Best Back Braces For Lower Back Pain in 2020

I’ve made it easier for you to decide what back brace you want by putting together a list of the best back braces on the market right now.

Sometimes we need help with keeping our backs in good shape. I definitely can relate as I have had problems with my lower back for a long time.

I needed a lower back brace for lifting when I was doing warehouse work at my previous job, it was intense work that can be tough on the back. Days that I didn’t wear it seemed tougher so I wore it frequently.

I have been laid off from a previous job due to not being able to keep up with work demands. I was in a warehouse environment and speed and strength is a big requirement. My back wasn’t in good enough shape to meet the requirements day in and day out so they let me go.

It hurt me as I gave them my all everyday, it just wasn’t enough. One thing I didn’t do that could have saved my job was wear a back brace.

My next job I searched and found the best back brace for work in my field, well, there were many of them. I did research and took a chance on one and it worked very well.

With all that being said here is my best back braces list. I’ve been researching different back braces for a long time now so I know which ones are good for certain situations and areas of pain.

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(In order of customer ratings)

  1. Mueller 7,556+
  2. Sparthos 3,607+
  3. Braceup 3,597+
  4. Comfymed 2,285+
  5. NeoTech 2,252+
  6. Vriksasana Posture 1,315+
  7. Old Bones Therapy 1,003+
  8. OPTP 725+
  9. King of kings 485+
  10. Bauerfeind 42+

I’ve been studying back braces for a long time now and I’ve learned a lot about the different types and what each one specializes in. I have did research on all of the back braces on this list and I actually own a couple of them which I use frequently.

I was on the search for the best back brace for lower back pain before I owned a back brace. There are many back braces on the market and I didn’t know which one to pick.

I needed a back brace to help me with heaving lifting at my job and I wanted the best one at a reasonable price. This lead me to start researching back braces and which ones are the best for certain situations.

I have an issue with my spine called sacroiliitis. It’s when the sacroiliac joints experience inflammation. It can be very painful at times and some of the time I barely can walk.

It started as a feeling of lower back pain but got worse as time went on. This condition can be hard to diagnose so I went years without knowing what the problem was.

Finally a doctor was able to diagnose me and it helped me to understand what was going on with my body a little better. This lead me to find home remedies as the condition is chronic, meaning it will not go away.

On top of all this I work in a warehouse environment so things can be pretty tough on my body. Ever since I started wearing back braces things have gotten easier to deal with. I even found out about sacroiliac belts that help with my hips.

I just wanted to give you some information about me so you know why I am so passionate in helping you find the best back support belt. I am not a medical professional but I am experienced with wearing a back brace to relieve pain.

10 Best Back Braces For Lower Back Pain


The Mueller 255 lumbar support back brace is the best back support belt for lower back pain. This belt is one of Amazon’s choice picks. It comes with a removable pad for cushion and is very reliable. It is a premium belt that is made from breathable fabric.

This belt helps relieve lower back pain from a variety of back issues. It is designed to have double layer straps that give more relief. It has firm plastics inside that keep the brace from rolling or bunching.

This back brace is good for protecting the lower back from pain as well as relieving. It’s great for a labor work type of environment as well as home use.

Key features:

  • Steal springs for extra support
  • Removable lumbar pad
  • Durable


A customer left a review stating that this back brace helped her walk for a longer amount of time without feeling the pain that she would normally feel. Another customer said that he wished he had bought this brace 5 years ago to avoid all of the past pain he went through.


Some customers have complained about getting the wrong size. Make sure you read the size chart correctly before making your purchase.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 7,556+
Rating Score: 4.4 out of 5 stars


The Sparthos Back Support Belt is an Amazon’s choice that has lots of good feedback. It is designed to relieve your back of pain. This is a brace for lower back support and can help give relief to a variety of different lower back pain causes.

This belt comes with a lumbar pad that is designed to give extra comfort to your lower back while wearing it, it is also removable. The dual straps connects with velcro and is sturdy. This is not a one size fits all back brace so you will need to look at the size chart to determine your size.

