ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace CM-102M – Best Thing About It…

You’re probably in need of something that will protect your lower back during your daily activities; this is when getting a back brace is a smart idea.

Looking for the right back brace can be a challenge. There are so many back braces to choose from that it can become overwhelming. On one end you want to find one with good quality and on the other end you want to find one that is affordable.

I’ve researched a lot of back braces as I am a warehouse worker who went through lower back pain issues. I came across the ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace and it really caught my attention.

The ComfyMed Back Brace is made to relieve or prevent lower back pain. One thing about the makers of this back brace is they have their own personal design that is unique. They also provide great customer support. The quality of this back brace is good and it provides a comfortable experience.

The makers of this back brace are ComfyMed they produced and manufactured this back brace. I like independent companies that put their love and experience into their products. They are a family owned business that started their company with one back brace then went on to create other products that help and heal.

The ComfyMed Back Brace was put on the market in 2017 and had since accumulating lots of positive reviews from satisfied customers. They pride their selves on listening to their customers and producing the quality that the customers want.

I like this back brace because it isn’t some random brace that is thrown together to try and make a quick buck. It is put together with the thought of helping with lower back pain in the most comfortable way. This is an affordable quality back brace that I decided to give a review on, compared to others it made my top 5 best back braces.

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What Are The Benefits Of ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace?

This back brace has many great features that are catered to making your lower back feel better. Your spine will be protected by the pressure that this back brace puts on your torso. Its comfortable material will give you a relaxing feel as you do your daily activities.

The science behind the making of this back brace is to help you handle your business with ease. It has a light weight that allows you to be mobile and not stiff. As soon as you put this back brace on you will understand why the word comfy is in the name of this product.

It’s great for heavy lifting especially for workers who have labor jobs. If you constantly are lifting heavy objects sometimes you can start to feel pain in your lower back. This comes from strain and improper lifting techniques.

The lumbar area of your spine will be protected while wearing this back brace. As you do your daily activities you will notice that your spine has a lot of support. It helps with sciatica, scoliosis, or herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, strains, sprains, ligament issues, osteoporosis, nerve injuries, muscle spasms, and more.

It provides strong support without restricting you from moving as it is made to have a comfortable fit. It has dual pull compression straps that give you extra pressure for protection. You will still feel free the move around as you please.

It also has a removable lumbar pad that cushions your lower back area. It is a pad that fits into a pocket in the back of the back brace. You can take out the lumbar pad and put it back in at will. This helps when you need to give your lower back a soft feel.

Another thing that is unique about this brace is the Two D-ring clench handles to help keep this back brace secure and makes it easier to put on and take off.

It’s made from fine quality material which makes it durable and washable. The material provides a warm feeling that is very therapeutic.

What Can The ComfyMed Back Brace CM-102M Be Used For?

It is used for pain relief or to prevent pain in the lower back area. If you are experiencing pain in your lower back then this back brace will cater to your pain and help you complete daily activities.

It does this by applying pressure to your spine by wrapping it around your torso. The pressure will take away a lot of the strain or soreness that your spine may feel when you move in certain positions. If you have a bad time standing up while sitting, by wearing this brace it can help relieve the pain.

If you work in a fast paced environment that requires you to constantly lift objects then using this brace as a help to your lower back is a good idea. Sometimes as we get older in age our bodies can have wear and tear from the years of either working a labor job or doing athletic activities, this brace is good to help alleviate the pain you may feel in your lower back area.

The lumbar area of your back is what this brace protects most. The lumbar area is at the part of your lower back that curves in. This is the part of the back that usually needs the most support when having pains in your back. This is because it holds a lot of your body weight and gives your body the most posture support.

Wearing this brace can help your spine perform its duties. It will take away some of the body support that the spine has to give. It will help you stay at in a posture that is less painful.

There are lots of types of pain you could be feeling so it’s smart to talk to your doctor to make sure that your pain isn’t so severe that you need a special kind of back brace. Lots of times lower back pain can heal on it’s on with the help of wearing a back brace but it won’t hurt to get a medical opinion.

How Do I Use The ComfyMed Back Brace?

It’s fairly easy to use this back brace. All you have to do is make sure the brace is open and the straps are aligned correctly. Wrap the brace around your torso area; make sure it is around your waist area and not your hips area.

Use the first set of straps to fasten the brace with the Velcro. Make sure that the brace is not too loose so that you can get the maxim support that you may need. The more loose the less support to your lower back.

Once the first set of straps are fastened then use the outer layer of straps to make the brace even tighter. Do the same thing as the first straps and fasten them with the Velcro. You also can use the D-rings to lock in the desired tightness of the back brace and make it easier to put on and off.

What Are The Features Of The ComfyMed Back Brace?

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Very comfortable and durable
  • REMOVABLE LUMBAR PAD – will not scratch, roll, or bunch, it will keep its form and give long lasting pain relief
  • NO More BACK PAIN – where it anywhere for pain relief it can replace pain pills and give you your mobility back
  • 12 MONTHS WARRANTY – This Brace is made and distributed by one company which is family owned – RISK FREE
  • UNISEX – SIZES 26″ TO 50″ – measure at belly button, this is how you get your size

What Will This Back Brace Do For Me?

It will help you to not feel pain in your lower back and can also prevent you from acquiring pain as well. If you have a natural lower back pain issue then wearing this back brace can help you get through your daily duties much easier.

If you are constantly lifting heavy objects then wearing this back brace will help you to heal your back or it will prevent you from injuring your back by protecting your spine.

This back brace can help other medical spine conditions as well. Make sure to get a suggestion from your doctor if you have severe back pains.

My Thoughts

Sometimes while in pain we will feel like we don’t need a back brace. It’s not required to wear a back brace every time you feel pain in your lower back but it sure can help heal, prevent, or alleviate pain. I used to think it was embarrassing to have a back brace on at work but the truth is that everyone is different and if wearing a back brace will make your life easier then it’s a good thing.

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