Best Kyphosis Brace For Adults

When a person has a spine that is rounded at the top it can be a sign of kyphosis.

It’s normal to have a slightly rounded spinal cord but if it is bent at an angle that is around 40-45 degrees or more than it is more serious.

If you are dealing with kyphosis then you are probably looking for the best kyphosis brace to give you support. You may be dealing with symptoms such as feeling stiff, back pain, soreness, discomfort, and more.

There are different types of kyphosis so you will have to refer to your doctor or chiropractor to know what is the case for your situation. Depending on the situation the doctor may recommend you to get a back brace for your condition.

I have done thorough research online and came to find out that this back brace is the number one recommended and satisfactory brace for kyphosis.

Neo G Dorsolumbar Support Brace

Neo G Dorsolumbar Support BraceThis Dorsolumbar brace is made to help with a variety of medical back conditions and kyphosis is one of them. It is reviewed by customers and has a good number of feedbacks.

When it comes to kyphosis this back brace will help you correct your alignment and better your posture. It also will help keep you from making painful or uncomfortable movements while healing.

This brace is firm but still flexible enough to give you the mobility you need. It is made from quality materials that last for a long time.

It supports your lumbar back area as well as your thoracic area with a satisfying pressure. At the same time it gives a soft touch feel to your sensitive areas for times that you are in pain or sore.

In all, this brace is designed to hold your body in a good posture. If you naturally slouch and your back arches then it will help straighten it out over time.

You should consider this brace if you have any of the above problems and are looking for a brace that will help you live your day to day life more easily and pain free.

I see other sites reviewing the best 7 or 10 back braces for kyphosis and mostly all of them have this brace at number one or two. I started to do more extensive research on it and found out that customers who purchased this brace mostly are satisfied and also recommend it to others.

To get more information on this brace I wrote a full review of it and you can check it out here. Below are some frequently asked questions that I gave honest answers to.

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Why Is This The Best Kyphosis Brace?

This back brace can relieve pain and help to support early kyphosis. You can get relieve while staying active.

If you are a pre or post-operative then this can help you with rehabilitation. It gives support to help you move around or to hold your body up right.

This is a medical grade back brace that is registered internationally as a class 1 medical device. This means that it is considered a low risk self-care product and you can trust that it will give you quality help.

If you are in early stages of kyphosis then you can use this brace to help get your spine to a more normal angle.

It is lightweight and can be discreet by wearing it under your clothing if need be. It also is made of breathable material that will not cause overheating.

How To Determine Size?

This brace is said to be made smaller than expected so you should buy one size up. If you wear a small you should get a medium, if you wear a medium you should get a large, and so on.

I listed a size chart below so you can see the measurements and know what size to get so you don’t go through the trouble of ordering the wrong size.

Small: 23.6 – 27.6 In / 60 – 70 cm
Medium: 27.6 – 33.5 In / 70 – 85 cm
Large: 33.5 – 39.4 In / 85 – 100 cm
X-Large: 39.4 – 45.3 In / 100 – 115 cm
XX-Large: 45.3 – 51.2 In / 115 – 135 cm

When sizing, measure the widest part of your waist circumference. The reason you want to get a size up is because if you get the size that fits perfectly, it will squeeze your body too tight.

It’s made to grip your body so if it is one size up then it can grip your body while still allowing you some breathing room.

Long Back or Regular?

There are two types of models for this brace. There is a standard model and a long back model. To determine which model is for you depends on the length of your back.

If your back length is 21 inches and under then you should fit the standard model.

If your back length is over 21 inches then consider the long back model.

Have someone you know get your measurements to find out. It’s better to know then to guess and not get the right model for you.

To measure your back you should start from the back of the neck. The back of the neck has a boney part which is the top of your spine, measure all the way down to the bottom of your spine just above the tailbone area.

Is It Easy To Put On?

Yes, it is easy to put on. Once you have the brace in front of you fit your body into it, it comes with instructions to follow.

You will see where your arms and torso are supposed to fit into it. Once it is on you will know if you have it on the right way.

The only time you would probably need help putting it on is if you are in pain or can only move mildly. If so then ask someone to help you put it on and adjust the sizing to your needs.

Is This For Kids Also?

The sizes for this back brace are made for adults but there is a smaller size that may fit a teenager.

It all depends on the size of the individual because I know a 12 year old that is the size of an 18 year old. Just take into consideration that the size of the person matters, not the age.

Is it a one-piece?

Yes, it is a one piece support. It comes with removable metal bars that go down the upper back. That is the only detachable part.

The one piece as a whole is designed to wrap around your body to give you the support that will help your spine.

Not only will it support your upper back but it will support your lower back as well. This is one of the few type braces that support your whole back.

How Long Should It Be Worn Daily?

I would suggest wearing it up to 5 hours at a time. Your body will get dependent on the brace if you wear it too much without breaks.

The key is to get relief from the symptoms of kyphosis and get your spine better. You want to give your body a chance to be strong as you progress.

Is It ok To Sleep Wearing It?

It is ok to sleep wearing it but be warned that you may start to feel pain or discomfort after too many hours.

I would stick to a 5 hour maximum of wearing this brace.

#1 Reason Why It Is The Best

It helps with the main problem that a person with kyphosis needs help with. It also is a versatile and dependable back brace.

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