The 10 Best Decompression Back Braces for Back Pain of 2020

Having back pain is something that can change your daily life. While in pain it can be hard to do normal things such as get out of bed, clean, lift objects, go to work, or play with your children. This is when decompression back braces play a big part in relieving the pain. Wearing one will allow you to do all these things without going through the pain.

When in pain you may need to treat your back pain and a good way to do that is with spinal decompression. The way it works is by stretching the lumbar area of your spine. This gives your midsection support and stabilizes the lower back.

Giving your midsection extra support will reduce the strain on your back and allow your lower back to feel more at ease. Also, wearing this brace will center your body’s mass and make you more balanced as well as give you better posture.

Things To Know About Decompression Back Braces

In the case of a herniated disc for example, an injury that is mostly caused by too much strain and trauma to the spine, you will need something to cushion and protect the tissue that is in between the vertebrae.

The more strength you have in your core the more you will avoid these types of injuries. The decompression back brace acts as the extra strength your core needs, this will allow you to be mobile without pain while you heal.

Your spine can heal from pain naturally but without the aid of a brace, heating pad, cooling pad, and/or other helpful healing treatments it will be a painful process depending on how severe the condition.

You can use lots of methods but a back brace is highly recommended for those that are in pain. In this article my goal is to give you the best decompression belt that I’ve found online after researching and reviewing many choices. There are lots of issues that can be helped by using a spinal decompression belt.

10 Best Decompression Belts For Back Pain

These decompression belts are in order of the highest customer ratings at the time of writing this review.

1. Hailicare Physical Decompression Back Belt

This belt is all about lumbar traction (LT). Lumbar traction is a type of action that actually can reduce a pinched nerve when having lumbar disc trouble. Being that this belt focuses on the lower back lumbar area of your spine, it works wonders for specific issues with your back. Read full review

It is a decompression belt that is all about stretching your spinal cord to not be clunked together. Also, it helps to sooth your muscles so that you are not as sore.

You can use this decompression belt for a lot of your daily activities such as driving, exercising, gardening, cleaning, and just about anything you can think of that makes you feel pain.

It is easy to put on and take off and doesn’t have any complications with it. It comes with detailed instructions on how to use it to get the best results and is easy to take care of.

The Hailcare decompression belt is made of fine materials so that you will have this belt for a long period of time. You will get everything you wanted out of a belt for back pain and more.

Deflation and inflation is made very simple and it comes with handy helping accessories that you can use without struggle. Being in pain will sometimes have you immobilized so the makers of this back belt had that in mind when creating it.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 832
Rating Score: 3.9 out of 5 stars

2. Hongjing Spine Decompression Belt

This belt is inflatable for lower back pain relief. The HongJing waist traction belt comes with a pressure gauge to show how much pressure is being pressed onto your body. The belt uses lumbar traction. This is a technique that doctors approve of and is a good way to avoid having to get back surgery. Read full review

The belt is made for upper and lower back pain. It has the ability to transfer the weight of your spine so that your muscles can relax. There are other qualities about this back brace that will help you such as quick pain relief and posture correcting. You can customize the lumbar pressure so that you can get the most relief possible.

This back brace helps with pain for issuers such as sciatica nerve pain, arthritis, and other back pains that cause discomfort. You can use to belt long as you like and wear it for long periods of time depending on how much pain you’re in.

It has a small heated pack built in it for heated comfort. It is powered with a small rechargeable pack that is built in the front behind the logo of the belt. It also comes with a storage bag that you can put your decompression belt into for traveling or just to keep safe.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Rating: 187
Rating Score: 3.9 out of 5 stars

3. Dr Hos 2 in 1 Decompression Belt

This decompression belt is made to relieve you of your lower back pain. It is designed to help with severe back problems such as herniated disc, or bulging disc. When having back problems it can be hard to be mobile, this belt will help you be more active. Read full review

It comes with a handy easy to use pump that allows you to inflate the belt to your comfort. This will take the ache off of your back and comfort your spine. It also can be used deflated to give your spine support while you do your daily activities.

Dr Ho’s back belt comes with a DVD that guides you on how to use it. It will instruct you on all of the ways you can get relief from wearing this back belt.

Back pain can come from a number of different issues in our daily life. It is good to get informed on the variety of ways you can take away the pain by wearing this back belt.

Some other issues that this back belt can help with is degenerative discs, scoliosis, and related leg pain. Not only can you relieve pain in your lower back you can also relieve pain in your upper back as well. It comes in a variety of sizes for different body types. Look at the chart or the video to see what size is best for you.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer  Rating: 132 
Rating Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

4. HailiCare Lumbar Support Decompression Relief Belt

This back belt is like the Hailicare decompression back belt but only this one comes with a heating device built inside. This is great if you are a long time sufferer of lower back pain, if you are in severe pain with no time to go to the hospital, or if you are in desperate need of physical therapy. You can get the benefits and relief right at home without having to leave your comfort. Read full review

The heating pad is very comfortable and will soothe your back and relieve you of tension. When in pain you can become stiff, wearing this belt will definitely loosen you up more.

