Leami Decompression Back Belt Review – Budget Friendly With Quality

Going through back pain can be a horrible experience. Depending on the amount of pain you are in it can change your whole life around. You barely spend time with friends, walking becomes a problem, sitting for long periods of time hurts, and you become depressed at times. This is when you have to do something about the situation.

Leami Decompression Back Belt is a good way to heal or prevent back pain. It is an inflatable back brace that helps with problems such as sciatica, scoliosis, herniated disc, pinched nerve, and more. A decompression belt is fairly new to the market and is becoming a more popular choice for people who want to relieve back pain.

This belt is very affordable when it comes to decompression belts. There are decompression belts out there that can cost over $100 and sometimes close to or over $200. These belts are either higher end or medical proscribed belts from a doctor. Leami created a belt that was budget friendly and able to deliver quality results.

Leami Company makes self-care products mainly focusing on braces. They make different types of back braces from orthopedic to sports and exercise, they also make neck braces. This company focuses on Amazon for their sales and has lots of reviews on their products.

If you are on a tight budget I would consider purchasing this belt as it can help you relieve pain in a variety of ways. This belt works just like the more expensive belts but has the bare minimum features that you need for relief. The difference from a cheaper belt and this belt is the quality of material. This belt is made to last a long time.

You will get all of the results that you are looking for and be able to ease some of the pain you are going through. When you neglect the pain then the pain can get worse and become more of a burden in your daily life. For a while I neglected my pain and wondered why my body wasn’t as mobile as I liked, or why I felt pain when I slept in bed. I had to do something about it and I had to do it fast, this belt can be a life saver.

Don’t neglect your pain because doing that can make things worse. I neglected my pain for years and it costed me to miss out on a lot and deal with more pain now. I have taken action and have better days but my condition is chronic and I have to be consistent with my self-care if I want to get through the days or weeks. Giving yourself therapy comes from wanting to take care of yourself and not feel bad for yourself, your body will thank you for it.

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What Are The Benefits Of Leami Decompression Back Belt?

Get pain relief instantly without taking pain pills or doctor visits. When you are going through pain you can avoid the aching while you walk, the soreness while you sit, and the pain while you do daily activities. Just put the belt on and forget about the pain.

It helps with a number of back pains from medical to injuries. One condition that it helps with is sciatica. Sciatica is a nerve issue that can transfer from the lower back, hips, to the legs. The belt grips your torso to give comfort and pressure to your nerves which will relieve your back and other areas of the pain.

A herniated disc is another problem that this belt helps with. A herniated disc happens when a disc in the spinal cord moves out of place. The disc can sometimes put pressure on a nerve causing what is known as a pinched nerve. This is healed with this belt by putting pressure on the spine to get the disc back in place over time. When the disc is back in place it will release pressure that was on the nerve.

This belt can help correct your posture as well as help with your balance. It supports your lower back and allows you to stand tall and move more freely without uncomfortable movements. It will stabilize your spine so that it can relax more. Certain spine issues like scoliosis can make you lean to the side so this belt will hold you up and give support.

It will give your spine a traction and lumbar support whenever you need it. Just put it on and feel like you have a mini chiropractor helping you out. That’s one good thing about owning one of these belts is that you may not have to go to the doctor every time you feel pain in your back, or you may not have to pop pills every time you feel pain you can just put this belt on and feel at ease.

You won’t have to go to the doctor every time you feel pain. Not saying you shouldn’t go to the doctor but you will be able to relieve pain on your own also by wearing this belt. You also can decompress your spinal cord with this belt. This is when your spine stretches back to its normal position after being compressed.

What Can Leami Back Belt Be Used For?

This belt can be used to decompress your spine at home instead of going to a chiropractor. It works by inflating vertically and pulling your muscles upward as well as stretching your spine slightly to get it back to its normal position and not be smashed together from compression.

Leami back belt can heal a variety of back conditions and give yourself therapy from the comfort of where ever you are. You simply just put the belt on and start to feel the pain alleviate. You can wear it while you do your daily activities, walk, sit on the computer, as soon as you feel pain, while you do gardening, and many other things.

You can use this belt as a sports belt as well. While it is deflated you can use it as a back brace to do things like yoga, exercises, work, lift heavy objects, and more. This isn’t only made to treat medical back problems it’s also made to take away pain or prevent pain though your day.

This belt also can be used to better your blood circulation. Your blood flow can increase and flow more fluidly. More nutrients will flow through your spine using the decompression belt inflatable feature.

You can fix your waist and get the curve back in the lumbar area of your spine. It does this by transferring the weight off your spine. This will free up the pressure to carry the weight and allow your spine to heal and shape into the position it needs to be.

From everything stated you’ll see that you can alleviate a variety of different back pain by using this belt. If you do nothing about it then you can be in worse condition or in worse cases your doctor may recommend surgery. You can prevent this when the pain is early on by giving yourself therapy.

It helps your core and back muscles while they get stronger. It does this by stabilizing the spine and putting pressure on the torso. This will relieve your muscles and core from having to move and perform their natural duties; the belt will act as a substitute.

How Do I Use Leami Back Belt?

Make sure that the belt is deflated before you put it on. After putting the belt on make sure that it is fastened and secure with the velcro straps.

When you have the belt on make sure that it is tight enough that you feel the pressure of the belt around your torso. It should instantly give you a sense of relief. If it doesn’t then maybe it’s not tight enough. Be aware of your body weight as you shouldn’t go too tight for health reasons.

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You should deflate the belt every time before you take it off. Don’t take it off while it is inflated because something could go wrong with the belt and you possibly could face a health risk.

What Are The Features Of Leami Back Belt?

This belt is made to correct lumbar vertebra. Lumbar is the lower mid-section area of your spine that curves inward. This is the area this belt focuses on the most.

Made to relieve stress in the back and neck curvature. It does this by applying pressure so that the lower muscles and spine is stabilized and releases tension on these areas.

It has cotton fabric lining and PU Material outside. It is easy to take care of and weighs a little over a half a pound. It’s lightweight for easy mobility and has air traction instead of steel plate fixer. The white color is a unique color for a decompression belt also; it gives it a nice look.

Push up support with directed traction. This is when the belt inflates to help decompress your spine. It also gives your back muscles a therapy session by gripping your torso so that they are relieved.

My Thoughts

This belt is affordable and has quality features of a decompression belt. If you are looking to spend less than $50 on your belt but you want a belt that has good material, long lasting, and performs like a more expensive belt then here is your choice. Don’t expect to get a perfect experience every time as there are going to be moments where you will feel the inexpensiveness in the belt but for the most part it will get the job done.

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