Can A Back Brace Help You Lose Weight?

A back brace is a very helpful self-care product that relieves back pain, but can a back brace help you lose weight? I would say yes and no.

Read below to find out some important information.

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This is something that was on my mind as I was working out. I usually work out with a back brace on while I’m in pain. I try to keep my regular schedule of working out no matter what so a back brace helps me to do that.

I saw a woman in the gym wearing a waist trimmer, I’m sure you know what that is. It’s made to trim your waist while you do your daily activities or exercises.

This made me think to myself if a back brace can give you that same result. And if waist trimmers even work at all.

I did some research and found out how they work and how people are trimming their waist. Read on to learn what I found out.

How To Trim Body Weight

Trimming body weight starts with getting the fat tissues in your body to burn off. Fat builds up from sugar and other foods that we eat. It can also build up from drinking too much alcohol, there’s sugar in alcohol.

This fat that builds up can overtime become stubborn fat that is hard to go away if left there. Our bodies naturally get rid of fat and toxins by sweating.

When you sweat you are considered to be sweating out fat so it’s a good thing. This is why when working out people says if you don’t sweat then you aren’t working hard enough.

Sweating is a good thing. You want to sweat out those trips to McDonalds, or those nights of drinking while out partying, this is how you can lose or maintain your proper weight.

How does this relate to a back brace? Well, when you wear a back brace is puts pressure around your torso meaning it grips your body tightly. Anything that grips tightly can leave no air in the inside of what it is gripping so this means that area will sweat.

With that said, can a back brace make your body sweat enough to trim your weight?

Will A Back Brace Trim Weight?

Yes, a back brace can make you sweat, but sweating alone isn’t going to trim your weight. You have to do some exercising or activity that will trim you up.

I have been working in a warehouse for years and the work I do in there is very active. I wear a back brace a lot to keep from hurting myself. The back brace is for protection and pain relieve as the job I do at the moment is order picking.

Order picking requires me to hop on my pallet jack and ride to locations to grab products that are on the list. These products then get sent out to the stores who ordered them.

I use a pallet to stack all of the products that I grab while picking. It can take hours sometimes to finish one store order. The products get heavy and I am constantly bending and lifting. This is a workout to me and I like to think of it that way.

How this relates to the topic is as I am working I lose weight from being active, not wearing the back brace. My sides trim up overtime because I am burning fat by constantly moving and lifting. The back brace has nothing to do with the trimming of my waist even though it is worn around my waist.

Reasons It Won’t Trim Weight

Remember I said that the effects of wearing something tight around you can leave no air inside so it makes you sweat out fat in that area? Well most back braces have breathable material so it lets air inside.

With air being able to be inside the back brace and my waist, it cannot cause extra sweat to come out and this is how waist trainers are supposed to work.

A back brace shouldn’t be worn for long hours at a time; I would say that 8-10 hours wearing a back brace is considered long. You have to take the brace off at some point to give your muscles a chance to be independent or this can give you health issues with your muscles and spine.

A waist trainer is made to be worn for long periods of time and this is how it is supposed to work for you. Unlike a back brace, a waist trainer will cause your body to sweat in the targeted area more than it would without wearing one. This is why a back brace won’t trim you up or help you lose weight.

Will A Back Brace Help You Exercise?

Yes, a back brace will help you exercise if you need to wear one. Weight lifters wear them all the time. This is the most reasonable way that a back brace will help you lose weight.

Losing weight with a back brace isn’t focused on the back brace at all but the exercises you will be able to do while wearing one. If you are having back pain a back brace can help you keep your workout routine and allow you to further your weight loss process.

If you do heavy lifting then it is smart to wear a back brace or belt. This is something that can save your back from too much strain.

A back brace won’t do the weight trimming for you, you have to do the weight trimming yourself with the assistance of a back brace keeping you safe while you do it.

If you want a way to trim your body mainly your waist on autopilot I don’t think you will have much success, but a waist trimmer can help you shed weight a little faster while you work out.

What Is A Waist Trimmer?

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A waist trimmer is shaped like a lumbar back brace and is something that a lot of fitness people promote to lose weight in your waist area.

The method behind it is the opposite of what I explained about back braces earlier. A waist trimmer is designed to leave no air inside so heat can build up. Heat will naturally make you sweat so the area that you wear the trimmer on will build up lots of sweat.

The material that a waist trimmer is made of is the type of material that makes you sweat. This is how it is said that people lose weight wearing a waist trimmer.

Even with a waist trimmer you still have to be quite active to make it work. You have to work out however you work out and that is what is going to be the reason you lose weight not the waist trimmer.

Companies promote it like the waist trimmer will slim you up but it’s your diet and workout that will slim you up, the waist trainer just helps you burn a little more extra fat then you would without wearing one.

A waist trimmer is a good tool to aid you in your weight loss journey but you shouldn’t rely solely on it. This article talks more about how a waist trainer works, to read it click here.

Back Brace Vs Waist Trimmer

(If you want to read a whole article I wrote about this topic go here.)

I have seen people ask if a back brace can be used as a waist trainer while searching forums online and my first thought was NO. After doing some research I came to find out that they have back brace waist trainers, go figure.

Companies will invent anything to satisfy the consumers’ needs so it does sound like something that is convenient. If you have back issues while working out and want to trim your waist at the same time then use a back brace waist trimmer, sounds like a good idea.

I have never used one so I can’t give you my honest opinion of if it really works but I can see how it is very helpful. The only thing that bothers me about it is how it works in such a short period of time. If a back brace isn’t made to be worn all day but waist trimmers say to wear it for long periods of time then it’s a complicated issue.

I did research and found out that the back brace is not like a regular lumbar brace, it is more sleek and small, and the fabric is different.

It is this way so the person wearing it can be more active while working out. It is very light, lighter than a lot of back braces that you would wear when feeling back pain.

Back Brace Waist Trainer

Here is the go to product for protecting your back while trimming your waist at the same time. If you want to know more about it and read the reviews then head over to Amazon and check it out.

So Can A Back Brace Help You Lose Weight?

After reading this article I hope you have your answer but everybody is made different so maybe you should experiment and see for yourself.

Please leave a comment under this article with your results or questions you may have.


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