This brace has an elastic mesh in the fabric so that you can wear it while having mobility and not be stiff. The stays are also firm so that wear and tear won’t be an issue.

Key features:

  • Firm supportive material
  • Easy to clean
  • Relieves a variety of pain causes


A customer said that he wore it for a week and it helped him heal the pain he was feeling in his lower back. He also said that he wished that it was a little bit bigger because of his weight but it helped still. Another customer said that they were tearing up with happiness after putting it on and wearing it for a few hours, it really relieved the pain she was feeling.


The only negative statements I see on the reviews are about the size of the brace, some larger people wish that the brace were larger.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 3,607+
Rating Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars


The BraceUp Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Support Brace is one of Amazon’s choice picks. It is made of breathable material and has dual straps. This back brace is lightweight and durable and is built to fit the shape of your lumbar area.

It has eight stays that keep the back brace together. The straps do not slip so they will hold the pressure. You can be flexible while wearing this back brace.

It will not restrict your movements while you do work, or other daily activities. The mesh panels escape heat and let’s moisture out to prevent overheating and dampness.

Key features:

  • Allows flexibility
  • Dual adjustment straps
  • Extra support from stays


A customer said that this back brace helped them relieve pain while working a tough job. He also said that it helps to relieve pain while sitting as well. Another customer stated that he got pain relieve from this back brace while experiencing a back injury.


One customer talked about how he is an overweight 66 year old man so he had to get used to the brace at first.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 3,597+
Rating Score: 4.4 out of 5 stars


The ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace CM-102M is a nicely designed brace that provides comfort. It comes with a removable lumbar pad that fits in a pocket in the back part of the brace. This brace is designed to give lower back pain relief.

This back brace has dual straps that provides a snug fit for pain relief. It also comes with handles on the ends the outer straps that allow easy gripping when tightening the brace. This is a unisex back brace made for men. It comes in different sizes so make sure to check the size chart on sales page.

Key features:

  • Premium material
  • Easy grip handles
  • Removable lumbar pad


A customer left a review saying that this belt helped her relieve her problems with sciatica. She was able to get back to gardening after taking a long break due to being in pain. Another customer left a review saying that she had a problem with spine bone density. This brace helps her with stability and she wears it a lot.


The company offers a 12 month warranty but someone left a review complaining about how long it took to get a refund after his brace didn’t fit properly. Remember to check sizes to make sure you are getting the right brace size.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 2,285+
Rating Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars


The NeoTech Care Back Brace is a lumbar support belt. It gives a generous range of protection for your torso. It has straps that are adjustable for compression. This belt gives relief from heavy lifting in a variety of situations.

It is a trusted brace that is recommended by doctors. It has nicely stitched edges to keep from wear and tear. Double strap support to make sure your lower back is protected.

It has a cross cross design that ensures stability. It’s a unisex belt for men and women to wear. It comes in different sizes so be sure to check the size chart.

Key features:

  • Good material
  • Wider back support
  • Durable


A customer that left a review on the sales page said that he bought three back braces and one of them was the NeoTech lower back brace, it turned out to be the best one out of the three. Another customer said that although he is a very skeptical type of person, he bought the back brace and it helped him, he also stated that he is very obese.


One angry customer left a review saying the when she got her delivery of this back brace it had mold on it and had a not so good smell to it.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 2,252+
Rating Score: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Vriksasana Posture

The Vriksasana Posture Sacroiliac Hip Belt is designed to give pain relief in the sacral area of the lower back. It helps with pain in the pelvic, hip, and lower back area. This belt fits around your hips and is not to be confused with a lumbar brace.

This belt gets rid of pain and helps reduce SI joint inflammation. It has dual straps that give support by applying pressure to the area. It is lightweight and you will have mobility while wearing this brace. It is durable being that it is made from neoprene material.

It will not slip or loosen while wearing it being that it has double elastic fish ribbon bands. It is also shaped to fit the hip to buttocks position with a curve in the design.

Key features:

  • Non-slip material
  • Designed for everyday use
  • Durable


A customer left a review saying the he has severe SI joint dysfunction and this belt helped him to get relieve. He said that he had tried everything he can think of and nothing else was working until he purchased this hip belt.

