BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace Review – The Best?

There comes a time where you need back support and the only thing left to do is get a back brace. This is a time where you have to decide which brace is right for you.

There are lots of braces out there but which one will do the job correctly? You may not want to spend an arm and a leg for one but at the same time you want an affordable brace that isn’t a letdown.

This is where the BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace comes in to save the day. In this review article we will take a look at all of the features and answer some of the most asked questions about this back brace.

The BraceUp Stabilizing Back Brace is a great pain reliever to your lower back; it is created by FoxPro Sports Company.

The company focuses on hot or cold therapy wraps; posture correction devices also known as adjustable harnesses, or what we call back braces. This company is focused primarily on helping people who have lower back pain as well as other types of pain. They also focus on knee braces, ankle, and more.

In 2017 they trademarked the name BraceUp which made the brand official. There isn’t too much information online about the company but I see a lot of reviews on their products from happy customers.

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What Are The Benefits of BraceUp Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace?

This back brace is very good with pain relief. The science behind how it works is well thought out and you can tell that the makers of this back brace knew what will help you.

The BraceUp back brace is dedicated to the lumbar area of your spine and gives you support and stability that helps to keep pain away especially if you do a lot of heavy lifting. It will actually help you to practice proper lifting and movements. It will keep pain at a minimum and you may not feel any pain at all.

Posture is another thing that this back brace will help you with. If you have issues with certain parts of your spine then this brace is what you need. It will keep your spine feeling pressure, this pressure will allow you not to get out of posture and keep you at an upright position.

It has a lumbar pad that is removable when needed. The lumbar pad helps to cushion your back and gives you extra support. If at times you don’t need it you can take it out and put it back in when you want.

It also has double layer straps that adjust to your individual size. Once you strap the under layer in you can further tighten the brace with the outer straps. This helps to keep your torso area nice and stable.

The quality material that it is made up of will not fade, lose shape, or lose its tight grip. You will have this brace for a long time and it will work like new.

What Can The BraceUp Back Brace Be Used For?

The main objective of the BraceUp back brace is to prevent and/or relieve pain in the lower back. It will relieve pain that is already there by applying pressure to your spine. Here are a few things that this back brace can help with; painful lower back spasms, muscles pulls, strains, sprains, and others. It also can help relieve pain from certain medical conditions.

If your spine is in pain from moving the wrong way or lifting the wrong way then putting a tight pressure grip on it can stop the pain. For example, if you twist your body to the right or left and it hurts, the brace will keep you from making those movements freely. Another example is if you have a hard time sitting or standing up right then this back brace can keep your spine in one position to where it will regain posture.

I would advise you to talk to your doctor before trying to treat yourself of any back problems. Some back pains are more serious than others and may require a more medical type approach.

Sometimes we know what our pain comes from but there is times where we don’t. Pain from doing activities such as lifting can a lot of times be treated by wearing a back brace and getting the proper rest. Again, if you have severe back pains I would suggest you see a doctor first.

How Do I Use The BraceUp Back Brace With Lumber Pad?

Stretch the brace out and wrap it around your waist. Make sure that it isn’t twisted or folded improperly. Pull each side and fasten it together with the Velcro. Once you have it on you can use the outer straps to further tighten to your liking.

Don’t leave your brace loose fitting, it will not work correctly. Make sure that you feel the pressure against your torso as the pressure is what will protect your lower back. Even though you want it to be tight you don’t want to make it too tight to where it can be a breathing hazard or any other type of problem.

This type of brace is catered to the lumbar area of your spine. There are back braces that cater to other spinal areas like the sacral area for example which is located near your tailbone. Even though this bra e can help protect that area somewhat, it is catered to the lumbar area which is at the curve in your lower back.

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What Are The Features of The BraceUp Back Brace?

  • Reliefs pain from strains, sprains, and muscle spasms
  • Permits uncomfortable movements while giving support
  • Maximum comfort to area of pain
  • Mesh panels that helps release heat and moisture
  • Removable lumbar pad for extra comfort to your lower back
  • Dual layer straps that give you a more custom fit
  • Adjustable compression to your abdomen and lower back
  • Three sizes: Small 28-35 /Large 35-43/XLarge 43-53
  • Made for a good fit that doesn’t allow bunching and rolling
  • Dimensions of 8 X 6 X 2 inches and weighs 6.6 ounces

What Will This Back Brace Do For Me?

This back brace will help keep you from feeling pain in your lower back. Back pain comes from different things but one of them is strain. When you put too much strain on your back it can cause your muscle to feel pain. Certain movements will hurt so a back brace can keep your spine from moving certain motions and allow it to heel.

The BraceUp back brace will relieve pain in your lower back by applying pressure to your torso area which will allow you to not feel the painful feeling when lifting or making sudden movements. The pressure from the brace will keep your spinal cord in place and allow your body to move accordingly.

Safety practices are still needed when wearing a back brace. You are never exempt from injuries or painful accidents. The BraceUp back brace is a pain reliever when you need it, it will not eliminate the possibility of any pain coming your way, and you still should be safe as possible when lifting or doing any activity that can hurt your back.

Is This Back Brace For Me?

If you suffer from any of the pains that are mentioned and you want to relieve yourself of the pain then I recommend this back brace. It will do its job and you will be glad you have it. Here are some of the pains that it can help with:

  • Heavy weight lifting labor
  • Exercise weight lifting
  • Athletes
  • Medical conditions
  • And more!

My Thoughts

I’m constantly lifting heavy products every day at my job. I use a brace to help prevent back pain as I went through a harsh back problem before. It is not fun it all can be avoided by practicing being safe at all times. I know longer feel back pain but I continue to wear my back brace to protect my spinal cord.

Having a job that requires heavy repetitive lifting and twisting can cause wear and tear on your body overtime but you have the power to preserve your body by using safety gear like this one.

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