Leawell Decompression Back Belt Review – Back Pain Relief!

Here is another lower back pain reliever that will help you to live life better. There are lots of ways to relieve your lower back pain and choosing one can be a challenge. You don’t want to choose the wrong one and waste your time and money. This is what I faced when trying to pick the right self-care help when going through back pain.

I found that decompression back belts are a good way to relieve pain. It is fairly new to the market when it comes to back braces, well to me they are. I have never heard of a decompression belt before I had done research on back braces. When I found out about them I instantly had to see what the results were after using one.

Leawell Decompression Back Belt is an affordable belt that works well just like the more expensive ones. Don’t let the low price fool you this belt is quality and is able to heal your back pain. It helps with pain such as sciatica, scoliosis, herniated disc, pinched nerve, and more. I never thought that a back belt can help with those types of back issues but it does.

Leawell is a company that focuses on self-care products. Their website is in a language which looks like Japanese so I couldn’t read any information. From my research online this product has a certificate of FDA registration which means this is an approved medical product that will help you.

For the price and the quality this is a good decompression belt to go to if you are looking for a trustworthy belt but are on a tight budget. There are other decompression belts that have features such as a heated pad or many colors to choose from but this one doesn’t have any extra perks just the normal features of a decompression belt that we will get into in a minute.

You will get all of the results that you are looking for and be able to ease some of the pain you are going through. When you neglect the pain then the pain can get worse and become more of a burden in your daily life. For a while I neglected my pain and wondered why my body wasn’t as mobile as I liked, or why I felt pain when I slept in bed. I had to do something about it and I had to do it fast, this belt can be a life saver.

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What Are The Benefits Of Leawell Decompression Back Belt?

You can relief your back pain instantly when you put the belt on. If you are going through pain then you can become more pain free by wearing this brace consistently. It is good to give relief when doing daily activities such as walking, sitting, bending, twisting, and more.

It will help heal back issues such as sciatica, pain affecting the back, neck, and outside of leg. Sciatica is caused by compression of the spinal nerve root in the lower back. This belt can help to ease that pain and give you more relaxation.

It can help with herniated discs, a problem when the spinal disc moves out of place and causes you to feel pain. This can be an uncomfortable and painful issue. Wearing this belt can hold your torso together tightly which will help the disc get back in its normal position.

This belt can help correct your posture. It does that by putting pressure on your lower back and supporting your spine to ease it from its natural duties. It gives your upper back the balance it needs and helps you not feel uncomfortable. Different deformities can make you stand or sit at an awkward positon but by wearing this belt it will help you stand tall and sit for longer periods without feeling pain.

It will give your spine a traction and lumbar support whenever you need it. Just put it on and feel like you have a mini chiropractor helping you out. That’s one good thing about owning one of these belts is that you may not have to go to the doctor every time you feel pain in your back, or you may not have to pop pills every time you feel pain you can just put this belt on and feel at ease.

What Can Leawell Decompression Back Belt Be Used For?

Lower your back pain is what this belt is made to do. Pain in your back can come from muscles that are feeling aches, pain, strains, or sprains, and other things. You can even feel pain from sleeping in your bed.

This belt can be used to heal a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve can come from having a herniated disc. When someone has a herniated disc, the disc in their spine is out of place. Wearing the back belt will hold it together and over time put the disc back in its original position. The herniated disc sometimes pushes out on a nerve so if it is back in its original position then the nerve won’t be agitated by the disc anymore.

Scoliosis is another thing this belt helps with. It helps to restore your posture and hold your upper weight as well as help you balance. It gives you the support to be mobile under awkward spinal cord pain and comfortabilities.

This belt also can be used to better your blood circulation. Your blood flow can increase and flow more fluidly. More nutrients will flow through your spine using the decompression belt inflatable feature.

Decompressing your spinal cord can relieve numbness and sharp pain you may be feeling in a specific area of your back. You’ll get rid of the aches, burning pain, and tingling feeling that is common with spinal cord compression.

From everything stated you’ll see that you can alleviate a variety of different back pain by using this belt. If you do nothing about it then you can be in worse condition or in worse cases your doctor may recommend surgery. You can prevent this when the pain is early on by giving yourself therapy.

This belt relieves lots of different back pain issues and helps to heal also. Wearing this belt consistently will help you to stay more active and handle your daily duties rather than lying around feeling pain all day. I know how it is to not want to do anything because your body is hurting and aching with every movement.

How Do I Use Leawell Decompression Back Belt?

Before you put the belt on make sure that it is always deflated and not inflated. To put the belt on stretch the belt out so that it is not twisted, then wrap it around your waist.

Make sure that the belt is tight when you fasten the straps together. If it is lose you will not get the most out of wearing the belt. The tightness puts pressure on your torso that relieves the pain. It also helps with the decompression of your spinal cord.

After your first use with the belt make sure that you deflate the belt after taking it off. Never take it off while it is inflated. Use the pin in the front inside of the belt to deflate.

If you are in severe pain then I recommend asking your doctor if it is ok to wear this belt. If he gives the ok then I would proceed. If you already know that this belt is for you then it’s ok to proceed. How to know if this belt is for you is if you are very tender to the touch on your torso area. If you can withstand some pressure to your torso then you’ll be fine.

What Are The Features Of Leawell Decompression Back Belt?

This belt is an upgrade item. You can detach the pump after inflating without losing any air in the belt. You don’t have to worry about air escaping unless you want it to by pressing the air release pin.

Belt is adjustable and is has a two sided spine traction belt connect with hook and loop. The length of the decompression back belt is around 45 inches.

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It has cotton fabric lining and PU Material outside. It is easy to take care of and weighs a little over a half a pound. It’s lightweight for easy mobility and has air traction instead of steel plate fixer. The white color is a unique color for a decompression belt also; it gives it a nice look.

My Thoughts

I like this belt because it is affordable and has good quality. To me it is just like the EverTone belt but this one has a better look in my opinion. Looks won’t take our back pain away so other than that this is a pretty good belt that does what any other standard decompression belt does. It has positive customer reviews so this is a good sign for anyone thinking of purchasing it. You will get what you pay for and have long lasting pain relieve.

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