Another customer said that she had been going through surgeries on her hip area to get rid of pain and after surgery she used this belt to help her healing process, she liked the relief it gave her.


A customer left a review saying that the velcro had stopped sticking after a while. Make sure to take good care of the fabric.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 1,315+
Rating Score: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Old Bones Therapy

The Old Bones Therapy Back Brace comes with a pocket to insert gel-packs. The hot and cold gel-packs are sold separately from the brace. This is a chiropractic approved back brace and also certified by FDA. It helps with a variety of lower back issues.

The material in this brace is made of neoprene. It has dual bands that are elastic so they help with pulling and tightening. It provides therapy for compression needs.

It gives you the ability to have flexibility while wearing it. It won’t restrict you from the movements you have to make in your day.

Key features:

  • Internal gel-pockets
  • Helps prevent further injuries
  • Chiropractor approved


A customer said they used this back brace while playing golf and it helped them relieve pain and keep their posture correct. Another customer said that they bought the brace and it helped her relieve her lower back pain from arthritis.


A customer said that they bought this back brace a month before a certain area started to tear. He said he sits for long amounts of time at work so it may have stretched too much.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 1,003+
Rating Score: 4.3 out of 5 stars


The OPTP Si-Loc Sacroiliac Support Belt is a sacral belt that helps relieve pain in the pelvis and lower back area. It helps the SI joints as well to lower inflammation. It is designed to fit properly around the waist without slipping or loosening.

It helps with a variety of painful conditions in the sacral area of the body. The way this belt works is it gives pressure to the sacral areas evenly. The pressure is said to help not feel pain in these targeted areas.

This belt gives comfort and helps with stability. It comes in different sizes and is a unisex belt made for men and women.

Key features:

  • Compresses targeted area
  • Unique shape that prevents slipping
  • Quality material


A customer left a review saying that ever since she put this belt on she has been able to do things that were hard for her to do before (sitting, standing, and walking). Another customer left a review saying that this belt helped her during her pregnancy.


A customer said the sizes were off on the chart. His waist size is 36 so he ordered a large thinking that would be ok but it was too big.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 725+
Rating Score: 3.9 out of 5 stars

King of Kings

The King of Kings Lower Back Brace is a unique back brace when looking at the design. It helps to relieve lower back pain as well as a variety of other painful conditions. What I like about this back brace is that is comes with what is called a pulley system. The lace in the back of the brace tightens as you pull on the straps.

This back brace provides stability and support to your torso. It is a unisex brace made for men and women. I also comes in different sizes so it is not universal. It helps relieve the strain in your muscles with two nylon bars that help support the lumbar muscle in your waist.

Key features:

  • Pulley system
  • Quality material
  • Extra support


A customer left a review saying that she has never been able to get other braces to fit tight enough, but this brace fits tight as she likes. Another customer said that he can adjust this back brace really easy and it helps him while on the go.


A customer said that the velcro stopped sticking after a while.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 485+
Rating Score: 4.3 out of 5 stars


The Bauerfeind Sacroloc Back Support Brace is made to relieve pain in the sacral area of your body. It is specifically aimed at relieving pain in the SI joints. It is made from elastic material and is durable to stand the test of time when it comes to quality.

It has tension straps that are made to provide support and pressure on the targeted area. The material is made of breathable fabric that allows for heat to escape and not be trapped inside. This brace is a low profile brace which means it can be discreet and worn under certain clothing.

Key features:

  • Made from quality material
  • Sacral pain relief
  • Tension straps


A customer left a review saying that she bought the brace and it helped her relieve her SI joint pain. On the 5th day she said her pain went down by 80%. Another customer left a review saying he was able to play golf without feeling pain like he usually does.


One customer left a review saying that the brace wasn’t what he wanted but he was pleased that he got a quick return. . It is fairly a new brace as it doesn’t have lots of reviews from customers at the time of writing this.

