Mueller Adjustable Back Brace Review – Must Read Information

There comes a time when you have toughed it out for too long, the pain just keeps on getting worse. Maybe you work in a heavy lifting environment, maybe you have a back injury, either the case, you need some back support, and this is when getting a back brace is a good idea.

There are many back braces on the market but not all of them work to your needs. From research I’ve found that there are back braces for different areas of pain in your back.

The Mueller Adjustable Back Brace is a great pain reliever to your lower back. It is created by Mueller Sports Medicine, INC.

This company was formed in the US by Curt Mueller in 1960. The company was dedicated to helping athletes who needed pain support. This allowed the company to create effective products that did the job.

Curt played basketball and had a degree in pharmacology. With both of those experiences and knowledge bases, he coined the terms sports medicine and medicine care.

This is why the Mueller Back Brace is catered to reduce pain and help you to perform your active duties. The science behind back pain relief is recognized in this product.

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What Are The Benefits Of Mueller Adjustable Back Brace?

This is a quality back brace that helps with aches and pains in the torso area, mainly the back. Sometimes we can overwork ourselves and get muscle weakness in our back or abdominal muscles, this back brace can help relief that pain.

It can help with Lumbar Orthosis as well as Sagittal Control. These are areas of the spine that can become painful when movements are made. If you are a worker who constantly lifts heavy things improperly then you may experience pain in these areas of the spine. This back brace helps to keep the pain at a minimum or not feel it at all.

This back brace can also help you with your posture. There are back braces that are specifically made for posture help but the Mueller is a good back brace that can aid in this as well.

It is adjustable and comes with a lumbar removable pad that helps cushion your lower back and gives it extra comfort.

The double layer straps can adjust to your individual comfort and feel. They keep the grip snug to fit and help to keep pressure on your spine to relief pain.

This brace is made of quality material so it will not lose its shape or won’t fail to keep you supported.

What Can The Mueller Back Brace Be Used For?

It can be used to prevent pain or relief pain. Common painful lower back spasms, muscles pulls, strains, sprains, and others, are what this back brace can give you relief of. It also can help with back injuries such as disc or arthritic conditions.

Sometimes the spine needs something to help it hold the weight of your body or help ease the movement that you make throughout the day. These movements and the weight of your body can put a lot of strain on your lower back spinal area so the back brace can be helpful support. This support can also help with posture as some back problems lead to one losing their posture from discomfort.

Although you should always refer to your doctor for any treatment or therapy, this brace can be good for helping with certain medical conditions that restrict you from putting too much strain on your back.

How Do I Use The Mueller Back Brace With Lumbar Pad?

It’s simple to use, all you do is wrap the back brace around your waist. Make sure that it isn’t around your hips. Fit the snaps to your adjustment pleasure. Use the extra dual layers to give your brace a more snug fit. Fasten the layers together using the Velcro.

If your brace is loose fitting you will not feel the pressure that grips your torso area and the brace may not give you the relief that you are looking for as you perform your duties. Make sure it has a snug fit but not too snug to where you can’t breathe normally.

This is a lumber brace so it will cater to the lumbar area of your spine. There are other braces that cater more to your sacral area of your spine. Nevertheless, this brace expands long enough that it can protect the sacral area.

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What Are The Features Of The Mueller Adjustable Back Brace?

  • Reliefs pain from strains, sprains, and muscle spasms
  • Provides focused support for lower lumbar
  • Maximum support level
  • Steel springs to give your back more stability and comfort
  • Removable lumbar pad for extra comfort to your lower back
  • Dual layer straps that give you a more custom fit
  • Adjustable compression to your abdomen and lower back
  • Two sizes: Regular (28″-50″) and Plus Size (50″ – 70″)
  • Molded plastic inside that doesn’t allow bunching and rolling of the brace
  • Dimensions of 6 X 5 X 4 inches and weighs 15.7 ounces

What Will This Back Brace Do For Me?

This back brace will keep your spine supported with pressure and help from feeling pain. When you have pain in your lower back it can keep you from making certain movements. Most of your movements come from your spinal cord. If your spinal cord is weak or in pain then it can be hard to perform even the smallest tasks.

The Mueller back brace can relief the pain in your spine or muscles in your torso area by applying pressure to it. This can allow you to be mobile without having to support all of your weight and movements.

Along with safety practices, this brace will help you to do your daily tasks more freely without the worry of feeling pain in certain situations. When you put the brace on you will immediately feel the pain relief. Even though it is wrapped around your waist, the lightness of this brace allows for a lot of mobility.

Is This Back Brace For Me?

If you suffer from any of the pains mentioned above then this back brace if for you. It can do you a lot of good and help you get through your days. Here is a quick list of the types of things this back brace helps:

  • Heavy weight lifting labor
  • Exercise weight lifting
  • Athletes
  • Medical conditions
  • And more!

My Thoughts

I have been in situations where my lower back was in pain from work, I needed a brace every day. There was a time where if I didn’t wear a back brace my day at work would have not been a good one, in fact, I may have not been able to get the job done.

This is the power of a back brace; it does wonders to your back. I remember when I first used to dual strap; I didn’t know how to put it on. I quickly learned how to adjust it to my needs and learned how important the dual strap was, it helped a lot.

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