Hailicare Physical Decompression Back Belt Review – Relieve Your Pain NOW!

If you are searching ways to relieve lower back pain then you found the right place. Lower back pain can come from many different issues. Dealing with it can be a hard task and can keep you from doing lots of things in your daily life. Symptoms of lower back pain can include; muscle soreness, muscle strain and sprain, and another can be spinal cord compression.

HailiCare Physical Decompression Back Belt helps when your spine is compressed you experience pain and soreness constantly. Anything from sneezing or taking a deep breath can make you feel the pain in your spine. Other spine issues could be related to accidents that caused trauma, medical conditions that cause deformities, and other issues.

When your spine is so compressed that it affects your daily life then spinal decompression is something that will help. Traditionally, people went to see their doctor so they can decompress their spine.

The doctor would lie you down on a table where they can monitor you as it stretches your spine and muscles. Now there are self-care decompression methods you can use at home such as a decompression belt.

HailiCare Decompression Back Belt Is a good belt to consider when looking to decompress your spinal cord. It is made to relieve pressure on your muscles as well as put pressure on your spine so it won’t feel pain.

Hailicare was formed in 2013 and is a company that focuses on self-care. They started out with skin care products and grew too many different self-care products. They are mainly a beauty company but different products are involved in beauty so they cover lots of areas.

There are many decompression belts on the market but Hailicare is one of the few affordable belts you can find with good quality. The company focuses on innovative technology and used that to create a pain reliever product that will actually get rid of lower back pain when you use it. My back pain has been a problem for me for years now and I set out to find any way to relieve it so I could live my life pain free and when I found out about decompression belts I was instantly interested.

If you take a look at the ratings on Amazon of this product you’ll understand the genuine intent in the creation, it has lots of customer reviews also. This lumbar traction belt is approved by doctors and physiotherapist. It is used for the lower back but can bring positive results to the upper back as well. Some people resort to surgery or popping a lot of pills to relieve their pain but this belt is another option. Nothing wrong with surgery or pain pills but if you don’t like to constantly stay drugged up or if you don’t like to constantly need to go in the doctor’s office then this is a good alternative to that to relieve back pain.

There are lots of ratings and reviews on Amazon to look at and see what customers are saying about this belt. One belt isn’t made for everyone, there are many types of belts to choose from this is why I decided to review decompression belts to let you know about all of the features and benefits, as well as give my opinion. I carefully studied each belt and the Hailicare was one I definitely would recommend.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Hailicare Physical Decompression Back Belt?

Wearing this belt will transfer the weight off your spine so that it can heal and be mobile without feeling pain. The belt will carry the weight thus supporting your spine and relieving it from having to deal with the upper back’s balance.

Your spine will become decompressed upon inflation and will allow the spine to go from being bulged, pinched, or sore to being back in its normal position. A herniated disc sometimes causes a pinched nerve; this belt will help push it back in place.

When a nerve is pinched it can cause lots of pressure, this belt will ease the pain of a pinched nerve and relieve the pressure that it causes.

When a spine is compressed the nutrient flow can be stalled. Decompressing you’re spine with this belt will allow the nutrients to flow more smoothly.

If your back and core muscles are weak they may need time to heal. While moving and doing daily duties your back and spine won’t have the time or strength to heal. Stabilizing your back and spine will allow the relaxation so they can heal.

What Can The Hailicare Decompression Back Belt Be Used For?

This belt gives you relieve to your lower back in as little as 30 min. It gives traction to your lower back as well as support. It can help heal pain from issues such as a pinched nerve.

Used to decompress your spine if it is compressed. When your spine is compressed it can cause the following:

  • Numbness in the area
  • Sharp pain
  • Aches
  • Burning pain
  • Tingling feeling

Decompressing it will allow you to move more freely and get more feeling back. The sharp pains will ease, as well as the aches, burning, and tingling. This is due to your spine and nerves being back in place.

Having a pinched nerve can cause you to feel pain in different ways. You don’t want to leave a pinched nerve untreated because it can get worse. Usually a pinched nerve comes from having a herniated disc. A few symptoms of a pinched nerve are:

When your spine in decompressed you will feel better in that area depending on your back condition. You can use the belt as often as possible to further treat your pain and back issues. It is recommended not to wear the belt for over an hour when you first start wearing it. After you are more comfortable then you can wear it as needed.

How Do I Use The Hailicare Decompression Back Belt?

Stretch the belt out and wrap it around your waist. Not your hips make sure it sits around the lumbar area of your spine. If you are in need of hip and pelvic support than you should get a sacral back brace not a lumbar back brace.

Align the pump with the valve hose using the clip that it comes with. The clip will help it go in easier by holding it in place.

Pump the belt up to the desired amount of air but remember not to over pump it. You’ll know if you over pumped it by the pressure being too tight on your torso. Don’t under pump it either as you want to feel a slight pressure that’s how it works.

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There is a pocket in front of the belt that has a key used to deflate the belt after use. Don’t take the belt off while it is deflated for safety reasons as well as long lasting care for the belt. After inflating, the pump may be taken off while you wear the belt

What Are The Features of the Hailicare Decompression Back Belt?

Easy to use belt that it made to not slip, fall, rise, or lose form. It goes around your lower back area to give comfort and pain relief. This belt is held together by velcro that is strong.

When you are about to pump up the belt you can use a clip that aligns the pump with the inlet hose for the belt so that it goes in easy without struggling. The pump provides easy inflating for those that are in pain and not very mobile.

The pump that it comes with is made to have easy access for those who are in pain. For example, if you have any arthritis related back pain issues it can make it hard for you to reach around and be mobile. The pump is in reach and makes for easy inflating.

My Thoughts

Choosing a decompression belt is not was of you have no idea how they work or which ones are quality. Some belts are very expensive ranging from $100 and up but my intentions were to find the most quality belts at affordable prices. This is so you can make a choice without having to break the bank for your pain relief. This decompression belt works well and is a good choice if you are in this price range.

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