Best Back Brace For Kayaking With A Bad Back

If you need a back brace for kayaking then I suggest you invest in one quick.

If you are experiencing mild back pain then wearing a back brace can help you enjoy the fun.

While it may not be safe to go kayaking with a bad back it can be done depending on the severity of pain you are going through.

If the pain is severe then I would consider contacting your doctor to get a medical opinion on if you should still participate in the activity.

This situation has happened to a friend of mine on a camping trip. He had been experiencing back pain before the camping trip and knew that he would be kayaking so he brought a back brace along with him.

He said that he wasn’t about to miss out on the experience because of a little back pain, plus he spent money on new kayaking equipment so he didn’t want to blow the opportunity to use it. He actually had a good time kayaking and said that the back brace helped him paddle without feeling pain.

I for sure wanted to know what back brace he used as I am considered the “back brace” guy to my friends (Funny nickname). I have all types of back braces and I use them frequently.

If you have ever asked the question “Can you go kayaking with a bad back?” Then here is the answer, yes if you don’t mind wearing a back brace.

Here is the back brace that my friend used to kayak while having a bad back.

Back Brace by Sparthos

What’s Good About This Back Brace?

  • It is comfortable and not bulky at all. This can allow for more mobility and won’t get in your way while paddling.
  • Provides back support that helps with a lot of back pain conditions such as sciatica, strain, sprain, herniated disc, and more.
  • It’s made from breathable material meaning you won’t suffocate your torso area, it will get air.
  • Full review here

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Lower Back Pain

You can create lower back pain while kayaking from doing the movements alone. If you already have mild back pains the movement of paddling can cause you to strain the muscles in your lower back.

If you feel lower back pain after kayaking then it can come from doing more than your body could handle. What I mean is when you paddle you are going against the grain of the water motion. This causes your muscles to get a good work out.

Just like when you work out in the gym you can create lower back pain from stretching and straining your back muscles, this is the same as when you go kayaking.

Another reason you may feel lower back pain is due to your seat not being comfortable for you. You can customize your seat to your needs. There are different types of seats and pads to consider when kayaking. You should choose your kayaking equipment’s carefully so that they cater to your specific needs.

Lower back pain is common especially for those who live an active life. If your pain is so intense that you feel that you can’t perform the actions needed for kayaking I suggest you have a talk with your doctor to see what is needed treatment wise. Read more about back pain here.

Lower Back Support

You should consider getting support for your lower back when kayaking, it can be the reason you have a good experience or a horrible one. The seat that you use on your kayak may not be a good one for you.

If your seat is not as comfortable as you would like then consider purchasing a more cushioned or padded kayak seat. There are lots of them to choose from and they are not very expensive. In fact, my friend didn’t even think about switching his seat to a more comfortable one he just thought that it didn’t matter.

Maybe if my friend would have invested into a better seat he probably could have avoided going through the back pain that he went through. Even though his back brace helped him to avoid the pain he may have never been in pain if he was more comfortable.

If you are fine with the seat that you have but you want to get relief from the back pain you are going through then wearing a lumbar back brace can be your support. The thing is you need to protect your muscles movement and spinal cord.

Depending on the issues that you have with your lower back you may need to stabilize your torso area so that you can move more freely without the pain.

Kayaks for Lower Back Pain

If you are in the big and tall body type then you may want to get an extra sized kayak. The bigger kayaks have more leg room and won’t have you crunched up. If you are big and tall and you have a regular sized kayak this can be a reason you may be experiencing back pain.

Maybe you do have the right kayak size but your seat isn’t the right fit for you. Just like I explained above you should invest in a good comfortable seat. My friend who loves to go kayaking is around 5’8 and he has a regular sized one, the seat wasn’t as comfortable so that may be the reason for his back pains.

The kayak itself will not determine your back hurting or not, just focus on the things you can improve. Being healthy and careful on your body will give you a big piece of mind.

If you are trying to use a tandem (2 person) kayak by yourself then of course this can cause problems. These types of kayaks were made for two people. It can be tough to row this type of kayak by yourself. Overall, make sure you have the right type of kayak for you it can help to keep you safe.

Paddling for People With Bad Backs

If you have a bad back and you must go kayaking then I suggest that you wear a back brace. When you are paddling you can practice good form and really get good strokes while your back is stabilized.

If you are trying to paddle without a back brace and each stroke gives you pain then where’s the fun in that? If the pain pills aren’t working then you will be out of luck. You’ll have to turn around and head for land. I’ve seen the opposite; my friend threw on his back brace while having back pain and had fun.

It’s up to the individual, if they are paddling with consistent form and not over straining their selves then they can avoid causing back pains. Not saying that everyone that kayaks will experience back pain, just saying that when people do, it’s usually from these reasons:

  • Over straining
  • Uncomfortable seats
  • No back brace to protect chronic back pain

Depending on the type of water you are in paddling can be rough. A good stretch before you go out on the water is a good way to get your body ready. If you naturally don’t work out then you may feel the burn when paddling consistently, this is something to be ready for ahead of time.

How to Avoid Back Pain

This is a question that I’m going to answer again, wear a back brace if you are already experiencing back pain. If you have a chronic back pain then protect yourself.

You don’t want to go out there and all of a sudden feel sharp pains down your back while you are out on the water. Every paddle back to shore will feel like a punishment. This is something that you have to take into consideration.

I’m not a doctor but I have experienced chronic back pain for over 10 years. This has been something serious in my life, so serious that I started this website to talk about ways to help deal with it.

There are lots of remedies I’ve learned that help to sooth your back while in pain but wearing a back brace is the best in my opinion. The reason is because when you do other remedies like pain pills, massages, ice or heat packs, and others, they help for the time being. Later when you start to be active one weird movement can bring the pain back, wearing a back brace gives protection the whole time.

This is why wearing a back brace is number one for me when it comes to back pain relief and protection; it will keep you safe while you are active.

My Thoughts – Back Brace For Kayaking

I think that kayaking is a fun activity that can become addicting. When going out there always think of the best ways to protect yourself and keep your body safe from injury.

A good back brace is something to invest in if you are anything like me and have constant back pains. This will allow you to enjoy yourself without always thinking of the pain that you are in.

A back brace won’t take the place of seeing a doctor if you experience severe pains, but it will help you get through your day of fun.

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