How To Beat Daily Chronic Back Pain – 4 Tips To Conquer Your Day

Let’s face it, chronic back pain in general is a pain in the… well, back. It can keep you from doing things that you want to do. I know this from personal experience and it sucks to feel pain every time you try and move your body. It can overwhelm your mood and make you feel grouchy to others; at least that’s what it does to me.

You can go back and forth to the doctor to try and remedy the situation or you can take it into your own hands and find relieve. For me, I took it into my own hands to find relieve as the doctor only proscribes pain killer pills. I would go to the doctor in hopes of them having some sort of magical solution to my back problem but I would leave with only a proscription to more pain pills. This is the usual when you are dealing with daily pain.

1. Take Your Mind Off The Pain

Taking your mind off of the pain sounds easier said than done but it is totally possible. You can sit and focus on your pain all day or you can put your mind somewhere else. Your mind is very programmable and if you tell your mind that you are in pain all day then that’s what it is going to make you feel. You can do things that will distract your mind from the pain you are feeling.

If you have a thing or activity that you enjoy doing then it can become a distraction to your pain. For example, before I start to write a lot of these articles I am feeling pain but when I get into the article I forget that I’m feeling pain.

Every now and then I would get reminded by a painful movement that I make in my chair but I soon get back into what I am doing. I sit down a lot and it can cause my body to become stiff and in pain so I had to invest in a chair that helps my back pain. It helps me to write for long periods of time without needing to stand up to get relief.

If what you enjoy is something you can’t do because of the pain you are in then there are other ways to enjoy what you like.

Watch videos that interest you

The mind can become so stimulated from something that you are interested in that it can actually make you happy. When you are happy your mind releases what is called endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical that is basically the recipe for happiness.

While your mind is releasing this chemical in your head it can be overwhelming. You may feel pain but it may not affect you the way it did while you were feeling down and out. Watching things that make you feel good such as relaxing music videos on YouTube, or satisfying videos that cater to your needs can make you happy.

Alternate focus

This is when you focus on a different part of your body that is not in pain. If your chronic back pain is in bad condition you may be thinking of that all day. You can try not to focus on it and pay attention to another part such as your leg or arm.

Maybe you have been doing exercises to strengthen a body part and you are admiring your gains. This is another way you can take your mind off of the pain.

While you are focusing on another body part you can imagine the positive feeling that it gives you. Think of how grateful you are that this body part is healthy and in good condition.

2. Breathe Through It

People neglect how powerful breathing is during pain. Think of when a woman is in labor and the doctor keeps telling her to breath. When you focus on your breathing it can be a stress and pain reliever. It also can help you relax when you are trying to get some rest.

It is good to combine breathing with strength exercises or stretches. This can be a great way to deal with the pain that you may be feeling. When you have chronic back pain then it can become a normal way of living but if you keep practicing relief tactics then you can become good at alleviating stressful situations.

3. Know Your Pain

Dealing with chronic back pain is tough. You become numb to the severities that you are feeling. It becomes a normal thing to feel but if you can track when it gets intense and when it is at its low then you can start to manage it better.

You may start to see a pattern in your pain and know when and how long the pain will last. This is the case for me as every couple months I go through a few weeks of intense joint problems dealing with sacroiliitis. I know more about it by tracking when it gets unbearable and the causes that made it get that way.

You may do things on a normal that don’t bring you excruciating pain. You may do something out of the normal that has you going through lots of pain through the day. Paying attention to what you did that may have agitated the pain will help you to alleviate future pain.

You will start to feel more in control of your pain when you know the things that are causing it. In the case of you not knowing what is causing it just focus on your movements. What movement causes you to feel pain? When you walk too much do you start to get sore? Do you feel sharp pains when you get up from sitting too long? These are questions that will help you understand your body more and what it is trying to tell you.

4. Chiropractor Help

Chronic back pain is serious and can need a professional to help deal with the situation. You can do a search in your area for a good chiropractor that can help you feel better. Chiropractors are great at dealing with chronic back pain because they see your type of issues all the time.

They may suggest you get back therapy. You can get therapy on your own as well. Wearing a back brace can act as a mini chiropractor. It won’t replace your doctor but it can help deal with pain while you are at home and the doctor’s office is closed.

Chronic Back Pain Tips

Don’t fight against the pain and force yourself to move painfully, it can make it worse. Instead, except that you have a back condition that enables you to move as you would like to. The way you can deal with it is to get smarter with your efforts.

Get into the habit of doing daily rituals that help relieve the pain. Stretch, stand for longer periods of time, practice self-care through products like back braces, or pain relieve cream, get massages, do what makes you feel good. Don’t sit in a miserable state because that is when the chronic back pain has won. Use smart tactics to overcome the stress and pain, I’m in the same situation and trust me it helps.

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