Can You Sleep In A Lumbar Back Brace?

Can you sleep in a lumbar back brace? Yes, but it is not recommended by back brace makers. Wearing your brace can take away pain but sometimes you want to get the same results while sleeping.

You can wear your brace through the day but there are after affects you might want to think about. Your body may get used to the brace a little too much and become dependent on it.

If you want to sleep with your brace on maybe it’s because you are in pain. If you are in pain while sleeping in a back brace you may hurt yourself further.

In this article I’ll go over some tips for sleeping with your back brace and how you can avoid getting hurt. I’ll also talk about why you shouldn’t sleep with your back brace on depending on your condition.

Sleeping in your back brace sounds like a smart thing to do if you’re not informed about the after effects it can bring. Read on to get caught up on some tips about back braces and sleeping in them.

Reasons To Sleep Wearing A Back Brace

You may want to sleep with a back brace because you experience pain while trying to get rest. If you can’t sleep at night it may be due to your lower back pain. If so, wearing a back brace can help you at night.

There may be moments where you feel uncomfortable so you toss and turn. This can disrupt your painful areas.

Your bed may not be as comfortable so you may want to secure your lower back while you lay in it. This is understandable as an uncomfortable bed can be one reason why you are experiencing back pain.

There are comfortable beds that are made to cater to back pain, it may help you out. If you want you can check into getting a bed for back pain here. This will really help those who experience back pain only at night.

Another reason to sleep wearing back braces is if you have any deformities. Scoliosis is one deformity that gives you a reason to wear a back brace. Instead of a lumbar back brace you may wear an upper back brace.

An upper back brace caters to the thoracic area of the spine. When people are dealing with issues with the spine it can be uncomfortable to sleep.

A surgery can cause for you to wear a back brace also. Depending on your condition your doctor may suggest for you to wear a certain orthopedic back brace, it is to keep from creating further injury.

Even though there are reasons to sleep still you have to take precautions and understand the benefits and negatives of it.

Tips For Sleeping With A Back Brace

When you sleep at night with a back brace on you can wear it over your closing to give you’re back extra padding. This will help protect any sore or painful areas that may feel pain.

Try to get in a position that you will stay in for most of the night. If you toss and turn you put yourself at risk to be injured. If you sleep on your side try to put a pillow by your back area.

Do safe motions while you are getting into bed to avoid any sharp pains. As you get into a position move slowly and don’t turn in any uncomfortable Waze. When you get up repeat the same thing to make sure that you don’t agitate any targeted areas.

Avoid trying to sleep in a position because you think that it will help your back. Everyone has their own comfortable positions unique to their own body. The way you normally sleep is probably the best way for you to sleep.

If you are a sleepwalker then a back brace may not be something you would want to wear to bed. Rather you have a brace on or not there are safety practices for sleeping while in pain. These practices will help you to wake up and not be in more severe pain than you already are.

Try not to get sweaty and overheated at night while wearing the back brace. This can be a challenge because the back brace will Center a lot of heat in the targeted area that the back brace covers. This is a good reason why your back brace should be made of breathable material.

Reasons Not To Sleep Wearing A Back Brace

The biggest problem with sleeping with a back brace on is your back will not be adjusted to the new sleep position that you may sleep in.

While sleeping you may move certain ways that will cause the back brakes to agitate targeted areas. If you are a wild sleeper then you will have a hard time staying asleep from uncomfortable positions.

Your body may not aligned correctly like usual and you’re neck may not lie on the pillow comfortably. If this happens I would suggest getting a back support pillow for back pain, you can go here to check some out.

Types Of Back Braces For Sleeping

There are comfortable back braces that are made for sleeping. They are not made like normal back braces they are more soft and then.

The company Braceability makes a back brace specifically for those that are in need of a back brace for sleeping. This back brace is advertised as a sleeping lower back brace.

It takes on the shape of your body and has a customized fit that will allow you to move around while in bed.

It also has a pocket to hold gel or a cushion that can help aid in your comfort. This would be a type of brace that can help you sleep at night and alleviate paying you would normally feel.

Another type back brace that is made to sleep in is a back brace for scoliosis. This type of back brace usually is recommended to sleep in.

Scoliosis is a condition where your spine has more curve than normal. Many people who are dealing with scoliosis is said to have a spine that is shaped like the letter S.

Wearing a scoliosis treatment brace at night for scoliosis patience is a good way to help their posture while they sleep. Sleeping with scoliosis can be painful if the person constantly moves in awkward positions. A brace can help them keep their same comfortable position through the night.

If you happen to be looking for a back brace for scoliosis condition then click here.

Don’t Sleep In A Back Brace If:

These are reasons why you may not benefit from wearing a back brace while sleeping.

If your back brace hurts while you are not sleep then it will definitely hurt while you are asleep. Certain pain that you may be experiencing in your lower back may prevent you from wearing a back brace.

Don’t try to force any relief by wearing a back brace even though it is causing you pain. This can further any injury or soreness that you may already be feeling.

If you have trouble breathing while you sleep then you may not want to wear back brace because it can further your breathing struggles. The tightness that a back brace provides maybe too much pressure on your torso area which is where your lungs are.

Adding a pillow between your knees or close to your back area may give you comfort. If it doesn’t then don’t force it or don’t add extra pillows. Pillows are okay to get comfortability but if they are making you uncomfortable, it’s not a good idea to use them as relief.

If you plan to sleep longer than normal it probably isn’t a good idea to wear your back brace. Lying down for long amounts of time while in your back brace can cause uncomfortable moments. If you experience this then you should get up and stretch.

If you haven’t stretched in a long time and are not that active then sleeping in your back brace can make your body feel stiff.

Can You Sleep In A Lumbar Back Brace?

It’s up to you… as long as you are aware of the things discussed in this article you will have a good answer as everyone and their situations are different.

I have been wearing back braces for years. I have never slept in my back brace but I have thought about it. Fortunately I use different methods to get comfortable sleep such as special pillows for lower back pain, and a special mattress for lower back pain.

I would seriously suggest looking into purchasing one of these pain relief products to Aid in your sleep. They have really helped me and I know they can help you.

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