  • Perforated Neoprene
  • Double Elastic Pull Bands for extra support
  • 4 Flexible Stability Stays
  • Non-Slip Silicone Lining
  • Internal Gel Pack Pocket
  • Dimensions 12 x 8.7 x 1.5 inches
  • Sizes: S/M/L/XL

What Will This Back Brace Do For Me?

This back brace will help you keep from feeling pain in your lower back and also prevent you from feeling pain. If you are athletic or work in an environment where your back is at stake for feeling pain or injury then this back brace is what can help you avoid it.

The pressure to your spinal cord that this back brace gives will help you heal from any soreness, aches, strains, and more.

My Thoughts

You should give this back bra e a try if you are Loki g for the right bra e for lower back pain. The gel pocket is very helpful as you can relieve pain even further while on the go.

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