Best 3 Massage Tips for Lower Back Pain

In my normal day I see people complaining or talking about warehouse work back pain. I work in a warehouse environment so it’s common for people to feel pains after work. It mostly comes from not lifting correctly.

I remember not being able to move without feeling pain. The first thing I did is look for massage tips for lower back pain. I was going to ask my friend if she can come over and give me a message but I knew she was at work. I typed massage for back pain near me into Google search and found a place with good reviews but they were a little pricey.

I didn’t have the money at the time to go to an expert so I took pain pills and used an ice pad. I also took hot showers to soothe the pain. Also I wore a heat decompression back belt around the house, take a look at one here.

I looked up some information online and came across someone teaching how to give yourself a back massage. I also learned lots of other things about receiving a massage. Keep reading I’ll explain it all below.

Type Of Lower Back Pain

Mechanical pain – Comes from putting a lot of stress and strain on the vertebral column. It can be any type of back pain in any area. It usually is caused by a worker not practicing good lifting techniques while constantly lifting heavy objects. It also can be caused by a worker that doesn’t use good posture habits, sitting in uncomfortable positions for too long, and bending or twisting in an unnatural way.

To treat mechanical back pain usually a person can put ice/heat on the targeted area. Ice will numb the area temporarily and allow healing; heat will soothe the area to relax. A massage will do wonders for this type of pain especially after a long day in the warehouse.

What Type Of Massage Is Best For Lower Back Pain?

Structural massage – Basic full body massage that focuses on key points that affect mobility. To start off the person getting the massage should move their joints and limbs to see where the pain is most. Then the massager uses static pressure by holding down on the target spot to sink into the tissues. Then the massager uses static pressure with passive motion. This is when a target spot or joint is found and the massager moves it in a slow motion while applying a mild pressure. Next is static pressure with intensity. This is when you find a targeted spot and apply pressure while the person getting the massage moves their joint or limb their self.

Swedish massage – A Swedish massage is a relaxation massage. This is great therapy for lower back pain. The whole goal is to get the person receiving the massage relaxed as possible. The massager will get the muscles tension to decrease by doing 5 basic techniques:

  • Gliding – When you move gently up and down or side to side.
  • Kneading – Usually done with two hands lifting the tissue.
  • Friction – Circular compression against the targeted area
  • Vibration – Actually vibrate the targeted area with hands.
  • Thumping – Use force to apply consistent thumps slightly aggressive

Sports massage – Specialized massage that focuses on athletes and is usually given at three specific times. The first massage is given in between workouts. This is to keep the person getting the massage loose and mobile. The second time is pre-event. Before big events such as a game or performance, this is so they can avoid being stiff or too sore from workouts. The third time is post-event. This is after the game or performance so they can relax and heal from any strains or mild injury. The goal is to keep the athlete as flexible as possible as they do a lot of body movement.

Massage Tips For Lower Back Pain

Even though massaging is a technique that takes skill and practice to master, you can learn some basic stuff that will allow you to give a massage to your friend, family, or spouse. This video will show you how to start out:

With the knowledge that you’ll learn you can even instruct them on how to give you a proper massage. Giving a lower back massage to someone who is in pain can really help. You can give a great massage for back pain at home if you use these 3 tips that I’m going to show you.

When massaging someone you want to be aware of how hard or soft to press and what area is ok to put pressure on. You can make someone hurt more if you put pressure on the spine so try not to do that.

Getting Started

Instruct the person who is getting the massage to lie on their stomach. If you have a massage table, great! If not then you can use a gym type mat or mattress.

It’s better if the person took off their top, if not, then they should have a top on that can easily raise up above the lower back area so the massage can happen directly on the skin.

For the person getting the massage to be comfortable, put a pillow under their chest area, a rolled towel under the forehead, and another rolled towel under the ankles.

Cover their legs with a towel the best you can to protect the clothes that they have on. This is because you will be using massage oil and you don’t want to damage any clothing.

Put massage oil in your hands a rub them together. Spread the oil smoothly onto the back of the person getting the massage.

Make sure to massage on each side of the back separately for this massage method.

First Step

  1. Start on the left or right side of the back. You can use both of your hands for this massage method. Straighten your arms out and put one hand on top of the other. Spread all of your fingers and massage in a circular motion. You should use your waist to move your arms, don’t rely on your arm muscles
  2. Next you can get into the muscles of the back by lifting your wrist in a scooping motion. Do this with one hand at a time. You can play around with different movements but stick to a rhythm that is comfortable for you
  3. Add in a different technique using your thumbs, thumb circling. Turn toward the feet of the person and begin to stroke slowly starting from the middle of the back and make your way toward the hip area, do this two times.
  4. Next, get into the muscles again using your wrist in a scooping motion. This time do this in the hip area where the muscles need attention.
  5. After that you can do a more massages in any other area of the back that is in pain.

Second Step

  1. Repeat the first step on the other side of the back. End this massage method by doing both sides at the same time.
  2. Next, use your knuckles to give more muscle tissue massaging. Make a fist with both of your hands and put your knuckles in the middle of the back. Slowly drag your knuckles down to the hip area gently, stay away from the spine when you do this.
  3. After you do that one or two times do the same thing but now with your hands spread. Use your palm to gently massage from the middle of the back to the hips.
  4. Finally, put your hands on each side of the lower back, palms touching skin. Move both hands across the lower back meeting at the spine and then back to the side, but don’t touch the spine.