After you will feel a big difference. Even without the heating device you will feel great while wearing this back brace but with the heating device on you can get double the results.

This is a 3 in 1 belt that provides clinical grade traction, decompression therapy, and heat therapy. This belt will help with blood circulation by heating up the area that you need attention to. It will also reduce the pressure that you may feel on your waist. It will relieve lower back pain and allow you to be mobile without feeling stiff, sore, or sharp pain.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 117
Rating Score: 4 out of 5 stars

5. Leamai Decompression Back Belt

This back belt is a good way to kill pain in your lower back. It comes in four colors and has all the handy accessories that other decompression belts have.

One good thing about this back belt is that it has air holes through the belt so that air can get through without your torso area becoming moist. This will help to avoid any irritation with your skin or damage to your clothing. Read full review

The straps are fully adjustable and fit to your comfort. When wearing this belt you will instantly feel the quality as opposed to some other lower quality belts. It helps with back pain from issues like sciatica, muscular ache, lumbar herniation, and more.

These issues can be the reason why you are not living your regular life and are feeling down and out at times. When you are feeling like that it is good to do something about it and give yourself the care that you deserve.

The Leamai comes with a pump to inflate the belt which will give your spine the treatment it needs. It will help your lumbar curvature and restore posture. Certain back pain can change the way your torso is positioned, which will make your posture less stable. Wearing this bent can help your spine to heal and hold your body weight.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 107
Rating Score: 3.7 out of 5 stars

6. Swaker Physio Decompression Back Belt

This belt is not a regular support. When it is inflated it increases height by 4 inches. The Swaker decompression belt is endorsed by medical professionals across the world.

There are many qualities about this back brace. This is proven to relief pain from sciatica, lumbar disc, muscular weakness, scoliosis, and other back pain issues. Read full review

A way that this belt can relief pain from your lower back is it raises your upper body and takes some of the weight off your lower back to allow your muscles to relax.

It will straighten out the right muscles in your back and eliminate pressure. This is done by putting decompression on your disc, which will ease the pain. When the spine is decompressed your disc will take on its normal way of being.

This belt will give you spinal air traction that will ease your spine and give it comfort. It’s good to wear this belt for 30-60 min at a time to get the most relief. You can wear this back brace while doing daily activities such as walking, gardening, sitting at the computer for long periods of time.

It’s suitable for all ages and it will fit waist sizes 29 to 49. You can wear it anytime and anywhere just don’t let it get into water. This back belt will help alleviate pain and help you relax while getting things done.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 75
Rating Score: 4.1 out of 5 stars

7. EverTone Decompression Back Belt

This belt is made to transfer the weight of your spine, decompress your spine and restore the disc to normal. When your spine is in pain from back issues sometimes it can be compressed together.

The bones that make up your spinal cord can be so close together that it is making your back uncomfortable. This belt will decompress the bones so that they are back at their natural place. Read full review

Pinched nerves are another issue that this belt helps with. It will reduce the pain and stress from having a pinched nerve. They can be painful, it takes a belt like this to put pressure on the pinched nerve and relieve that pain and discomfort. The thing that causes a pinched nerve can also be alleviated by wearing the EverTone Decompression Belt.

You can avoid taking pills by wearing this back brace instead. It will help you to not need to take pain pills all the time. Some people that are in pain don’t want to take pain pills.

It may be due to work, driving, or not wanting to feel drowsy. Instead of having to pop open the pill bottle you can put this decompression belt on and instant feel relief.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 73
Rating Score: 3.8 out of 5 stars

8. Ginekoo Physical Decompression Back Belt

This belt is perfect for those who want a quality decompression back belt at a discounted price. It works just like other quality back belts and has all of the features. It’s made from good material that won’t fade, lose shape, or lose form. You’ll have this belt for a long time to come. It will help you spend your days without pain in your lower back. Read full review

It comes in two colors to choose from, beige or white. Your lumbar vertebrae can become very compressed after going through lots of wear and tear on your back. Bad sleeping form, too much sitting in front of the computer, bad posture, and all these things can cause your spine to be compressed.

When your spine is compressed it can make you not stand at your tallest height. After putting this back belt on and inflating it you will feel the relief of pain and the refreshing feeling of your spine gradually getting better.

It’s like when you don’t stretch your limbs for a long time they can become stiff, the same with your lower back. After stretching you will feel like new again.

