Hailicare Heat Decompression Back Belt Review – What The Medical Experts Say…

When looking to heal the pain in your back you should have an open mind. A lot of people who are in pain tend to deal with it and never take any action to relieve it other than popping pain pills religiously. Although pain pills can work, your body can get used to them and not get as much relieve as before.

Some back pain can be related to spinal cord issues. When you have spine problems such as scoliosis, degenerative disc, spinal stenosis, or spinal compression it can be painful to do your daily activities. Getting out of the bed can be a painful experience as well as walking, sitting, bending, and twisting.

Hailicare Heat Decompression Back Belt can help with these types of problems. It can hold your torso together so that it’s building disc, pinched nerve, compressed spine, or other spine issues can heal and go back to normal.

Decompression Belts are good for doing all these types of healings. When inflated it will push your muscles up and stretch your spinal cord to its normal position. Unlike other decompression belts this one comes with a heating pad.

Hailicare started in 2013 with a primary focus on self-care. First it was skin care products and then they grew to other self-care products. They are mainly a beauty company that ventures out to other health products that are involved in beauty.

As you probably know, there are lots of decompression belts on the market. Hailicare provides a good quality belt and a pain relieving experience. They focus on giving their customers what they need and they have good reviews on their products. I like when I see a company that is devoted to the people. When I am in pain all I can think about is getting some relieve so it’s good to have something that can do that instantly.

This belt can be a replacement for lots of doctors’ visits. Some people don’t realize that there are products out there on the market that will heal and alleviate pain at an instant. They only rely on going back and forth to the doctor and waiting long moments to be seen.

There’s nothing wrong with going to the doctor but if you can get relieve right at home then that sounds like a better option to me. Also, the doctor may proscribe pain pills which can be pricy and detrimental if you have things to do as they can make you really drowsy. I took pain pills not too long ago for my lower back pain and slept all day, missed out on things I needed to get done. You can wear a back brace and still do daily activities.

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What Are The Benefits Of Hailicare Heat Decompression Back Belt?

One benefit of wearing this belt is that it will transfer the weight off of your spine. Your spine may need to heal and may be very sore from daily movements, the belt will put pressure on it and make it feel invisible sort to speak. This belt will also help to balance your upper backs weight.

If your spine is compressed the using this belt will decompress it. It will stretch it slightly so that it can be just like normal again. A decompressed spine can cause you to feel numb in places of your back, sore, as well as feel pain when you do certain motions.

If you are suffering from a painful pinched nerve in your spine it can come from having a herniated disc. This belt can hold your torso together which will eventually move your disc back in place, this will heal your pinched nerve also.

When a spine is compressed the nutrient flow can be stalled. Decompressing you’re spine with this belt will allow the nutrients to flow more smoothly.

The heating pad in this decompression belt will sooth your aching muscles and allow them to heal much faster. When heat is applied to sore muscles the heat makes them looser and at ease. Instead of being tense and tight they will relax and heal. The decompression from this belt will also allow nutrients to flow through your spine more freely by expanding it so that the flow isn’t clogged up.

What Can Hailicare Back Belt Be Used For?

This belt can be used to take away pain in your lower back. Aside from decompressing your compressed spine, there are a variety of back pain issues that can be relieved by wearing this back brace.

  • Lower back pain
  • Spinal discs
  • Pinched nerves
  • Herniated disc
  • Scoliosis
  • Posture
  • Blood circulation
  • Numbness in the area
  • Sharp pain
  • Aches
  • Burning pain
  • Tingling feeling

As you can see this belt is not limited to just one back issue. Having this belt is like having a mini chiropractor at home. You won’t be disappointed by the results you receive when wearing this belt normally.

If you have been experiencing back pain for a long time then it’s time to do something about it because the longer you avoid it the worse your condition can get. Popping pills is a good way to get instant pain relieves but it isn’t doing anything to heal the issue. This decompression belt can actually help you heal along with soothing you at the same time.

When your spine in decompressed you will feel better in that area depending on your back condition. You can use the belt as often as possible to further treat your pain and back issues. It is recommended not to wear the belt for over an hour when you first start wearing it. After you are more comfortable then you can wear it as needed.

If you can heal the issue then you can get back to doing your daily activities pain free. The heating pad that is inside this belt will give you much relieve after a long day. The decompression pump is handy for easy access to inflate the belt and decompress your spine so that you can feel much better.

How Do I Use Hailicare Back Belt?

Stretch the belt so that it is not twisted. Wrap it around your waist; don’t wrap it around your hips. This is a lumbar belt meaning that it is made to treat the lumbar area of your spine and not the sacral area. The lumbar area is the part of your lower spine that curves inward. The sacral area is the part of your spine located right above the tailbone. If you are in need of a brace that helps your hips and pelvic area then a sacral belt is what you need.

Make sure that the pump is aligned with the valve hose when pumping. There will be a clip to hold it in place. After pumping you can remove the pump the air won’t leave on its own.

Pump the belt up to the desired amount of air but remember not to over pump it. You’ll know if you over pumped it by the pressure being too tight on your torso. Don’t under pump it either as you want to feel a slight pressure that’s how it works.

Pump the belt to desired amount of air. Do not put too much air as the belt will get too tight and may cause muscle issues. If you feel too much pressure from the belt then you have too much air or your muscles may need to get used to the belt from being too sore.

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To heat the belt you plug the cord into an USB power supply and turn on the power switch located at the top of the grey box. From what the reviews say it works quite well and gets to a good bearable temperature that will help you heal.

What Are The Features Of Hailicare Back Belt?

3 in 1 upgraded back support belt that provides heat, traction, and decompression. All of these features are means of therapy and will ease your pain.

Can be used to stretch, relieve, and loosen muscles that are stubborn and in need of pain relief. This is good for activities, while resting, walking, sitting, driving, gardening, lifting, lying down, gardening, and more.

The pump that it comes with is made to have easy access for those who are in pain. For example, if you have any arthritis related back pain issues it can make it hard for you to reach around and be mobile. The pump is in reach and makes for easy inflating.

This belt is a perfect gift for family and friends. The box that it comes with is good for storage and is easy to open.

My Thoughts

I never thought I would experience a back brace or belt that can act as a lumbar support system belt, turn into an inflated spine decompressor, and act as a heating pad at the same time. The makers of this belt went all out when they made this. It is at a good budgeted process so don’t expect everything to be perfect but it will get the job done and last for a long time.

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