How To Wear A Back Brace

Sometimes you can get crappy instructions that don’t go in depth about how to wear a back brace properly. It seems simple and it is, but there are things you have to know and understand to get the most relieve.

A back brace is made to give back pain relieve. It is very helpful when you need to stabilize your torso area. There are many types of back braces and some of them have different purposes.

The few that I’ll talk about are the ones that are on the market and not proscribed by a medical professional. The back braces that are on the market are the ones that you can purchase and wear as you please. The types are:

Lumbar Back Brace (Lower Back Brace)

This is a back brace that caters to the lower back. Lumbar is the lower region in the spine. When you are dealing with lower back pain your lumbar region is the area that is mainly affected.

This area runs from the middle of your back down to the area just above your tailbone. This is the most common region in the back that needs a back brace.

The lumbar back brace puts pressure around your torso area that protects your spine from painful movements. It also protects your muscles, discs, and nerves. This type of back brace can be worn while you do daily activities, also it can be worn on or under clothing.

If you work in an active environment and you have lower back pain then a lumbar back brace is what you need, it will help you feel less pain. It can allow you to move freely without anticipating painful movements.

You will feel relieved as you do your activities, this type of back brace has helped me out a lot and saved my lower back when my job duties was getting the best of me. Don’t hesitate to put on a lumbar back brace if needed.

How To Where A Lumbar Back Brace

  • Put the belt around your waist
  • Locate wear the straps are to fasten the belt
  • Fasten the first layer of straps to your comfort
  • Make sure it isn’t too tight or loose
  • Fasten the second layer of straps to your comfort
  • Keep in mind that you are going to feel pressure around your torso area (waist, back, stomach, and sides)
  • Where the back brace for up to 10 hours (My opinion from experience)

Thoracic Back Brace (Upper Back Brace)

This is a back brace that caters to the upper back. Thoracic is the upper region in the spine. The thoracic region starts from the back of your neck where the bone is that pokes out a little and travels down to the middle of your back.

This is referred to as your upper back. The upper back can need support for different reasons. An upper back brace is usually needed when a person is in need of posture correction. A posture corrector can help a person keep their posture upright.

People who bend over, slouch, or have upper back and neck pain from bad posture are the ones who usually would wear this type of brace, also people with spine issues.

An example of someone who would wear this type of brace regularly is an office worker who sits on the computer for hours at a time. This type of person usually has posture problems and feels pain in the neck and upper back. An upper back brace can help to sit straight up and not haunch over.

Another type of person who may need this brace is a person who wants to look more sleek and fit. The posture corrector will hold your shoulders back while keeping your spine straight upward. This type of posture makes one look more fit and slim.

You can wear this type of back brace under or over your clothing.

How To Where A Thoracic Brace

  • Take the ends of each strap and undo the Velcro
  • At the bottom of the belt you will see two buckles
  • Put each buckle inside each buckle
  • Now attach each Velcro to the Velcro fasten on the sides
  • The back brace should be in a figure 8 design
  • Put your arms in one at a time
  • To tighten, undo each strap and pull
  • Don’t make it too tight
  • Adjust the straps to your custom fit
  • Should feel a gentle pull
  • Can wear all day

Sacral Back Brace (Sacroiliac Belt)

Vriksasana Posture Sacroiliac SI Hip BeltA sacra brace caters to your lower back, hips, and pelvic area. Sacral is a word related to the sacrum. The sacrum is a triangular bone in your lower back that connects the lower back, hips, and pelvis.

This area is right above your tailbone and right below your lumbar region. It can become sore and in pain from different things such as; sitting too long, walking, lifting, bending, twisting, and lots of other activities.

A Sacroiliac hip belt is usually worn by those who need pain relieve in the sacral area. A sacral back brace can help to give support to the area and allow the person to move more freely. It also helps with hip joint issues. If a person has SI joint pain then a sacral brace can give relief to the joints by applying pressure.

The goal is to limit painful movements so that the joint can heal. It can help to ease pain while the swelling comes down. This type of pain can be extreme so a sacral back belt can drastically help the person to do normal things such as walking or sitting.

An example of a person who needs this brace is if you walk with a wobble from hip joint pain. Hip joint pain can make you walk with a wobble to avoid applying force to the tender areas. The joints can be tender when inflamed.

The sacral brace can help to ease some of the force put on your joints when you walk. This will allow you to walk without wobbling depending on your situation.

How To Where A Sacral Back Brace

  • Put it on around your hip area not your waist
  • Strap it together with the Velcro stays
  • If it has double straps then use those to get extra pressure
  • Do not make belt too tight because your joints may not react good to it
  • Do not wear for more than 10 hours at a time

Decompression Back Belt

EverTone Decompression Back BeltA decompression belt is worn as a lower back brace and as a means to receive spinal decompression. Just like a lower back brace it has all the capabilities to relieve lower back pain.

It has the features of giving your torso pressure to take away pain in your lower back but it also can inflate with air and help give further relief.

The way it helps to decompress your back is by inflating vertically. It inflates upward and pulls your muscles along with it. As it pulls your muscles it also stretches your spine upward. This will get rid of any compression that your spine accumulated.

Spine decompression is usually done by a chiropractor but with this back brace you can do it at home. It helps with other back issues also such as herniated disc, sciatic nerve pain, sprain or strain, and more. The inflated back brace cushions your back for extra therapy on sore muscles.

This is something that can help to get positive effects of a chiropractic visit to the doctor’s office. Those who are in need of instant relief and can’t make it to the doctor at the moment for any given reason can put on their decompression belt to get relief until making it to their doctor.

It comes with a handy pump to inflate the back brace with ease, this is good for those who are in pain and can barely move. This back brace is fairly new on the market and is becoming more popular.

How To Where A Decompression Belt

  • First make sure it is not inflated before you put it on
  • If it is not then put it on and strap up the Velcro
  • If you want to use it for lower back pain relieve for activeness then make sure it is tight to fit
  • f you want to use it for spine decompression then hook up the pump
  • Hook the pump to the insert and use the clip to keep it steady
  • Pump the back brace up until you feel it is tight enough
  • If it hurts then you have it too tight
  • Deflate air before taking the back brace off
  • Don’t wear it over an hour at a time, it’s recommended to use it once for 30 minutes a day

Taking Care of Your Back Brace

Most of the back braces are washable and are made of quality material that will last long. Some back braces come with heating pads installed inside them so putting them in water is not safe. The decompression back belt is not to be put in water either.

Treat your back brace like you would any fabric as it can get dirty and also smell over time from wearing them a lot. This is why they are washable. Just like clothing needs to be washed a back brace should be washed, but just not as often. Make sure you read the washing instructions on the documents that come with it.

My Thoughts – How To Wear A Back Brace

If you are in search for a good reliable back brace that will give you pain relief then you can check out this article I wrote about the best orthopedic back braces, it has a variety of choices so you will find one for you needs. You can check it out here.

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