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Are you experiencing back problems? You obviously are being that you’re searching for solutions that will relieve your pain. Back problems are common especially lower back pain. Sometimes it can come from soreness, muscle strain or sprain, or it can come from more severe issues. The severe issues can be very painful, it even can stem from your spinal cord. Dr. Ho’s 2 In 1 Decompression Belt can help with these issues.

Your spinal cord can become compressed which will leave you feeling stiff, sore, and in pain when your body moves to certain positions. There are many people who are experiencing back pain right now and go on with their lives trying to adjust to it. You don’t have to live with it you can do something about it.

Consider purchasing a decompression belt. A decompression belt will help your back heal and decompress your spine so that it feels better. There are many on the market and the reviews on Amazon show that they work wonders.

A decompression belt is a great choice when choosing a belt for your pain. It is a trusted brand that makes quality products that help. This belt is made to cater to your needs while in pain and has many good features.

Dr. Ho whose real name is Dr. Michael Ho. He is actually a real doctor that specializes in chiropractic and acupuncture practices. From what he has learned over the years in his career he has created many self-care products that help relieve pain and restore good health.

I like the story behind his passion for helping people and it is greatly appreciated to have people in this world who actually take time to use their expertise to help others who are in pain. I am a person who actually needs his products especially this decompression belt. My lower back issues have been a problem in my life for over 10 years. It has kept me from experiencing lots of things that I wish I could have. Now I know longer have to sit in pain and take many pills for my pain to go away.

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What Are The Benefits Of Dr. Ho’s 2 In 1 Decompression Belt?

Dr. Ho’s decompression back belt is designed for lower back pain relief and lumbar support. This means that if you are feeling pain in your lower back this belt may heal your pain due to which back issue you are having. This belt focuses on the lumbar area of your spine meaning the area of your lower back that curves inward.

It heals pain by inflating air into the belt through a small pump. When the air gets into the belt and it is inflated it comforts your torso area’s muscles as well as decompresses your spinal cord.

It comes with a handy pump that is easy to reach and use for people who are in pain and can barely stretch their body around. The pump is what will release air into the belt and it acts as a tube around your body. The belt will inflate vertically to cushion the surrounding areas and expand your spinal cord.

You can get the same treatment as using an invert table at the doctor’s office. Instead of going through the appointments and traveling to your doctor to lie on a table upside down while your body stretches you can just use this belt. It works just the same and is good for those with busy lives because you can use it on the go.

What Can Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt Be Used For?

This belt is used to stretch and decompress your spine. Your spine can become compressed due to back related issues such as arthritis, a ruptured disc, or injuries around the spine that lead to swelling.

In these cases you’ll need to stretch your spine so that it will go back to its normal position. Keeping it compressed will only further your pain and in these types of ways:

  • Pain in your back or nerves
  • Muscular weakness
  • Overactive reflexes
  • Weakness of lower areas in back
  • Hard to balance yourself

All of the above symptoms are related to spinal compression. If you work in a fast paced environment then this could affect your productivity as well as your mobility. Depending on the area of your spinal compression it could cause numbness and reduced sensitivity to touch as well.

Not only can this back brace be used to decompress your spine it also can be used as a sports brace. It can be used to heal or prevent lower back pain in the lumbar area of your spine. It does so by applying pressure to your torso which will relieve tension and give support to your spine.

Your spine may need support while in pain to hold your body weight while functioning. Wearing this belt as a lower back brace can allow you to be mobile and do your daily activities without cautiously trying to avoid painful movements.

This belt also is good for posture correction. When you are experiencing pain from certain spine related issues you can sometimes form bad posture. Other spine related issues such as scoliosis can make you naturally have poor posture therefor needing a brace to hold your spine in the right position.

How Do I Use Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt?

First off, this device comes with informative instructions plus a DVD that will walk you through actually how to use it. I will give a brief overview here so that you will know what to expect.

Just like a regular lumbar back brace you will need to open the brace and make sure the straps are aligned so that it doesn’t twist.

After that you’ll wrap it around your waist and fasten the straps. They are fastened by Velcro and are made to not come loose unless you physically want to loosen it, otherwise it will hold its grip pretty good.

Then to start the spinal decompression process all you will have to do is plug in the pump to your belt then start to pump. The pump comes with the belt and is easy to use, also it has easy access for those who are in pain and not very mobile.

As you inflate the belt from pumping you’ll notice the belt fluffing up and rising upward. This is how your spine will decompress as the belt will grip your torso and pull your muscles upward with it allowing your spine to stretch upward also.


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One thing that I like about the belt is that it will make you stand taller and become leaner looking. You can use it while sitting, walking, running, or driving, or doing athletic activities. If you have certain back issues where your muscles are too tender and weak then you shouldn’t use this belt as the decompression may be too much discomfort.

What Are The Features Of Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt?

  • Comes with a one year warranty: Only when you purchase directly from the official Dr. Ho’s Amazon account.
  • Lower back joints and spinal disc will be decompressed. Your body weight in your lower back will be relieved by it lifting the upper weight.
  • Improves posture and it made to stabilize your lower back area.
  • Relieved stiffness and stretches tight muscles in the lumbar area
  • Goes into detail about the sizes on Amazon web page. Many sizes to fit all for a custom fit.

My Thoughts

I like the Dr. Ho brand as it is a trusted company that produces lots of quality material. There are decompression belts that are higher end that cost more but Dr. Ho does a good job of keeping his products affordable and of good quality. In my opinion the decompression belt is good for home therapy but it’s up to you to practice healthy living and learn as much as you can about healing your painful issues. All in all if you are looking to purchase a decompression belt then this is a go to.

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