There are things about our bodies that we don’t know, wasn’t taught, or neglect, until we go through things personally then we become aware of the effects of back issues. It’s good to have a back brace that will give you the help you need.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 52
Rating Score: 3.8 out of 5 stars

9. Leawell Decompression Back Belt

This FDA approved decompression belt is perfect for relieving pain in your lower back. It works like magic but really it comes down to simple science that this company has mastered. Your spinal cord is very important and can use some help when you are suffering from issues may be related to an injury, medical problem, or deformities. Read full review

When issues like this occur then it is good to take action to help your body heal or feel better. This will allow you to complete your daily activities more efficiently.

Before you wear this belt make sure that it is deflated then you can inflate it after. When you inflate it your spine will naturally stretch so that you can get the clunks out.

This will make you feel refreshed and like new. The pain that you may be experiencing can become a normal way of life after a while so you may have forgotten how it feels to not have that pain. This back belt will help you get that pain free feeling back.

It comes with a detachable pump that allows for easy inflating. When you are in pain it can be hard to reach around so this pump will make it to where you don’t have to strain at all. Handy accessories like this make the Leawell Decompression Belt a go to pain reliever.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 37
Rating Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

10. Goldmille Cordless Heated Decompression Back Belt

This is a cordless heated decompression back belt and is on sale at the moment. It works wonders as it made to give your body lumbar traction. Lumbar traction is the act of stretching your spine back to its normal position.

After so long of being in pain, going through sleepless nights from back pain, feeling uncomfortable when you sit, your spine can get compressed. This back brace decompresses your spine as it inflates. Read full review

The pump that it comes with will help you decompress with the touch of a button. You won’t have to reach around, you won’t have to strain your body, all you have to do is put the belt on and push the button on the pump and you’ll start to feel relief.

Depending on what back issues you have, the pressure from inflation may feel awkward at first but then it will get better. The heating device will sooth your painful area and make sure that your muscles aren’t as tense.

This is very important because as we use our torso muscles throughout the day they can become very tense especially while you are in pain. Soothing them will help you to be more mobile and the pressure will help stabilize your spine as well as decompress any compression you may have.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 37
Rating Score: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Does Spinal Decompression Really Work?

A quick answer is yes, it does work. To understand how it works you have to know and understand how your spine and back area works.

The spine is a long and thin tube like structure made out of nervous tissue. It starts from your medulla oblongata in your brainstem and extends down to the lumbar region of your vertebral column.

The area that causes lower back pain mainly comes from the lumbar vertebrae. There are five vertebrae that go from the rib cage area to the pelvis area, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5. The lumbar vertebrae help carry the weight of the body, and helps you move and be mobile.

Common causes of lower back pain come from lumbar muscle strain and sprain. This comes from muscle fibers that are continuously stretched and/or torn.

There are firm bands of tissue in between your bones called ligaments. When ligaments get torn from there natural space this is what is called lumbar sprain.

A more serious back problem that this back brace can be used for is a herniated disc or a pinched nerve. These two back problems can cause lots of pain.

A herniated disc is when the soft area between the bones of the spine pushes out through either a crack or fracture in the area that holds it in place. A pinched nerve can come from a herniated disc by it putting pressure on your nerve.

A decompression back brace will help stabilize your spine so that your body can heal without going through all the pain. It can be used for common back problems but mostly used for more severe and painful back problems.

How Does A Decompression Back Brace Work?

After you put the decompression belt on around your waist you will attach the pump and start to inflate the belt. It will inflate with air and expand upward; your spine will start to expand with it. It will start to stretch smoothly and this will give traction to your lower back.

Your spinal disc will then become decompressed and not compressed. It will be less stiff, less immobilized, and less painful.

Think of when your limbs on your body need to stretch. Before you stretch them in the morning they may be sore, tight, and compressed. Your bones and ligaments become weak after not using them for long periods of time, especially if you have been very active the day before.

Stretching parts of your body like arms and legs makes them more mobile and give you more range of motion. This goes for the spine as well. Stretching your spine with a decompression belt will allow your spine to become more mobile and allow you to perform more motions then when your spine is compressed.

A decompression belt can also be used as a lumbar back brace when deflated. It can prevent or relieve lower back pain while doing activities that would normally cause you to feel pain. It puts pressure on your spine so that it is stabilized.

The pressure will keep your torso tightly together making it so that your spine is supported and relieved from carrying all the weight of your body. It also will keep your spine from making painful movements when lifting, twisting, bending, sitting, or walking/running.

What To Consider When Purchasing A Decompression Belt?

When you search the internet or shop in person for a decompression belt don’t buy the first belt you see without first checking all of the features and reading the reviews.

