Best Back Brace For Tennis

There is lots of body motion in tennis. If you need a back brace for tennis playing then you should get one as soon as possible.

There are not a lot of back braces on the market that cater to tennis players. You just have to know which type of back brace works well to protect your back.

The part of the back that is most effected in tennis is the lower back. The lower back or spine is referred to as the lumbar region; there for you will need a lumbar back brace.

A lumbar back brace protects your lower back from sudden movements that may cause pain. In tennis there are lots of sudden movements that can cause strain in your back.

I did some research and found a back brace that caters to the lumbar region of your spine and protects your lower back in general.

This back brace can provide flexibility while also stabilizing your back. Stabilizing your back means that it will be protected by the back brace putting pressure on it. It squeezes your torso area to make sure that it isn’t making painful movements.

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There are other back braces that give the same support but this back brace is one of few that I found that caters to tennis players.

Purpose Of Wearing A Back Brace

The purpose of wearing a back brace is to protect or prevent your back from injury. If you are curious if you need a back brace or not then maybe you do.

Here are some reasons why a back brace may be needed when playing tennis. This sport requires much flexibility and body stretching so protecting your back and spinal cord is important.

After an injury

An injury can put a you on hold and really affect your game. You can’t play at your best if you have pain when you move certain motions. A doctor’s recommended treatment is definitely needed. If the doctor ok’s you to wear a back brace then that should be your next option.

A back brace can protect your injury by keeping you from making movements that can further injury you. For example, if you have a lumbar injury in your spine then a back brace will make sure your spine is stabilized.

Medical conditions

Some medical conditions can restrict your movements. In a game of sudden stops, twists, bends, and other movements, it can be almost impossible to play tennis without feeling pain.

Conditions like joint inflammation, spine problems, and deformities can affect your game a lot. When you swing the racket it takes motion from your back and shoulders. Depending on the medical condition someone may have running and swinging to hit the tennis ball will bring much pain.

A back brace can help to take away the motion stress on your body by applying pressure to your core. This will protect the spine which is the center of all movement in the body.


Some will wear a back brace for protection. The protection of a back brace can keep you from experiencing pain while making quick movements. Sudden stops can bring lots of pain to joints that are weak.

Weak joints usually are more common with aging people that still like to be active. It’s basically a case of wear and tear on the body after years of being active. A back brace can help to keep the pain down when making awkward movements in the game.

How It Works

A back brace works by applying pressure around your torso. This pressure will protect your back by limiting your moving motions.

Even though your motions will be limited, wearing the right back brace can still allow you flexibility.

The back brace stabilizes your back by making sure the spine is secure. The pressure will help the spine to hold the weight of the whole upper body. Naturally the spine is what holds the upper body weight and helps keep balance. When a back brace is put on it instantly relieves the spine of this duty.

The muscles in your back can get really sore while experiencing back pain. This can come from lots of strain and overuse. If someone is dealing with lower back pain the muscles will naturally help to guide the motion of the lower back into safer positions, this can cause the muscles to become sorer after a while.

The back brace protects the muscles when pressure is applied to them. It gives the muscles relieve and almost makes them feel invisible. This is why some say they feel instant relieve as soon as they put their back brace on.

Sometimes nerve pain can bring a shooting pain through targeted areas. This pain usually comes from motion movement that affected the painful nerve. By wearing a back brace you can avoid moving the wrong way by stabilizing your torso area. If you want to read more about how a back brace works then click here.

Benefits Of Wearing A Back Brace For Tennis

1. You’ll get comfortable support while being active. This can help you do lots of movements without feeling pain. Movements like:

  • Bending
  • Twisting
  • Jumping
  • Swinging the racket
  • Squatting low
  • Lunging
  • And more

Wearing a brace that is made specifically for this type of sport where you have to have lots of motion can give you much relief. You will be able to use your full range of motion while performing.

2. When in pain it is hard to keep form. You can try your hardest but the pain will make you adjust your body motion to try not to feel it. This can drastically affect your form and your overall game.

Wearing a back brace can help you to maintain your form. It can help you maintain form by securing your torso area which is the center of all movements. If you’re not feeling pain when you move then it becomes easier to perform at a better level than you did while feeling pain.

After a game of tennis it also can help you recover from any soreness are paying you may be feeling. He can help you get through daily activities and keep you from soaking in your pain.

3. You will be secure. Wearing a back brace will give you the security to feel safe. When in pain especially around the spine area it can be dangerous to not give it your full attention.

Our bodies naturally will gravitate towards the pain and look for ways to make it feel better. This will keep you from being as active as you would like and will affect your game. If you want to play tennis at your top level and you are in pain then a back brace is what you need.

A back brace will fasten tightly and secure and provide pressure to your torso that will help you to alleviate any pain you feel while making movements.

4. You will be comfortable. If you are a pain it’s hard to be comfortable. He will experience a lot of painful feelings from target areas that become a bother. If you are in pain from being active in the sport of tennis then it can be from making in-game motions that your body may already be used to.

If you are used to making these motions but are feeling pain your body needs help to complete these motions. A back brace will give you the comfortable feeling that you need. The right back brace for a tennis player will allow you to be flexible but yet stiff in certain areas.

Picking The Right Size

The size of your back brace is very important as you want to get the perfect fit. Most back braces run small so you should always buy one size up from your waist size.

It’s simple to get your measurements just take some measuring tape and maybe have someone you know measure your waist for you or you can do it yourself.

A lot of customers talk about the size that they got when they bought their backwards. Most of them say to buy a size up. Here is a quick size chart just so you can understand what I mean.

Back Brace Size Chart:

  • Small (27” to 35”) – Get medium
  • Medium (35” to 43”) – Get large
  • Large (43” to 51”) – Highest size

Get your measurements to determine which size you are supposed to get.

This is important because if you get a back brace that is too big for your body you won’t get enough pressure to your torso so your back won’t be protected.

If you get a back brace that is too small for your body then you may experience issues with breathing or other health problems.

To pick the right back brace size follow the sizing chart guidelines and you’ll be ok.

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