EverTone Decompression Back Belt Review – Quality On A Budget!

I know how it is to search the internet for some type of lower back pain relief. It can be an overwhelming thing to do being that there are 1,000’s of products to sort through and choose from. You may not even know which ones are legit and which ones are reliable. This is why I have done the sorting for you and came with my review on something that can help you.

EverTone Decompression Back Belt can relieve lots of back pain issues such as sciatica, scoliosis, degenerative disc, and spinal compression. There are more back issues as well I’ll get into more details about in a second. The main key in using a decompression belt is to be able to do your daily activities without feeling pain.

Wearing a decompression belt may be a new thing for you if you have never tried to treat your back problems. I understand how that can be as I went years without treating my medical back problem. I just dealt with the pain and took pills when it got too excruciating. I eventually had enough and started to find relief and a decompression belt is one of them.

EverTone Decompression Back Belt is one of the few good belts that can really get the job done. The goal is to give your spine a little stretch so that it can be back in its normal position and not be crunched together. Also, the belt can be used to sooth lower back pain as well as support your spine.

EverTone is a company that makes self-care products. There isn’t too much about them online but every product they have has lots of positive reviews. This is why I chose to review their product because I believe that if you are looking to purchase this belt then I can help you understand it more.

There are many decompression belts on the market and it can be a tough choice to make when picking one. Knowing everything about it before you buy will take away certain suspicions you may have and make it easier to make your choice. I have bought products before and wish that I had read a review about it before I bought it because I would ace known that it wasn’t the right product for me, this review hopefully should help you not make that mistake that I made…

Using this belt can be like having a little chiropractor at home. It can eliminate the back and forth visits to the doctor, the long waits, the traveling to the hospital, and also those pill popping days. I know how it is because when I’m in pain I like to grab the first thing I see that can relieve the pain. What made me start to look for alternatives to pills is when the pills started to become normal and not give me the same relief. Also, I had to work and I couldn’t be drowsy all the time.

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What Are The Benefits Of EverTone Decompression Back Belt?

This device has lower back traction that will transfer your spine’s weight to your upper back. This will help resource your lower back of the pressure that keeps you in pain. You will feel the difference instantly as soon as you put the belt on.

It will help your spine feel better by decompression. When inflating the belt it will inflate vertically to lift your muscles and stretch your spine to its normal position. It will restore the disc to its normal position and can relieve a pinched nerve.

A pinched nerve can come from a herniated disc. Holding the disc together and putting it back in place can release the pressure it put on your nerve. This is how the healing process takes place by wearing the belt.

Nutrients will flow more smoothly when your spine is decompressed. The flow of nutrients can become clogged when your spine is compressed.

You won’t have to pop lots of pills to relieve pain. Taking too many pills can have you become immune to the pills and you may still feel pain after taking them. Also, taking pills does not heal the pain it only gives you temporary numbness to the pain. A decompression belt can actually help to heal your back issue.

What Can EverTone Decompression Back Belt Be Used For?

Wearing this belt can lower back pain. When you are feeling pain in your back it can come from aching muscles, strains, or sprains, amongst other things. Sometimes it can even come from sleeping.

Your spinal disc can be healed by wearing this belt. If you have a pinched nerve it can be healed also. A herniated disc is what can cause a pinched nerve. Wearing this belt will help to get the disc back in its normal position.

This belt also helps with scoliosis. It will help to restore your posture. Having bad posture can form from having back and spine deformities such as scoliosis.

Another thing this belt helps with is blood circulation. You can get you blood flowing better by loosening up yourself and allowing blood to past through. You also can get more nutrients to flow through your spinal cord with decompression.

When your spinal cord is compressed you can feel numbness in the area as well as sharp pain. This can bring aches, burning pain, and a tingling feeling.

From everything stated you’ll see that you can alleviate a variety of different back pain by using this belt. If you do nothing about it then you can be in worse condition or in worse cases your doctor may recommend surgery. You can prevent this when the pain is early on by giving yourself therapy.

How Do I Use EverTone Decompression Back Belt?

Make sure the belt is not twisted then wrap it around your waist. Make sure it isn’t around your hips because if you need hip or pelvic healing then that would mean you need a sacral brace. A sacral Brace is for the sacral area of your spine which is just above the tailbone. This decompression belt is a lumbar belt made for the lumbar area of your spine. The lumbar area is the part of your spine that curves inward in the middle lower part of your back.

Align the pump with the valve hose and clip it together. Then start to inflate the belt using the pump. Don’t inflate it too much because it can be hard on your muscles especially if you are in pain. Get it just right for you but remember you want to feel some pressure.

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Pump the belt up to the desired amount of air but remember not to over pump it. You’ll know if you over pumped it by the pressure being too tight on your torso. Don’t under pump it either as you want to feel a slight pressure that’s how it works. Get the belt inflated to the desired amount of air.

What Are The Features Of EverTone Decompression Back Belt?

Back support that provides clinical traction. You’ll get the same effect of going to see a chiropractor for spine decompression. It will decompress your compressed spine and you’ll feel better.

Stretch your muscles to relive tightness, and tense feeling, loosen muscles to get your body more mobile. Your daily activities such as walking, lifting, bending, and twisting can be performed better and without going through all the pain.

Easy access to the pump that it comes with. You can reach it easy if you are in pain from issues such as arthritis, sciatica, back pain, and more. This will make using the decompression belt easy and relaxing.

My Thoughts

Easy to use belt with all of the features as some of the more popular ones. This belt has good quality and sits right next to belts that are higher priced. The creation of this belt was designed after more popular belts like Dr. Ho’s decompression belt and is an updated version that does its job.

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