Getting real reviews from people who have already purchased the belt you are thinking of buying will help you understand if the belt is really for you. It isn’t a good feeling to buy something only to find out that it doesn’t work well for you.

What Is A Good Price To Purchase?

There are belts that cost over $100 and there are belts that are under $50. Depending on your budget you may fall in a price range that is good for you.

What to consider is the quality of the belt. You can good a good quality decompression brace for around $50. It will work wonders just like a belt that is over $100.

The more expensive belt may come with a little bit more features or can be made by a brand that is higher end. It’s really up to your budget as you can pay a lot or less and still get a quality belt as long as you look at the reviews and features before purchasing.

What Does It Help With?

Before getting a decompression belt you will want to know what back pain does it help relieve. You may be feeling pain that is from a certain condition that needs a certain type of therapy, make sure you know what conditions the belt helps with before purchasing.

Usually a decompression belt will help people who are in pain from lower back pain, spinal discs, pinched nerves, as well as herniated discs. It can help with other conditions too such as scoliosis, posture, and heart problems. Make sure you do your research before you make your purchase so you can know what’s the right one for you.

What Weight Should My Belt Be?

This is up to you and how you will wear your belt. If you only want to wear your belt while relaxing then a heavier belt would be ok. On the other hand, if you want to wear your belt while being mobile, then a lighter belt should be your option.

A lighter bent won’t put as much resistance on your body and will allow you to move more freely. A heavier belt’s resistance can be a good thing if you are relaxing because its weight can comfort your pain.

Should My Belt Be Flexible?

Your belt should be flexible as it makes it easier to move around and do your daily activities. You wouldn’t want to be held stiff and barely able to move your body. This would limit your functionality and make the decompression experience not enjoyable.

The whole point of wearing the belt is to alleviate pain and get your spine in good shape. Also, it’s made to help heal certain back conditions amongst other conditions. Having a flexible belt will allow you to sleep, walk, run, swim, and more. Flexibility is one of the positive features you should look out for when purchasing.

Is It Easy To Use?

Having a decompression belt that is easy to use is a good thing. Key points that make a belt easy to use; easy to pump, easy to put on and strap up, easy to maneuver around while wearing it, and other things that cater to your needs. Some decompression belts are catered to certain issues that don’t cover everything in general. Read everything in the description before buying.

What Size Should I Get?

There are many sizes to choose from depending on what belt you are looking to purchase. Take a look at the size chart and it will show you what size you need for your body type.

I would stay away from any belt claiming that one size fits all because you will not get the custom fit for you. Instead, I would get a belt that has different sizes and pick a size that fits you.

Can Spinal Decompression Cause Damage?

Decompression belts are a new thing on the market. It’s made especially for those who have more severe lower back problems then others who have common back pain. One back problem is herniated disc; this back issue is what it caters to most.

Being that it is new there aren’t as much studies on the effectiveness of healing people’s back pain other than what people are saying on reviews.

Before, people would go to their doctor if they wanted spinal decompression therapy. This has been going on for a long time and people are familiar with this process. They use procedures known as non-surgical spinal decompression.

This helps people with bulging or herniated disc tissue, it helps them to move their disc back in place and heal. They use procedures known as non-surgical spinal decompression.

Usually chiropractors would use a decompression table or what is more known as an inversion table to decompress the spine. People would lie down on the table and strap their selves in a belt. The belt would wrap around your torso which would help to stretch your intervertebral space.

The doctor can monitor your response through computerized technology to create a pressure force on your spine. Then the table slowly stretches to create a negative pressure that pulls your spinal cord back to its normal position. The disc that was once out of position gets back to its rightful place and this would relieve pain and heal the issue.

When the decompression belt was invented it gave people the option to get the same results from the comfort of their home. It gives you a sense of control over your back pain being that you can doctor yourself to relieve your pain.

There are cautions when using the belt, you don’t want to over stretch your spine or your muscle, so reading the instruction thoroughly is a must. Decompression back belts are used for lots of other pain and not just herniated disc, lower back pain in general can be alleviated by using this belt as well as posture correction.

Now that there is an option to get the same results as a chiropractor would give when making an appointment for spinal decompression, it’s a good thing to have a decompression back belt.

My Thoughts

I have had a bad back condition for a while now being diagnosed with Sacroiliitis. It has been very bad and sometimes controlled, especially when I wear a sacral back brace. When I found out about decompression back belts it got my attention as I was in need of this treatment.

Taking care of yourself when in pain as well as to prevent pain is the best thing you ab do for your body to haves fulfilling life, trust me I know because when I look back I missed out on a lot of good times due to lower back pain. I am more aware of the variety of ways to get relieve now and this belt is one of them.

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