Goldmille Heated Decompression Back Belt Review – 3 Features You Must See

A decompression back brace is a good way to get your spine back in its normal position. It will ease your back pain in many ways. You can use a decompression back brace any time you want and get on with your day.

Dealing with lower back pain can be a tough experience. One thing that it did for me is make me respect my body more. I used to neglect the pain I was going through and never do anything right away to relieve it. Honestly the only thing I ever did was pop pain pills which only temporarily eased the pain. Goldmille Heated Decompression Back Belt is a good pain reliever that will do more than a pain pill can do.

Now I know it is better to try and heal the pain than to get temporary satisfaction and comfort. Wearing a back belt can actually help you to heal your pain and do your daily routine. Going through pain all the time kept me from doing the things that I wanted to do. I would want to do them in my mind but my body though otherwise.

Goldmille company has a few other products on their Amazon sales page. They don’t have many but their products aim to give people self-care. They haven’t been on the market for long but their products are good enough to stand next to the more well-known brand names of decompression belts.

I believe that decompression belts are a new thing on the market compared to some other self-care back related products that are out there. I hadn’t heard of a decompression belt until I started doing research online about how to treat lower back pain. When I found out about these belts I was very into them.

If you are looking for good results that will leave you feeling good about yourself then you can count on this decompression belt. It will take away the pain right when you put it on. That’s how quick these belts work; the company who made this belt wasn’t playing around. It comes down to a science that they know well. When in pain you should do something about it fast especially if you have a job where you do labor.

Preserving your body for the long run requires lots of therapy and self-care because the world can be a very tough place on our bodies. We have to do daily things just to survive and if you work in a warehouse, construction, office sitting in a chair for hours or just have back pain conditions, then you can’t afford not to treat or prevent pain. When I started to take my lower back pain serious then I started to invest in things that will help me and it was a great move.

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What Are The Benefits Of Goldmille Heated Decompression Back Belt?

You can bypass pain when wearing this belt. You won’t have to constantly make doctor appointments when in lower back pain. You won’t have to constantly pop pills to relieve chronic pain in your lower back. All you have to do is put the belt on and feel the instant pain relieve.
It helps with a number of back pains from medical to injuries. One condition that it helps with is sciatica. Sciatica is a nerve issue that can transfer from the lower back, hips, to the legs. The belt grips your torso to give comfort and pressure to your nerves which will relieve your back and other areas of the pain.

You can heal a herniated disc with this belt. This type of condition happens when a disc in your spine gets out of place. It can cause a pinched nerve also by the disc pressing against a nerve in your spinal cord. This can be a painful situation but the belt can heal it by giving your torso pressure. The pressure will hold the disc back into its normal position and release the pressure that the disc put on the pinched nerve.

Wearing this belt can help with posture correction. Posture correction is usually needed when you have spinal cord problems such as scoliosis. Other forms of arthritis can affect you posture also; this is something that I deal with a lot being that I am diagnosed with sacroiliitis. The belt will hold you lower back section up give it support, this will allow you to balance yourself better.

It will give your spine a traction and lumbar support whenever you need it. Just put it on and feel like you have a mini chiropractor helping you out. That’s one good thing about owning one of these belts is that you may not have to go to the doctor every time you feel pain in your back, or you may not have to pop pills every time you feel pain you can just put this belt on and feel at ease.

Your back and spinal cord needs support when it is going through pain. This is from a few reasons;

Muscles being achy and tender to the touch. The heating pad on this belt can sooth your muscles and allow them to heal faster.

Your spine being compressed and in need of decompression. When your spine is compressed you can feel lower back pain, aches, and numbness in certain areas.

When you have a back related medical condition or injury, your back and spine need support while your body heals. If it doesn’t have the support the spine and muscles may be in too much pain for you to even be active throughout the day.

The heating pad can ease muscles and allow you to relax. This belt can also be used as a sports back brace. This means that you can wear it while it is deflated and get relieve while you do daily duties. If you want spinal cord decompression then you will have to inflate the belt using a small pump that it comes with.

What Can Goldmille Decompression Back Belt Be Used For?

You can get relieve at home instead of making an appointment with the nearest chiropractor. This belt will cater to your back and spine when inflated. It will put pressure on your back muscles and rise vertically. This will cause your spine to stretch from the traction of the belt, therefor decompressing your spine.

This belt can alleviate pain as well as prevent back pain. It can help with a number of back related medical conditions, injuries, and deformities. This belt is designed to give you instant therapy from where ever you are. Put on the belt and fell the pain go away.

While this belt is deflated, you can use it as a sports back brace. This helps you while you are feeling back pain. You can do things like exercise, walk, sit on the computer long periods, lift heavy objects, and more. It isn’t just a decompression belt it is a natural back brace also.

You can better your blood circulation with this belt also. More nutrients will flow through your spine when you decompress your spinal cord. The belt will open the flow up more so that it isn’t compressed.

The heating pad feature is an extra pain reliever giving you 3 features in 1 belt. The heating pad, spinal traction, and lumbar support. This is extra helpful as you can get the most out of your decompression belt and have a long lasting experience.

How Do I Use Goldmille Decompression Back Belt?

Strap up the belt using the velcro straps and make sure that the belt is secure. Also, before putting the belt on make sure that it is deflated.

Once the belt is on make sure that it is tight enough. If it is loose then you may need to tighten it with the velcro straps. Make sure that it isn’t too tight as well because it can be a health risk.

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You will feel a slight pressure around your torso so that’s normal. That lets you know it’s on correct and you will feel an instant pain relief.

What Are The Features Of Goldmille Decompression Back Belt?

The heating pad has 3 heating settings; high, medium, and low. It also comes with a timer that has the following timing; 10, 20, and 30 minutes.

Provides physical decompression and helps with conditions such as; sciatica, scoliosis, herniated disc, sore muscles, and more.

Stretch and support the lumbar area of your spine. This belt sits under your rib cage which will give you the support you need to be stable. It lifts the torso gently while pushing down on the hip bone while it is inflating. This stretches the painful area and takes stress away from the nerve and disc.

Push up support with directed traction. This is when the belt inflates to help decompress your spine. It also gives your back muscles a therapy session by gripping your torso so that they are relieved.

The heating pad is made from carbon fiber which will keep you safe while it heats up for long periods of time. The material is made from quality fabrics that will last for a long time.

My Thoughts

This belt is a dream come true for anyone who is searching for pain relieve by using a decompression back belt. It provides a lot of comfort and therapy that you can use at any time. This is a good belt to have at home and use instead of taking lots of pills or going back and forth to the doctor only to get proscribed more pills. This is a good belt to consider when looking for self-care for your back and spine.

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