Neo G Dorsolumbar Support Brace Review – Is It For You?

If you are looking for a back brace for your spine alignment condition I know it can be tough to sort through all of the options, especially if you are in a tight budget. Having spine problems such as scoliosis, problems such as early kyphosis, rounded shoulders, muscular aches, and more can call for a back brace that will help you.

Your situation can get worse over time if you let it. My goal with this website is to provide the best back pain help that I can find at reasonable prices. This article review focuses on Neo G Dorsolumbar Support Brace, a certain type of back brace that is different from the everyday back brace that you may see.

Support Braces are made to help with all of the above back/spine issues. This back brace caters to the correct alignment of the dorsal and lumbar spine. It is firm but also flexible at the same time. It is made to support the alignment of your spine and protect from painful move team as well.

Neo-G is the manufacturer of this support brace. They are a company that offers a variety of medical grade orthopedic and sports support. They cater to all ages so they have multiple types and sizes of support products. All of their products are manufactured in ISO and CE regulated factories in Europe.

All of their braces are “Class 1 medical devices” and they distribute worldwide. They have offices in Europe, North America, Canada, and Australia, so you can imagine the success they are having.

From what I’ve seen through researching reviews and online searches they are highly respected and have lots of satisfied customers. I chose to review this brace because it really does a good job with helping your condition. There are lots of people who expressed their gratitude to the Neo-G company for making this support brace.

I like this brace because it not only helps to relieve pain but it helps to heal, but it mainly will help those who have spine conditions that affects their posture. It is easy to wear and you can be mobile while wearing it. You will not feel stiff like a statue you will be able to get the upmost support while being able to complete your daily activities. The reviews that I’ve read are mostly positive so that says a lot.

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What Are The Benefits Of Neo G Dorsolumbar Support Brace?

This brace is made from quality materials and will last for a longtime. Even though it is durable and firm it still is comfortable to wear. It is available is a variety of sizes for different body types.

It can be used as an aid to help with pre or post-surgery. Before or after a surgery you may need help drastically with back problems. Depending on what type of surgery and back problems you’re having, this brace will ease the pain and comfort you. A few examples of a surgery that this support brace helps with is injuries due to car accidents, sports related, or on-the-job. I’m

Every one-off Neo G’s products are recognized as class 1 Medical devices with the relevant with the regulatory bodies worldwide. This support brace was developed by qualified orthopedic device designers.

It has two removable flexible stays that sits vertically from the neck area to the lower back area. These stays give extra support and help with your posture. You could remove the stays if you want and still get great support, they are mainly for extra support.

This support brace has breathable material so you will not have sweaty and moist areas under the brace. It is fully adjustable for a custom fit and slim enough to be worn under clothing.

What Can The Neo-G Support Brace Be Used For?

It can be used to correct your posture if you are having spine issues. Some spine deformities such as scoliosis can have your spine curve abnormally, this can cause you discomfort, pain, and cause your posture to be worse. This support brace can help with keeping your spine supported to the point where your posture will be better and you’ll feel less pain by applying pressure to your spine and torso area.

It also helps other posture problems like rounded shoulders. I have this problem; it’s when your shoulders haunch more forward then normal and your head is positioned forward also. This can cause your posture to become this way normally. This support brace can help keep your upper body positioned correctly.

This brace helps with muscular aches that occur from strains, sprains, stretched or torn ligaments, or lumbar sprain. It acts as a protector and healer as it holds everything tightly together relieving the pain that you may be feeling.

How Do I Use The Neo-G Support Brace?

First you open the brace so that the straps spread out. Then you put you our one arm in the shoulder strap area, and then put your other arm in the other shoulder strap area. After both of your arms are in then spread each of the waste straps then fasten them together. You should feel a tight grip around your torso which will give you the spine support.

The removable flexible stays that are inserted into pockets on the back part will help you to keep posture. You can remove them if you want. You can wear your support brace all day or for a short period it’s up to you. Over time your posture will start to get better and your back pain will minimize.

If you are not sure if this is the right brace for you then I encourage you to contact your doctor. Let your doctor know about this brace and he or she will give you professional advice. If some of the back issues I talked about are what you are experiencing then this support brace is definitely for you. It comes in a variety of sizes.

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What Are The Features Of This Support Brace?

Good quality brace with adjusting straps for nice wear and satisfaction. You can easily put this brace on and take it off.

Medically made to help relieve pain having to do with muscle aches and spasm as well as help with rounded and/or slumped shoulders and posture correction.

Registered internationally as a Class 1 Medical Device with regulatory bodies. You will have the support that caters to your condition.

Created from breathable, lightweight fabric for lots of satisfaction. It helps eliminate moisture and has a long last form for durability.

This support brace is available in 5 sizes and two back lengths for best fit and satisfaction. It is made both for women and men.

What Will This Support Brace Do For Me?

It will keep your spine safe and give you support to better your posture. If you have rounded shoulders that sit forward and you haunch your back when you sit and or stand then this brace will help straighten it out. If your head is leaned forward then this brace can help sit straight and right.

Along with your shoulders and head position your spine will get support from this brace as well. If you suffer from deformities that make it painful to move certain positions or give you awkward feelings then wearing this support brace can help you with spine issues. It will allow you to perform daily activities without feeling pain or discomfort.

It will help with back aches and sprains as well. Back injuries and surgery situations will sometimes leave you feeling in pain or needing to prevent pain from moments or touch, this brace will help with that.

My Thoughts

I have issues with my shoulders and head hunching forward. It can be uncomfortable to hold them upright for long periods of time so I let them haunch. I understand how this brace works because I am in need of it, I can see what the good effects will do for my issues.

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