Price: Check on Amazon
Customer Ratings: 42+
Rating Score: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Buyer’s Guide

This is a buyer’s guide to help you understand how to pick the best back brace for your condition. There are many types of back braces on the market and if you are not familiar with back braces you may purchase one that doesn’t serve you the best way.

There are key factors that determine if a back brace has quality and if the back brace is for you. Any back brace company can say that their back brace is the best but my goal with this article was to find the actual best online for the average person’s budget.

What determines a good back brace?

We don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a back brace. Being that some of them can be on the expensive side, here is a list of key factors that determine a good back brace to purchase.


All back braces have a purpose and that is too relieve or prevent back pain. The thing here is there are many parts of the back so knowing where your pain is and what type of back brace you need is very important.

In this article I focus on providing the best lower back braces for lower back pain but there isn’t only one part of the lower back. Let’s look into the two types of back braces that were featured in this article and what parts of the body they help.


A lumbar back brace is designed to relieve or prevent pain in the lumbar area of your back. this area is located from the middle of your back down the top of your waist, just above your buttocks. When you put on a lumbar back brace you wear it in this location.

Lumbar is actually an area of your spine (source). This part of the spine has a lot of responsibilities and is in control of holding and balancing your body weight, this is why a lot of people feel pain there.


A sacral belt is designed to relieve or prevent pain in the sacral area of your back. The sacral area includes other body parts as well, not just the lower back. It starts with the sacrum that connects the hip joints and tailbone together,  these parts are the main areas of the pelvis bone (source).

Sacral is the region of your lower body that controls your stability and lower body movements. This is why when people have pain in this area it can be very aggravating.

Now that I explained the different types of lower back braces listed in this article let’s talk about what puts these back braces on “the best” list.


Even though we want to relieve our pain we don’t want to go broke and lose everything we have from purchasing a back brace, we want to get quality on a budget. This is why there are back braces that can give relief at a reasonable price.

There are back braces on the market that can cost around $1,000 but I’m assuming that is not the type of money you want to spend, right? The back braces on the list in this article focus on providing the best quality braces at an affordable price.

You can expect to spend anywhere from under $20 and up to around $50 for these best back braces. That is not a bad price to relieve the pain that you are feeling in your lower back.

Always double check with the vendor to see the reviews that are listed on the sales page before you make any purchase. Use this list as a resource to know which back braces are the top picks.

All of the back braces listed in this article link to sales pages that are listed on Click the links on this article that says “check price on Amazon” then you will be directed to the sales page where you can look at the price of each back brace as well as all of the reviews of the back brace.

I did research and found the average cost of a back brace for the lumbar and sacral area of the body. I compared the average cost for an elastic type brace that tightens with velcro, and a medical brace that sometimes has to be custom made.

This is the difference in prices and as you can see, the medical back braces cost from $100 up to $1,000 and more for the lumbar and $50 up to $500 and more for sacral. This came from my research online comparing prices and coming up with an average. The elastic type back braces range from $15 to $80 between the sacral and lumbar.


When you are about to purchase a back brace you want to make sure that you have the right size. Most of the time the sales page of a back brace on Amazon will provide a chart that helps you pick the right size.

The chart will give you the measurements that you need to know about yourself in order to determine which back brace size will fit you properly.

This is very important as if you get a size that is too big you may not be able to get a snug enough fit that will give you relief. If you get a size that is too small you may or may not be able to fasten the back brace, and if you do it may be too tight and cause breathing problems.

Sizing for lumbar brace

When picking the right size for a lumbar back brace you have to measure your torso to get your body type size. Always measure at belly button level, this will give you the proper size to get.

Let’s say you measure at belly button level and your size comes out to a 32, on the sales page of the back brace it will display a chart the says what size a 32 inch waist person should get.

Sizing for sacral belt

The same with a sacral brace, measure around your hips (not your waist) to get your size. If your hips are a 31 then you would look at the chart to see what size a 31 inch in the hips should get.


Whether you’re getting a back brace for lumbar support or sacral support you would want your back brace to have durability. Durability is when your back brace is long lasting and can keep its natural condition for a long time.

