Hongjing Spine Decompression Belt Review – What To Expect…

Need help relieving back pain? Then you have come to the right place. Having back pain, lower back pain to be exact, is not so fun. You can become stuck to a comfortable position and not want to move afraid that you will feel pain. Sometimes it can be hard to even get out of bed from feeling muscle soreness, strain, sprain, or worse. Your spine could be the reason you are feeling pain also. The Hongjing Spine Decompression Belt can help with this.

Your spine is what controls a lot of your movements so it can be in pain if you went through an accidental situation, trauma to the spine, or have a certain medical condition. This pain can cause your spinal cord to become compressed; this is when it is basically crunched together. Leaving a decompressed spine unattended to can cause pain in your lower back.

In this case you would want to decompress your spine. A decompression back belt will do just that. Your spine will become more mobile and feel better. There are a lot to choose this is why I have created a review to help you decide.

Decompression Belts can help with spine compression problems. Many have given their testimony that this belt has helped to relieve their chronic pain and make their day go easier.

Shenzhen HongJing Technology Company limited is a company that from the looks of it is located in Japan. I did a Google search on them and all I got was results that were written in Japanese. I don’t understand Japanese writing so I couldn’t get all the information on them. With that being said I’ll just focus on what this review is about, the decompression belt.111

I like the story behind his passion for helping people and it is greatly appreciated to have people in this world who actually take time to use their expertise to help others who are in pain. I am a person who actually needs his products especially this decompression belt. My lower back issues have been a problem in my life for over 10 years. It has kept me from experiencing lots of things that I wish I could have. Now I know longer have to sit in pain and take many pills for my pain to go away.

If you take a look at the ratings on Amazon of this product you’ll understand the genuine intent in the creation, it has lots of customer reviews also. This lumbar traction belt is approved by doctors and physiotherapist.

It is used for the lower back but can bring positive results to the upper back as well. Some people resort to surgery or popping a lot of pills to relieve their pain but this belt is another option. Nothing wrong with surgery or pain pills but if you don’t like to constantly stay drugged up or if you don’t like to constantly need to go in the doctor’s office then this is a good alternative to that to relieve back pain.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Hongjing Spine Decompression Belt?

Hongjing Spine Decompression Belt is a lumbar support inflatable belt made for pain relief. It has a pressure gauge that shows how much pressure is being inflated into the belt. When the belt inflates it gives your spine relief and takes pressure off your lower back.

The belt inflates and supports the lumbar area of your spine as well as comforts your torso area’s muscles. Along with comforting your muscles it will decompress your spinal cord if it is compressed.

The pump that it comes with is made to have easy access for those who are in pain. For example, if you have any arthritis related back pain issues it can make it hard for you to reach around and be mobile. The pump is in reach and makes for easy inflating.

You can get the same treatment as using an invert table at the doctor’s office. Instead of going through the appointments and traveling to your doctor to lie on a table upside down while your body stretches you can just use this belt. It works just the same and is good for those with busy lives because you can use it on the go.

You can use this belt in a couple ways. It can be a decompression belt made to decompress your compressed spine, or it can be used as a lumbar support brace when doing daily activities such as walking, running, sitting at the computer, driving, and more. You also can wear this brace while you relax and rest. It is lightweight and a good fit to wear under or over your clothes.

What Can The Hongjing Decompression Belt Be Used For?

This belt gives you relieve to your lower back in as little as 30 min. It gives traction to your lower back as well as support. It can help heal pain from issues such as a pinched nerve.

In these cases you’ll need to stretch your spine so that it will go back to its normal position. Keeping it compressed will only further your pain and in these types of ways:

Having a pinched nerve can cause you to feel pain in different ways. You don’t want to leave a pinched nerve untreated because it can get worse. Usually a pinched nerve comes from having a herniated disc. A few systems of a pinched nerve are:

  • Numbness in the area
  • Sharp pain
  • Aches
  • Burning pain
  • Tingling feeling

These are symptoms that a pinched nerve can make you feel. Wearing a decompression belt can help to alleviate this pain. Not taking care of the issue can affect your daily activities from going through back pain.

This belt helps to hold your midsection together. This will help support your muscles and make sure your spine and muscles are stabilized. This will lower the amount of strain on your back by taking some of the load off of your lower back. This not only helps your lower back but improves your posture all together.

Hongjing belt helps with pain from back issues such as sciatica, a back problem stemming from a nerve, lower back arthritis, a joint and bone condition, as well as other back issues. The pressure from the belt wrapping around your torso will help relieve pain.

How Do I Use The Hongjing Decompression Belt?

Clip the hand pump to the air valve located on the belt. Open the brace and put it around your waist. Make sure the straps are aligned and not twisted. Connect the straps with the Velcro stays.

Use the hand pump to pump air into the belt to make it inflate. When the pressure gauge gets to around 2.0 then stop pumping because that is a good amount of air, take off the pump after.

You can wear the belt off and on throughout the day but it is recommended to wear it for up to 60 minutes at a time. This is just to be sure that it is safe for you individually. If you don’t experience any side effects after wearing it for up to 60 minutes then continue to wear it.

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It may take a couple of uses to get used to wearing the belt and inflating it. You can use it for long periods of time if you feel comfortable. Long usage will give your spine and muscles the most relieve.

Don’t take off the belt without releasing the air with the valve key that is included with the belt. Make sure that the belt is fully deflated then loosen the belt. This is so that you can be safe and the belt won’t experience any issues.

I like the extra feature of having a pressure gauge to help you see how much air you are inflating. This is very helpful as you will always know how much air you are pumping to avoid putting too much or less air.

What Are The Features Of The Hongjing Decompression Belt?

  • Transfer the weight off your lower back and spine
  • Decompress spine to natural position
  • Help pinched nerves to lower pain and reduce stress
  • Strengthens the flow of nutrients through your spine
  • Gets your back and core muscles in your torso stronger
  • Stretches muscles in your lower back
  • Easy access pump with gauge

My Thoughts

This belt is a good choice if you are on a budget and looking for quality. There are many decompression belts to choose from and it can be hard to pick which one you want to purchase. Some belts are more expensive but may not have a feature you are looking for. Some may be cheaper and have everything you’re looking for. It depends on your situation and what you want out of the belt. One thing about this belt is that it is designed to do what a decompression belt does and even has a couple extra features.

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