Ginekoo Decompression Back Belt Review – Less Expensive Self-Care

Looking for a decompression belt? I thought so; you may be experiencing back pain that has you looking for relief. I know how you feel I am a person who goes through lots of back pain. Trying to find the right self-care product for you can be a task. You have to find out which one is legit and which ones are not.

Ginekoo decompression Back belt can relieve lots of back pain issues such as sciatica, scoliosis, degenerative disc, and spinal compression. There are more back issues as well I’ll get into more details about in a second. The main key in using a decompression belt is to be able to do your daily activities without feeling pain.

Ginekoo is a company that makes self-care products. I couldn’t find much on a Google search about the company but they seem to have their store on Amazon and seem to only make braces. They have knee braces, hand braces, and of course back braces. Their reviews are legit and people seem to be satisfied with their products.

With all the decompression belts online it can be a tough decision on which one to choose. This is the main reason I decided to review all of the top belts that are budget friendly but deliver good quality. Knowing a lot about the belt that you are speculating will help you learn why you need or don’t need it. When I purchased products in the past for my back pain I didn’t read any reviews I just chose it and added it to the cart on Amazon. Now I know that I should have did more homework on the product because it turned out that it wasn’t what I wanted or needed.

This belt can alleviate pain and act as a temporary chiropractor. Every time your back is in pain it can be painful to travel back and forth to the doctor. The hospital requires you to wait in the waiting room for long periods of time while you are hurting. Also, they may proscribe you pills for your pain that you have to constantly take when you are feeling pain, it can only temporarily relieve pain put not heal pain. This back belt can alleviate your pain on demand and can heal.

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What Are The Benefits Of Ginekoo Decompression Back Belt?

When you wear this belt it can give you lower back traction. It will transfer the weight of your spinal cord to your upper back. Doing this will keep your lower back from experiencing pain. As soon as you put the belt on you will feel instant pain.

Decompressing your spine will help it to feel more comfortable. When the belt is inflating it will rise vertically and lift your muscles and also stretch your spine to its normal position. The pressure from the belt will help restore the disc to its normal place which can relieve a pinched nerve.

Having a pinched nerve is no fun. A pinched nerve can come from having a herniated disc. When you have a herniated disc it can bulge out and move a nerve out of its place slightly giving it what is called a pinch. This can be healed with the belt by it gripping your torso tightly and moving the herniated disc back in its place, therefore releasing the pressure that the disc was putting on the nerve.

When you decompress your spine it allows for nutrients to flow more easily. When your spine is compressed it can block nutrients.

You won’t have to take lots of pills to not feel pain. When in pain it can be normal to reach for your pain pills when in pain but over time you can gain a high tolerance for the pills and not feel as much relieve when taking them. Also, if you work a job that requires you to be active and alert the pills can make you drowsy. Using a belt is a perfect alternative when it comes to back pain.

What Can Ginekoo Back Belt Be Used For?

You can lower back pain using this belt. The pain in your back can stimulate from different types of body issues such as aching, aching can make your back feel pain when you move. Soreness is also an issue that can make your back tender to the touch. Strains or sprains can leave you feeling immobilized by not wanting to move certain positions. There are a number of problems that this belt can help with.

You can heal back issues that are spine related by wearing this belt. A pinched nerve that is located in your spinal cord can be healed. A herniated disc can be healed as well by applying pressure to the area.

Scoliosis is another issue that this belt can help with. It will help to better your posture and alleviate uncomfortable positions.

You can improve your blood circulation as well as get more nutrients flowing through your spinal cord. This is important when trying to heal and keep your spine along with your muscles strong as possible.

Aches, burning pains, tingling feelings, and numbness in areas are all symptoms of having a compressed spine. By decompressing your spine you can get rid of all of these symptoms and feel much better. Along with decompressing your spine your muscles will get a soothing and relieving feel as well.

This belt is made to help with a variety of back issues. You also can use this belt as a sports back brace when doing heavy lifting, sitting at a computer for long periods, doing daily activities such as gardening, playing with children, or even getting in and out of bed. Giving yourself therapy is important for you if you normally suffer from back pain.

How Do I Use Ginekoo Decompression Back Belt?

Stretch the belt out and make sure that it is not twisted. Holding both ends wrap it around your waist but make sure it isn’t wrapped around your hips. A hip belt would be needed for that, the hip area belt is called a sacral belt. It is for the sacral area of your spine which is located right above your tailbone. The Ginekoo back belt is a lumbar belt designed to cater to the lumbar area of your spine which is the inward curve of your spine located in the middle lower part of your back.

When you want to inflate the belt make sure that the pump is aligned with the valve hose by attaching the clip that comes with it. When you are done pumping you can remove the pump without the air escaping and leaving the belt on its own.

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Make sure the pump and valve hose is lined up. Inflate the belt using the pump but not too much to where it is too tight. If you are sore or in pain you can hurt yourself if the belt is too tight but normally it will feel uncomfortable at first but you will get used to it. Get it to a position where you can feel a slight pressure.

Don’t take the belt off without first deflating the belt. This is a safety precaution and will keep the belt in good condition avoiding any problems or issues. Also, make sure the belt is deflated before you put it back on.

What Are The Features Of Ginekoo Back Belt?

This belt gives clinical traction that will give you the result of going to see a chiropractor to get your spine decompressed. You will save time and painful trips by using this belt in the comfort of your own home.

Your muscles can be relieved of the tense and tight feeling by them getting more loose and mobile. You can do daily activities better such as walking, playing with children, getting out of or into bed, gardening, bending, twisting, and lifting. You will avoid pain by wearing this belt while you do these activities.

You have easy access to the pump which will help while you are in pain. You can easily reach and grab the pump and start to inflate the belt. This helps for those who are experiencing pain form issues such as sciatica, arthritis, back pain and more.

My Thoughts

This belt is easy to use and will give you the relieve that you are looking for. You will feel the difference as soon as you use it. If you ever worn a cheaper type belt out of places like Walmart or somewhere else then as soon as you put this belt on you will feel the difference in quality and comfort.

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