This is important as a back brace is meant to give your back support. If it is out of shape or having much wear and tear it can affect the support that it is intended to give. The braces reviewed in this article all have the following qualities.

  • Quality fabric
  • Breathable material
  • Fine stitching
  • Designed for body support


How much your back brace weighs is an important factor when choosing a back brace. The reason is because you may not want a heavy back brace or light back brace. If your job for example requires you to move around in a fast pace, you may need a lighter back brace to keep extra weight off of your body. If you need more stability and balance it may be a good thing to get a heavier back brace.

Some back braces are made to be light like the sacral braces for example. This is because most people who need a sacral brace are experiencing pain or tenderness in the hip area. It is good for the brace to be light so you don’t put any extra pressure on the hip joints.

Key factors why weight matters

  • Mobility
  • More or less weight on body
  • Balance
  • Support


The material of the back brace is important. Some back braces have elastic/nylon material which is what most flexible back braces for lifting are made of. A few of the back braces on this list are made of neoprene, which is a common fabric when making a back brace.

The back braces on this list in this article are all made of quality material. This is something that helps to keep the back brace from wear and tear while wearing your back brace. Because of the tough job of a back brace it can acquire wear and tear over time but the quality will keep your back brace looking like new for a longer period.

The way the back brace fastens together is important. The braces on the back brace reviews of this article fasten with velcro. This material is how the brace will stay tight to give you the most pain relief. if it is not tight or loses its sticky feel then the brace is no longer good. This is why it’s important to purchase quality braces.

Another factor when it comes to the material of a back brace is stretching and rolling. Stretching can take away some of the pressure that the back brace needs to put on your back. if the back brace is not tight enough from being stretched out then it can’t put as much pressure on your torso for pain relief.  Rolling is when your back brace curls up loses its form. It is not good when this happens as you can feel uncomfortable while wearing it and also you can lose some of the pressure quality this way.

A good back brace is made of quality material; this is why all of the back braces on the list in this article focus on quality.

Key factors when it comes to the material of a back brace

  • Maintains its form
  • Prevents wear and tear
  • Keeps you comfortable
  • Pain relief and support


What makes a back brace good?

Overall I would say the price, durability, purpose, weight, and material. These factors would make a back brace a good brace to get back pain support. Take a look at the buyer’s guide in this article to get a more in depth understanding of what makes a back brace good.

Do back braces really help?

Yes, back braces do help to relieve pain in your back. Depending on what condition you have, a back brace can help you do daily activities while going through back pain. This is why it’s important to get the best back support belt for lower back pain and not budget too much with lesser quality brand back braces.

Do back braces help lower back pain?

Yes, back braces do help lower back pain. It does this by applying pressure to your lower back and spine. This pressure will help to relieve pain and allow you to be mobile while getting support to your back and spine. (Source)

Should you wear a back brace all day?

You should wear a back brace for as long as you need to. Make sure you do activities with out your back brace also to keep your muscles strong. If you rely on the back brace too much for long periods of time your muscles can become weaker.

Should I sleep with a back brace on?

You shouldn’t sleep with your back brace unless it is made for sleeping. There are other back pain relief products such as pillows, beds, and different other type products. Sleeping with a back brace on, such as the ones in this article can be quite uncomfortable.

Here is an article you can read to get more information about this.

Should a back brace be tight?

Yes, a back brace should be tight so that you can get pressure to your lower back and spine. This will give you pain relief and is the core factor when it comes to pain relief from wearing a back brace.

How much do back braces cost?

Back braces can range from as low as $15 to $80. More medical type back braces can cost up to $1,000 and more. This is why it is good to pick the best lower back braces for the best back support. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get support for common back pain conditions but if you have a severe medical condition then you would want to refer to your doctor for recommendations.

What are the best back braces?

The best back braces for back pain relief are listed in this article. These braces are popular braces on the market that are proved to be the braces that help relieve pain. There are more advanced and quality back braces on the market if you have a large budget but for common back pain the braces in this article will do the job.

If you are looking for the best back brace for lower back pain or hip pain then look at the braces on the list in this article. I go into detail about each back brace and explain what the brace does and what part of the body it helps.

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