Can You Use A Back Brace As A Waist Trainer?

Can you use a back brace as a waist trainer? Yes but I wouldn’t advise it unless you have a back brace that is made to also be a waist trainer.

Every back brace isn’t made to be a waist trainer but there are some on the market that are. I’ll leave a link here if you want to go check them out on Amazon.

If you are planning to wear a medical back brace as a waist trainer then read below.

Wearing a back brace can shape you up but there can be some long term affects from it that you might be concerned about.

In this article I’ll go over some reasons why wearing a back brace for waist training can work and I’ll tell you why it might not be a good idea.

First let me explain the differences between a back brace and a waist trainer so you can get more of an understanding about how each one works.

Back Brace

A back brace is made to stabilize your torso. This means that it will put pressure on the targeted area and keep it from moving in painful positions.

Wearing a back brace is good for relieving pain that you may feel in your lower or upper back. There are many types of back braces, some for posture correction, and some for lower back pain relief.

If a person is active and needs support while making movements like bending, lifting, twisting, or walking, then a back brace can give them that support.

This type of back brace is usually made form material that is flexible yet firm. It can put pressure on your waist pretty tight if need be. To get the most satisfaction out of your back brace you want to get a good amount of pressure to the targeted area.

This pressure will give your spine support as it will hold it in place and act as a substitute and assist your spine to carry the weight of your upper body. It also can help an out of place disc in your spine move back to its normal position.

There are many things a back brace can help with medically. The way it is designed is to help with mild to severe back conditions, which is why it is important to wear a back brace responsibly.

Waist Trainer

A waist trainer is made to trim your waist. This is mostly used by women but men use it also. People who are looking to have a slimmer look will naturally wear a waist trainer while working out or doing their daily activities.

Also it is made to trim your waist; there are no guarantees that it will do so. It all depends on the individual and how their body is made.

How I think of a waist trainer is when people wear bags over their body while working out. This is to absorb more heat to their body. The heat is supposed to help them shed unwanted fat a little faster. This is said to work and I see a lot of people do it when I am at the gym, but there’s others that argue differently.

A waist trainer is supposed to give that same result but instead of giving the result to large areas of the body it focuses on the waist only.

All of the heat that is accumulated by the waist trainer being wrapped around the waist is supposed to help the waist shed fat quicker. This makes sense as the heat makes a person sweat and sweat is a good indication that you are burning calories.

Another way the waist trainer works is that it grips the targeted area tightly with the goal of helping the area keep that shape naturally. You’ll notice while a waist trainer is on a person they look slimmer than they really are. This is the look they are going for but it will take work and time to make that happen.

I think waist trainers do work, it just depends on the individual’s size and the size they are trying to get to that will make it realistic but anything is possible, they say.

If you take a look at women back in the days, I mean way back in the days when they used to wear those corsets, they seemed to have smaller waist from it. The only thing that bothered me about it is how unnatural their shape looked, but the corsets did seem to work.

Today the waist trainer mimics that same idea, there are lots of reviews and testimonies online of people stating how a waist trainer has helped them get to their goal of having a slimmer waist, and the proof is in the customers. Here’s a good website to learn more.

Back Brace Compared To A Waist Trainer

Let’s look at a comparison of the back brace and waist trainer.

What they have in common:

  • They both look alike
  • They both strap around the waist
  • They both squeeze your torso
  • Both have breathable material options
  • Both can be flexible

These 5 things that they have in common can make a person think that they can use either one to get a slimmer waist. Although they have some things in common this doesn’t mean that it is safe.

Back Brace As A Waist Trainer – Why It’s Not Safe

A back brace is NOT made to wear for long periods of time daily like a waist trainer is. If you constantly wear your back brace for long periods of time to get waist trainer results you will become dependent on it.

After a while your muscles and spine may become weak and need the back brace to perform daily activities. This is because your muscles and spine will get used to not having to do the work that they would normally do without a back brace.

To get results with a waist trainer it is said to wear it for long periods of time. Some waist trainer makers say to wear their waist trainer for up to 10 hours. This is a long time when it comes to a brace being wrapped around your waist.

A waist trainer isn’t as heavy as a back brace. It also isn’t as firm as a back brace. This means that it is safer to wear for longer periods of time. Most waist trainers have more elastic stretch than a back brace so it provides more mobility.

A back brace can provide mobility also but it is more sturdy at keeping you from making certain movements and this is because that is what it is designed for.

These are some reasons why it won’t work as a waist trainer and why it isn’t safe.

Purchase A Waist Trainer Instead

If you want to trim your waist then just go out and purchase a waist trainer. This would be your best and safest option. They aren’t that expensive, they can range anywhere from $10-$100.

I looked around and found some good quality affordable waist trainers here.

In my opinion you would get better results with the option of purchasing a waist trainer. I would not use my back brace to help trim my waist.

Back Brace To Work Out In

You can work out in a back brace. It will assist you if you want to have a pain free workout. Lots of people wear a back brace while working out doing exercises such as yoga, weight lifting, and cardio.

Depending on your condition, a back brace can actually help you to lose weight if you do what is needed. I wear a back brace when I weight lift and while I do certain stretches. It helps me to stay consistent in the gym and home workouts.

If this is something you are interested in then check out my full review of the best back brace for working out here and here.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read my thoughts about if a back brace can be used as a waist trainer let me know what you think. If you still have any questions about the topic you can leave them below. I really want to hear you thoughts about the subject.

Back braces are helping people daily to accomplish their tasks without feeling pain. This is something that a lot of people are missing out on. Years ago I didn’t wear a back brace because I didn’t want to be seen as having a back problem but once I did it made me regret not wearing one all that time.

I have worn a waist trainer before but not to trim my waist, I just wanted to see how it felt. It gives a slight comfort of pressure on the torso and I can see how it works when it comes to waist trimming.

This site is all about helping people find the best back brace for them. When I see lots of questions online that involves back braces I feel obligated to write an article giving my honest answer as I have been wearing back braces for years due to a medical condition.

If you find any of this information helpful then please share it with someone that may need to read it. This is a topic that might help someone and steer them in the direction they may want or need to go in.

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