When To Use A Back Brace For Lifting

Using a back brace for lifting is a normal thing. I know how it can feel to be a little embarrassed to wear a back brace. You may not want everyone looking at you a certain way.

In this article, I’m going to talk about when you should use a back brace and why. Back braces can be the reason you save your back. This is something that I am too familiar with from being a warehouse worker.

You don’t have to be in the warehouse doing hard labor to need a back brace. People wear back braces in the office environment, doing house activities, exercising, and more.

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I can say from experience that using a back brace can seem like an uncomfortable thing until you actually wear one while in need. It works almost instantly and can allow you to do daily activities with more ease, especially if you are in pain.

There are tons of back braces out there to choose from and different braces are used for different reasons. For example, lifting, posture, spine treatment, and more. They all serve a purpose and have their own set of instructions for when to wear them

Let’s take a look at when you should consider purchasing a good back brace, and what the consequences could be in you don’t act soon.

When It Hurts To Bend Your Body

If it hurts to bend your body then you should definitely think about getting some

Oops not this type of bending lol

sort of support. A back brace will support your back while you make movements that would normally put you in pain.

If you are working a job that requires you to bend a lot and lift heavy objects then you can injure yourself if you ignore the signs of pain your body is giving you. You have to remedy the situation before the pain gets worst.

Maybe you exercise regularly and you lift weights a lot. You should consider wearing a lifting belt if you feel like the weights are becoming a threat to your health, or consider lifting lighter weights.

Home activities such as cleaning, gardening, fixing things, and more can be a task if it hurts when you bend down. If you wear a back brace while doing these activities you can be doing your body a favor.

Your doctor may suggest a back brace if you are constantly in pain. Normally the pain comes from too much strain or sprain on your lower back. You may need stabilization to your spine and back muscles to help you become more mobile which will lead to more productivity.

If Your Career Involves Lifting

Working in a warehouse for me has always raised concern about hurting my back. I started out doing order picking and in most of my days at work I was lifting heavy objects.

I was constantly bending and lifting plus I was on my feet all day. This type of career can cause wear and tear on your back through the years if you don’t practice safety techniques. Safety techniques like proper lifting and wearing the proper gear can save your body from wear and tear.

If you want to brush up on some safety lifting tips there’s a lot of info online like this article here. Basic instruction following can take you a long way when it comes to protecting your back.

Some construction workers also have to think about their body’s health as the job requires hard labor. You can be lifting objects that are up to 70lbs. and doing it repeatedly.

You have to think about years down the line and ask yourself am I going to come out of this in good health. Only you can answer that question because you know your body the best.

If for any reason you feel like the labor that you are doing is harming your back then consider getting the back brace that I mentioned above. Here’s a link to it if you want to look at the reviews on Amazon.

The back brace might be the reason you last longer at your job. I’ve seen people quit their job because of back pain. They probably could have kept their job if they would have protected their back.

If You Have Been Injured

If you have been injured previously and are lifting heavy objects, this is a good time to wear a back brace. Depending on your injuries, you can further injure yourself if you aren’t completely healed yet.

Muscles and ligaments need time to heal after injuries. Since we are constantly moving and using our muscles and ligaments, they don’t get the break that they need. You need something to take the load off of their job.

When you put on a back brace it puts pressure on your torso area. What it is doing is basically squeezing your body like giving someone a hug. This relieves the muscles, ligaments, and spine because the brace is holding your upper weight.

If you have had a back injury or surgery recently then intense activities may make your back sore at the end of the day. This is because your back may need relief. Sometimes bed rest can actually bring you more pain in your back if you are resting too much so there has to be a balance.

You can wear a back brace for certain periods throughout the day to give your back that relief as if you were getting bed rest. If you need to soothe your muscles while on the go then check out this review that I wrote about a back brace that comes with a heating pad installed in it.

If You Want To Prevent Pain

You don’t have to only wear a back brace when you are in pain. You can wear a back brace to prevent back pain. This is smart for those who have had back pain before and don’t want it to come back.

This is a good move for those who constantly deal with medial back issues and want to stay active. It can be frustrating when you know that if you work or move too much the pain will come. You can prevent pain by protecting your back with stabilization.

Stabilizing your lower back can help you lift with ease. You want to make sure to wear a back brace that allows you to move freely if you are very active.

Even though you may not feel pain while you lift, that doesn’t mean that you are invisible to becoming hurt. There are people who wear back braces every day who feel perfectly fine without one. They are thinking ahead and are probably worried that one day the tables might turn.

If you are in your 30’s and are starting to feel different from your teenage years then you may be thinking of long term effects of your body. This is a normal thing to worry about because if you are thinking about it then it means something.

The more you protect yourself now the better you will feel down the line. This is an everyday mindset to have when doing anything that requires you to lift. Proper lifting procedures will help you but it doesn’t cancel out the wear and tear factor.

When Your Doctor Suggests It

If your doctor suggests you to wear a back brace then you should definitely take his or her advice. You may have a medical condition that doesn’t require having a proscribed medical brace, but would help if you used a brace when doing intense activities.

If your doctor is proscribing a medical brace for your condition then that is something you have to definitely consider as that is professional advice. If on the other hand they suggest it to you then this means that you don’t actually need to wear a back brace but they think you should.

This is when you should consider looking for a brace that caters to where you are feeling pain.

If you are feeling pain in the lower back then you should look for a lumbar back brace. If you are feeling pain in your tailbone area and pelvis region then you should look for a sacrum back belt. Upper back pain would cause for you to look for a posture corrector type brace.

I wrote an article explaining what each type back brace does in full detail, to read it click this link: Which Back Brace Do I Need?

I have been living with SI joint pain for a long time so I frequently use a sacrum back belt to help me stay active when the pain is high. I don’t need to wear one all the time only when needed. Wearing a back brace is a good way to not let pain slow you down.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Back Braces For Lifting

Is it ok to wear a back brace all day?

This is an argument I see a lot about wearing back braces for long periods of time. I wouldn’t recommend wearing your back brace all day as you want to give your muscles and spine a chance to be independent.

Wearing a back brace all day for one day is fine in my opinion, but if you do it constantly your body can start to rely on the brace and weaken.

Is it bad to wear a back brace?

No, it isn’t bad to wear a back brace. A back brace is there to support your body in your daily activities. If you are physically able to wear the brace without any discomfort or pain then you should be fine.

Should I have a schedule to wear my back brace?

Sometimes a doctor might suggest a schedule for back braces depending on a medical condition you might have. Back issues such as scoliosis may require for you to wear a back brace at a certain time for a couple hours. This is more likely the cause with children that are in a healing process or struggling with stability.

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