How Does A Magnetic Back Brace Work?

A friend and co-worker of mine recently asked how does a magnetic back brace work. I told him that I don’t know but I will find out.

He told me he was thinking of purchasing one to help with his back pain and needed help finding one as he knows that I write about back braces.

I told him that I will take a look into it and I began doing research online and to my surprise there wasn’t much information on it.

I see websites who would talk about how magnets help the body or sites that promote magnetic belts but they wouldn’t go deep into how it works.

I dug deeper to find out why people use magnets for healing in general and found some interesting theories. People have been using magnets for healing for a long time.

Some people use magnetic field therapy which is basically putting magnets on your skin or wearing something that has magnets inside.

When I found this out I put 2 and 2 together and realized what the magnets in a back brace are to provide magnetic therapy.

I looked for a back brace that would help him out, did some research on it and found that a lot of people were getting good results with it so I sent him a link to it.

Here is the back brace that I found online for him:

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I want to discuss more about magnetic therapy below but to understand that you first should understand magnets.

How A Magnet Works

Magnetic star

I don’t want to get into deep science lesson of how magnets work because I am not a scientist; I just want us to get more familiar with magnets to understand how it relates to the topic.

Magnets can produce electricity. Magnets are used in lots of things that we use every day such as our computers, television, speakers, refrigerator, and many more.

A good reason for this is because magnets produce and can guide energy. I was curious when I learned this so I wanted to find out what is a magnet.

A magnet is a piece of iron that has an invisible magnetic field around it. This magnetic field can attract or pull the other pieces of iron or Ferromagnetic materials.

Even though you can’t see the magnetic field, you can feel it. If you put a magnet to an opposite magnet they will attach to each other firmly. If you try and put a magnet together with the same type of magnet it will reject it.

Magnets have a force field that travel south to north. This is why one side of a magnet may pull and the other side may push.

If you try and connect to magnets together both from the side that is pushing then they won’t stick, but if you connect one side to the opposite side they will stick.

If you never understood how magnets work then hopefully this helped but if not then you can learn more about magnets here if you want a full run down from the experts.

How Do Magnets Help People?

Since magnets can produce energy and is constantly working. When a magnet is next to or around conjured up energy it can attract that energy and produce more of it.

Us as people we are full of energy. We are energy beings so knowing what we know about magnets it’s safe to say that magnets can help guide our energy, or produce more energy within us.

This type of energy from magnets used on people is known as magnetic therapy or static therapy. People have been using this type of therapy for a long time now. There have even been theories of people using them in the ancient Egyptian days to heal and to stop from aging fast.

I did a Google search for places near me that offer magnetic therapy and lots of results came up. This is something that I was never aware of thinking of looking into soon.

This helps me make more sense of how a magnetic back brace works because it is giving the same effect of getting magnetic therapy, and working with your energy.

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy uses different types of magnets on your skin to produce certain results within your body. People use magnets to heal from injuries, deformities, aging prevention, for normal therapeutic use, as well as many other things.

Just like there are different types of magnets, there are different types of magnetic therapy. Here are three types of magnetic therapy that people use:

Static magnetic field therapy

In this therapy you wear something that can hold a magnet close to your skin or pressing against your skin. This can be anything from a bracelet, clothing, hair garments, mattress, or any other thing that you would use.

Some people would wrap a magnet and a bandage around the target area. This is said to bring certain energy to the body that could help heal or manage a mood.

Electrically charged magnetic therapy

This is something that is most likely to be done by a professional. This is when the magnets that is used or electrically charged and provide some Electric feedback.

This type of treatment usually comes with an electric post that is targeted to a specific area of the body.

Magnetic therapy with acupuncture

This is when Magnets touch your skin the same way that it would during an acupuncture session. The magnets will go onto targeted energy points of your body which is said to bring healing.

How It Works

Our bodies are full of energy and we can conjure up and produce energy naturally. This means that a magnet close to our body can generate more energy or even guide or energy in certain directions.

Our energy can be synced together naturally but at times can get unbalanced. Being that a magnet can help guide energy when it is put next to our body it can help to sync our energy back into its normal state.

These are natural theories that have been put to the test by professionals. A Medical Group ran a test on 22 patients using magnetic types of therapy to reduce depression. Out of the 22 people 96% gave positive results. This type of test cool to the medical group that magnets can have an effect on our mood and energy overall.

Our cells naturally communicate with each other within our bodies with the help of ions like calcium and potassium. Medical professionals have run test to show that magnets can affect how ions communicate.

Basically this means that a magnet can guide reactions within our body. These tests are run to further prove a point but are still only theory.

Magnetic Therapy for Back Pain

Magnetic therapy usually is used to lower swelling and relieve pain. The magnets act as a therapeutic healer and can affect the energy level of the person.

This type of therapy is usually done by a professional in the medical field or a professional masseuse in a spa center. There are specific locations that offer this type of treatment.

When it comes to the back brace having magnets in them, the same type of treatment applies. The magnets do the same type healing and energy guidance.

People who have purchased a magnetic back brace have left positive feedback saying that they feel wonderful after wearing the back brace. The people who left the reviews say that they don’t know how it works but it does.

That’s the thing with this type of therapy, not too many people can explain how it worked for them they just know that it did. This is why every statistic or informational content that I found online about magnetic therapy is mostly theory and not stated as fact.

If you think of it from your own common sense it would make sense that magnets would help someone feel better knowing that magnets are centered on magnetic force and energy. The positive thoughts and feelings of comfort and healing can be enhanced while the magnets are touching your body.

They can offer comfort with the thought of knowing that they possess the ability to shift and guide energy. I believe that they are doing unseen deeds and that they are an important resource in our life.

Magnetic Back Brace Benefits

The magnets are natural earth resources and have the ability to heal mild to severe back pains. There are 48 powerful rare earth magnets inside the belt located in the lumbar lower back area of the body.

The belt is designed for comfort and is lightweight so that you can wear it without feeling a burden. Most customers stated that they don’t feel it while wearing it.

A few benefits:

  • Serious pain relief
  • Adjustable & comfortable
  • Natural
  • Quality
  • Giftable presentation

One bad review

I saw a negative review stating that the magnetic back brace was no different than a regular brace. They said that it gave them satisfaction but they didn’t feel any difference from the magnetic brace and a back brace that they used before.

My Thoughts

I think that there are a lot of new and creative self-care products on the market, some helps and some are just marketing schemes. I believe the magnetic back brace is a great idea and is something that I can see myself using. The reviews from satisfied customers make the theories of magnets helping with pain true, what do you think?

PS – To learn more about how back braces work in general go here.

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