Different Techniques

Here are some techniques of massaging. Be careful trying all of these because some takes a certain level of skill that a professional has.

Therapeutic massage – Focuses on the certain area where you are feeling pain.
Deep tissue massage – type of massage that an expert provides because it involves getting your muscles massaged with more force and pressure that takes certain skills.
Swedish massage – this is a soft massage that is done in circular motions involving tapping, kneading, and vibration.
Sports massage – this is more of a medical massage as it is performed on athletes to avoid or heal injury
Shiatsu massage – meant to stimulate the body for healing by using pressure in a certain rhythm. This is a Japanese style of massaging.

How To Do A Self-Massage

You can massage yourself if you have the right techniques. Here are a few ways you can give yourself a massage at home.

Tennis ball method

  1. Lay down with the back of your head on a mat. Put two tennis balls under the middle of your back on each side of your spine.
  2. Make sure that your knees are bended while your feet are flat on the mat.
  3. Move your body up and down rolling on the tennis balls. Keep the tennis balls in your lower back area. Make sure to do it slowly so that you can guide yourself properly.
  4. Use your legs to move yourself; this will be the easiest way. It will allow you to put more or less pressure on your back from the tennis balls.
  5. You can also do this with a foam roller.

Foam roller method

  1. Put it under your back while you lay on the mat. The back of your head should be lying on the mat.
  2. Try and put pressure on the painful areas by forcing the roller to roll over the targeted area.
  3. You don’t have to always go right over the targeted area, you can also go around it getting near enough that it feels the massage.
  4. You can do these massages daily for a long or short period. It depends on the amount of pain you are in and your comfortability while doing them.

What Are The Benefits Of Massaging Lower Back Muscles?

  • Help relieve mild back pain
  • Soothe your muscles
  • Increase your blood flow
  • Lower your stress level

Types Of Back Pain

Back pain is common and there can be a lot of lower back pain causes. If you are feeling back pain in the warehouse it comes down to two types:

Acute back pain – Acute back pain can be caused by an injury that is all-of-a-sudden and usually don’t last for more than a week or two at a time. This can be an injury from doing athletic activities, at working lifting heaving objects, or any type of trauma. It can be pain that is affecting the muscles, ligaments, or parts of the back that provides support. Pain can come from muscles spasms, strains, or other back problems such as herniated disc.

Chronic back pain – This type of pain is pain that is consistent for long periods of time; usually know less than 3 weeks. It can come and go but usually happens when the affected area moves or strains the wrong way. It can start as an acute back pain but it can turn into chronic pain if it is not treated properly, or if more injury occurs. A medical issue such as arthritis or scoliosis can cause long term back pain. This is usually treated by constant therapy.

A massage may give more relief and healing to a person who is experiencing acute back pain. This is because the muscles and/or ligaments may only need minor attention to be back to normal. A person experiencing chronic pain may have deeper issues that a massage can’t heal but only give temporary good feeling.

Even if you have chronic back pain massages are good for the body and they may help you to keep your muscles loose to ease pain while you get around.

Where To Massage Lower Back Pain?

Make sure to massage the area that is in pain. It isn’t all about pushing hard on the targeted area you want to gently massage areas that feel pain. You can also massage around the area to give the targeted area a sense of relieve.

Do not massage the spine as you need professional services for that. If you feel muscle tightness it is a good idea to massage directly on the muscle in a circular motion. You can try different techniques also.

What You Should Do After A Massage

Eat – It is best to eat light after a massage. Fresh fruit is a good choice, it will help you restore energy and hydrate you at the same time. Another food that is good to eat after a massage is nuts. Nuts can give you the protein that you need after a massage without making you feel sluggish and adding too much calories to your body. Make sure to drink a lot of water. This will keep you hydrated and help your body flush out what is released during a massage.

Have a bath – Taking a bath after a massage is a good thing. During a massage your body is going through a therapeutic process. Taking a bath after can further the therapy and allow your body to release certain toxins. It can also be a soothing relieve on your muscles. Taking a warm bath can keep your muscles warm and gets the blood flowing.

Rest – Make sure that when you get a massage you have time after to rest. You shouldn’t get a massage right before work or doing any tough activities. Give your body time to gather itself and heal from any previous pain.

What You Should Not Do After A Massage

Don’t eat too much – You shouldn’t eat too much after a massage, especially heavy foods such as dark meat. Eating heavy foods after a massage can bring soreness the next day. Give yourself at least a few hours before you go and have a huge meal.

No intense physical activity – You want to get proper rest after a massage. Do not go right out and do tough activities or go to work after a massage. The reason is because your muscles are still vulnerable and they need to heal and get rest.

Don’t take a hot bath – you should take a warm or cold bath after a massage because the muscles are still in a vulnerable state after a massage. Too much hot water can cause soreness so make sure that it is warm and not scorching hot.

Why You Should Drink Water After A Massage

  • Reduces soreness
  • Helps to hydrate body
  • Helps to flush out toxins

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol Before Or After A Massage

  • Increases soreness
  • Dehydrates the body
  • Brings toxins to your body

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